0004694: [Transformation (GLR)] Transform Diagram Only failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
1 issue View Issues
0004701: [User Interface] Role edit not sorted alphabetically (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004705: [Diagrams] Diagram namespace colors not working (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004703: [Import and Export] Merging values from business glossary fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004702: [Import and Export] Business Glossary export Governance incomplete (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004700: [User Interface] Rule, Members, Add results in A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
5 issues View Issues
0004678: [Diagrams] Allow constraints in different diagram colors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004675: [Import and Export] VCs in business glossary (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004676: [Import and Export] Include Expression_OTL in glossary export (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004661: [Integration] Add "Open on Host" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004659: [Integration] Support for JQ and JSON file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004521: [Expressions] Generate expression in a Comma Seperated File (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004650: [Integration] Support xlsx files in addition to xls (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004618: [Diagrams] Add Chenn ER diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004632: [Import and Export] Export repository as xml (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004620: [Import and Export] Export lexicalization paths in Business Glossary (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004697: [Project] Loading corrupt project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004696: [Diagrams] Center tuples if only one role exists (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004693: [User Interface] Glr Profiles not listed in main menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004690: [Installation] Default custom attributes contain mandatory metadata (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004689: [User Interface] Github models wrong url (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004681: [Diagrams] Support (small/large) curved lines (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004680: [User Interface] Value Constraints dialog not intuïtive (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004677: [User Interface] Render abstract OTFT names in italic (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004672: [Import and Export] Glossary export should not list label types as paths (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004670: [Diagrams] Show OTL in diagram verbalization (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004665: [User Interface] Modal Text Editor Dialog too big (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004656: [Other] For support reasons, list environment in about dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004649: [User Interface] Copy diagram with selection highlighting (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004655: [Installation] Upgrade sqlite3.dll to 3.46 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004653: [Diagrams] Some generate diagrams are too wide (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004652: [User Interface] Turn on/off line numbering in text files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004646: [Diagrams] Show all columns/attributes in generated diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004647: [User Interface] select all in experssions edit box (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004644: [Data Explorer] Create a seperate menu item for Data Explorer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004641: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] RDF/OWL hasKey unnamed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004642: [User Interface] Annotation wordwrap not visible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004639: [Diagrams] List icons in generated diagram legend (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004636: [User Interface] Mousewheel scrolling for generated diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004635: [User Interface] Combine Label Types isn't clear (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004633: [User Interface] Improve wordings in UC Wizard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004621: [Import and Export] Business Glossary export fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004629: [User Interface] UC Wizard does not highlight current constraint in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004625: [Expressions] In case of <UNKNOWN> provide context (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004695: [User Interface] Sorting the names in the vocabulary from A-Z and then clicking them results in selecting the old item (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004692: [User Interface] GLR profile not saving (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004686: [Diagrams] Schema names do not show in concepts and containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004688: [User Interface] Cannot focus error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004685: [Import and Export] Glossary import issue with containers and spaces (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004674: [Import and Export] Import/Export Abstract setting in Expression_OTL format (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004669: [User Interface] Related containers show as contained elements (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004658: [Diagrams] Select grouped elements issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004657: [Diagrams] Empty diagram info block issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004654: [Installation] Upgrade to latest PlantUML V1.2024.5 (May 26, 2024) (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004651: [User Interface] File import is disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004645: Syntax setting on text/code files seems idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004640: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Append Incoming/Outgoing to OWL/RDF artifact (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004643: [User Interface] Edit filter without saving is idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004634: [Diff and Merge] Cannot take ownership when merging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004631: [Diagrams] Some UC's overlap when drawn (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004627: [User Interface] Promote concept to OTFT not showing Expressions/Tuples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004626: [User Interface] Population menu disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004691: [Diagrams] Container/Concepts load wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004683: [Integration] Copy fails and locks clipboard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004648: [Repository] Population not stored (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004662: [Other] List index out of bounds (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004671: [Expressions] Using OTE in other expressions removes ExpParts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004623: [Installation] Java - failed setting boot class path (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004687: [Diagrams] Relation connection dot a.v. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004684: [Diagrams] IGD Disconnect and Reconnect A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004673: [Diagrams] Dropping a fact onto the diagram results in A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004668: [Diagrams] Containers with bi-directional role fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004682: [Import and Export] Export Fact Type Report to HTML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004679: [User Interface] Population editor add more than one row is failing (BCP Software) - resolved.
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CaseTalk 13.3.1 comes as a minor update, but packs some great enhancements.
0004617: [Validation] Enable fix for: Facts require proper verbalization (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004616: [Diagrams] Select shortest path in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004612: [Data Explorer] Save query with context (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004610: [Data Explorer] Use query output as virtual tables (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003233: [Repository] Label Type Character Collation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004595: [Refactoring] Edit fact expression when adding fact type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004596: [Refactoring] Create new fact type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004587: [Other] Show TODO over multiple projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004615: [User Interface] Provide toolbar for refactoring functions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001265: [Expressions] Edit expression shows no related information (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004613: [User Interface] Multi edit should render all possible custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004604: [Repository] Show namespaces in ontology (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004609: [Other] Provide timestamps in log files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004603: [User Interface] Various Profile dialogs need clarification (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004599: [User Interface] Remember Preference Dialog Size (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004592: [User Interface] Columns reversed while comparing local with server version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004590: [Refactoring] Split and nominalize Roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004577: [User Interface] Rename "Authoritive Copy" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004611: [User Interface] Download from server progressbar (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004608: [User Interface] Open from server as new project not remembered (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004602: [Repository] Ontology - add Tasks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004536: [Expressions] Automatic matching not working for very simple example (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004601: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Some RDF local values contain unprintable chars (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004600: [Integration] ChatGPT button in expression file fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004591: [Validation] Failure to check: Facts require proper verbalization (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004579: [Data Explorer] After comparing a model to the server, the 'server' is listed twice (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004588: [Diagrams] Selection error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004585: [Other] ToDo persist across projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004605: [Server] Download model skips attribute values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004589: [Diagrams] Failure to reload after - Alter Role Played By (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004607: [Repository] Denominalize can crash (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004598: [Project] Archive project results in A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004606: [Validation] Old expression missing substitution block lexicalization (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Brand new TODO
Multilingual rule verbalization
Stable Layout across diagrams
Integrated Tuple state with Facts as Questions
Population Export into Spreadsheet for Poor Man Administration.
0004430: [User Interface] Expression files are connected but hide facts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004423: [Refactoring] Allow OTE replace, even when the roles do not align (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004418: [Diagrams] Render tuple states (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004419: [Expressions] Manually mark expressions as unconfirmed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004415: [Diagrams] Mimic diagram layout (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002308: [Constraints] Rule verbalization for only one language (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000787: [Expressions] Support for multilingual in verbalizing rules (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004414: [Expressions] Questions as fact expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001709: [Other] Support TODO in the model (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001252: [Import and Export] Export the sample population (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004432: [User Interface] Rename ERD/UML/MAP/EXP captions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004405: [User Interface] Showing whitespaces misplaces cursor during expression input (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004431: [Diagrams] EXP Diagram Subtype relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004425: [Import and Export] Export Plural and Abbreviation in RDF/OWL (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004417: [Transformation (GLR)] Merge tuple state when transforming (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004412: [Diff and Merge] Merge Overwrite Details (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004408: [Installation] Project locked warning and Instance Prompting (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004403: [User Interface] Save as dialog sometimes shows full path as filename (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004402: [Diagrams] Selecting an item in the diagram is not a modification (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004401: [Project] Changing the file structure should force project save (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004400: [Integration] Detect external edits on EXP file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004449: [Expressions] With long expressions, the cursor in the classification window does not stay on the same spot as the selected text (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004398: [Diagrams] Vreemde tekst op random plekken in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004438: [User Interface] Center diagram fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004435: [Diagrams] Some ERD views do not come out properly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004434: [Diagrams] Role readings do not refresh (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004426: [Diagrams] SmartMove of interconstraints stays on (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004404: [Diagrams] Dragging in diagram fails to update crosshairs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004437: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artificial Key randomly generated in artifact (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004436: [User Interface] Added tuple sometimes not stored (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004420: [Diff and Merge] Merging generalizations should block (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004399: [User Interface] Expression input does not scroll (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004433: [Diagrams] Hide legend causes errors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004422: [Refactoring] Replace Object Type Fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004427: [Diagrams] Context menu on label type may freeze (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Some new features and enhancements, but also some high priority crashes are addressed.
0004390: [Transformation (GLR)] Column Name algorithm tweak (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004389: [Expressions] Wizard to complement role readings (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004387: [Import and Export] Microsoft PowerApps Excel Import (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004384: [User Interface] Add git commands to project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004375: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add Incoming/Outgoing to OWL/RDF artifact (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004371: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] JSON catalog for generated artifact content (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004369: [Integration] Paste HTML Fragments (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004378: [User Interface] UC Wizard fails to mention non-elementary expression (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004367: [Installation] SQLite 3.45 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004364: [Project] Folders added to the project do not open (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004392: [Installation] GraphViz library update needed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004386: [Integration] Add archives to the .gitignore (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004383: [User Interface] Reorder project context menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004381: [Integration] ChatGPT api endpoints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004380: [User Interface] Diagram hide is disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004379: [Diagrams] Dragging in diagram is sluggish in large models (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004377: [Diff and Merge] Glossary Merge with synclink mismatch not reported (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004397: [Project] Project not updated with renamed diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004394: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Log for Grouped artifacts incomplete (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004393: [Import and Export] Glossary merge fails to merge some OTFTs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004382: [Integration] ChatGPT response tweaks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004385: [Project] Filename clash inside project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004376: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Python Enum not generated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004370: [Server] Team login eats resources (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004391: [Repository] Model file fails to open due to reference issues (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004363: [User Interface] Population Editor may flicker and crash (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004396: [Diagrams] UML Diagram not generated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004388: [User Interface] Population Duplicate error (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Hotfix for some crashes in the new expression input dialog.
0004358: [Installation] Download 3rd party files if needed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004357: [Server] Mention supported database version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004356: [User Interface] Sometimes the input expression control is too narrow (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004355: [User Interface] Qualification lines can be positioned wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004360: [Repository] Record timestamps need more accuracy (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004359: [Expressions] Expression Input Preview crash (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004354: [Expressions] Working from an expression file crashes qualification (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Enhanced SVG export and clipboard support for copy and paste operations.
Added degeneralization functions during modeling and transformations.
Improved diagramming.
0004352: [User Interface] Provide dialog for custom attribute of type "tags" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004351: [User Interface] Preconfigure filters (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004344: [User Interface] Paste URI as linked paragraph (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004341: [Diagrams] Diagram Information Block change (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004303: [User Interface] Add Paste Special (BCP Software) - closed.
0004335: [Transformation (GLR)] Support Container, Object Type and Generalization for Database Views (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004339: [Diff and Merge] Compare active model with server version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004338: [Data Explorer] Run queries over both Server and ig(g) for live comparing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004311: [User Interface] Copy text as HTML Fragment (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004315: [Diagrams] Provide minimal width or margin for expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004314: [Integration] Export to HTML, RTF or Picture (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004297: [Diagrams] Hide all label types from diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004295: [Diagrams] Paste files into diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004306: [Diagrams] Alter annotation shown in concepts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004302: [Diagrams] Alter Role Played By - Using drag and drop (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004294: [User Interface] Paste text as concepts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004288: [Transformation (GLR)] (De)Generalize function (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004289: [User Interface] Create generalized object type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004276: [Diagrams] Render database views in Relational Diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004270: [Repository] Store value constraints in same order (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004348: [Repository] Allow filtering on custom attributes of paragraphs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004346: [User Interface] Keep focus after hiding side panels (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004310: [Diagrams] PlantUML scripts do not align with Save Diagram Extras (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004304: [Repository] Add concept type 'identification' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004296: [User Interface] Add new Rule is idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004350: [Diagrams] Some fonts do not render in a corresponding size (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004349: [Diagrams] Hide headers from empty UML Sections (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004337: [Diagrams] ERD/UML sort examples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004334: [Repository] Warn the user when the row limit is reached (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004329: [Repository] Cannot erase Role.OriginalOT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004327: [Diagrams] SVG with leading spaces in text (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004325: [Integration] Copy expression tree at high-resolution (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004322: [Project] Move project documentation settings (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004318: [Diagrams] Hide tuple numbers from diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004317: [Diagrams] OTFT Name position alignment (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004312: [Diagrams] Allow zoomed refresh for Diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004293: [Project] Paste files into project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004292: [User Interface] Add Cut, Copy, Paste to context menus (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004291: [User Interface] Provide overview for custom colors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004286: [User Interface] Role Group jargon (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004280: [User Interface] Prevent InterUC to be placed on UC-less OTFT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004279: [User Interface] Context menu differ (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004273: [User Interface] Suggest role readings based on expression parts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004262: [Diagrams] UML Association Navigation missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004340: [Diff and Merge] Merge from server ignores selected version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004343: [User Interface] Add new concept from OTFT dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004342: [User Interface] selection expression part seems off (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004336: [Diagrams] UML Checks can contain duplicates (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004332: [Diagrams] Tuples occassionally end up at the top of the diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004331: [User Interface] Tabs 'close all others' leaves the right tabs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004330: [Project] File active state not persisted (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004328: [Diagrams] SVG Font size rendering issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004324: [Diagrams] SVG Font sizes are slightly off (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004323: [Diagrams] SVG Annotations do not word wrap (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004316: [Diagrams] Changing diagram style setting without saving becomes idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004313: [Diff and Merge] Merge selection using diagram is idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004308: [Diff and Merge] Change project during merge is not updating otfts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004305: [Diagrams] OTFT Annotation not translated in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004301: [Diagrams] Paragraph font does not zoom (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004298: [Diagrams] Images do not scale with zooming (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004272: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MultiLocale feature not honored in OWL (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004271: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SKOS prefLabel requires language tag (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004268: [Diagrams] Hiding linking table which are references (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004347: [Repository] OTFT ending with numbers may get lost (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004321: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] OTFT Report diagram failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004290: [User Interface] Preference Defaults erases file history (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004287: [Transformation (GLR)] GLrR fails to reduce without 'r' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004282: [Installation] Dot.exe - System Error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004281: [Diagrams] Cannot delete InterUC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004274: [Diagrams] Subset constraint not showing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004269: [Diagrams] UML Attribute Cardinalities [1..*] missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004266: [Import and Export] Wetten.nl import incomplete (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004333: [Repository] Duplicate Onto fails from Generalized Object Types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004307: [Repository] Deleting a label type does nothing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004278: [User Interface] Paste population fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004277: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR fail on role subnumbers (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Maintenance release with various smaller fixes.
0004253: [Repository] New Fact Type should create substitutions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004250: [User Interface] Add a little color to the Undo/Redo and Back/Forward buttons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004245: [User Interface] Expressions not shown after canceling project close (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004256: [Integration] DeepL character encoding error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004251: [Diagrams] Translate UML Association Labels (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004263: [Diagrams] UML Check is redundant (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004261: [Diagrams] UML attributes optionality not drawn (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004260: [Constraints] CC cannot overlap with narrow UC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004246: [User Interface] Plugin loading is blocking (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004258: [User Interface] Cannot add tuples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004252: [Diagrams] Manual selection and refresh needed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004247: [Project] Project opens multiple IGs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004244: [Diagrams] Add UC, TC, CC on selected role (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004248: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF missing ObjectProperties (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003977: [Diff and Merge] Merging InterTC is wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004249: [Integration] Ntfy without Proxy fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
16 issues View Issues
Major upgrade with new features such as:
  • New Paragraphs and Rules
  • Artifact generator updates
  • UI Navigation allows back and forward
  • Concept enhancements
  • Many more fixes enhancements
0004243: [User Interface] Allow Back and Forward navigation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004238: [Installation] SQLite 3.44.0 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004233: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Specify custom attributes profile for use in artifacts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004220: [Diagrams] Hide/Show N:M linking tables (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004215: [Constraints] UC wizard assume attribute-like pattern (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002995: [Repository] Promote Concepts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003676: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Allow artifact generation with background transformations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004092: [User Interface] Allow Expression tree editing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004198: [Integration] Have ChatGPT provide more examples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002334: [Other] Population generator for missing tuples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004200: [Expressions] Pronouns and tuple references (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001801: [Repository] Support for both positive and negative population (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004148: [Repository] Store the tuple row as an entity (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004199: [Expressions] Generate expression on (un)confirmed tuples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004188: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artificial Key generation/annotation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003723: [Repository] Allow entering Rule as a seperate OTFT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004128: [User Interface] Edit OTFT mentioned in comment of other OTFTs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004118: [Repository] Support text paragraphs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003756: [Repository] Create Business Rules (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003941: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support export to LinkML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003866: [Diagrams] Diagram Entity Relations only (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004167: [Diagrams] Extend SVG output with HREF links (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002817: [Repository] Add datatype GUID (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004086: [Diagrams] Allow resize of concepts and containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004143: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Export to GraphML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004121: [Import and Export] Export catalog mapping in business glossary (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004122: [Import and Export] Merge source system mapping (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004124: [User Interface] Support database, app, doc in mappings (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004234: [Other] Time interval shown in both days and hours (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004217: [Repository] Add more concept type names/icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004206: [Server] Download and opening diagrams slow (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004205: [User Interface] Hide side panels bug (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004183: [Server] Server login - almost remember me (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004165: [User Interface] Search in paragraphs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004173: [Expressions] Warning of recursion when adding a new fact (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004168: [Integration] Ntfy with proxy support (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004235: [User Interface] Rephrase Split fact type in context menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004241: [User Interface] Opening a diagram automatically marks it as changed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004240: [User Interface] TC Dialog shows idle Delete Button (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004239: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Split python dataclass from expressive parts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004237: [Diagrams] Resizing annotation blocks seem to have a max (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004236: [Diagrams] Remove OTFT or Role selection mode (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004230: [User Interface] Double click OTFT in diagram should not move focus (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004229: [Project] Registering does not unlock already opened files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004226: [User Interface] Allow OTFT Title to respond to mouse (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004225: [User Interface] Change Alter Played By - Without a selection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004223: [Diagrams] Object Type fails to render schema name (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004216: [Diff and Merge] Harden ELM Artifact Merge (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004185: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support frozen python classes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004214: [Diagrams] Relational diagram does not show alternate keys (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004212: [User Interface] Display file date in project details panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004208: [User Interface] Add SC on self is not possible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004211: [Server] Server profile user name should be used as Author (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004210: [Integration] Add Tools macro for Project Folder (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004207: [Server] Activate IG after downloading from server (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004203: [Server] After downloading the message remains (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004202: [User Interface] Sorting population editor on numbers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004197: [User Interface] Suggest number of tuples in population editor (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004189: [Import and Export] ELM Artifact import not robust (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004191: [User Interface] Undo redo text edits (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004186: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Python metadata class (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003603: [Diagrams] Changing the diagram style needs manual refresh (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004184: [User Interface] No need to upgrade? (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003677: [Installation] Manager License in the Enterprise Edition (BCP Software) - closed.
0004179: [Diagrams] Annotation sections in bold (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004178: [Server] Upload comments asked for IG and IGG (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004176: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Python data classes and pep8 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004175: [Repository] Add concept organisation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004095: [Diagrams] Subset constraint show in ERD as FK (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004172: [Diagrams] UML/MAP/EXP are useless after GLR (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004154: [Diagrams] PlantUML supports WrapWidth (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004163: [Diagrams] Hide UML attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004242: [Diagrams] Drag OTFT onto diagram twice (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004232: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Python dataclass various tweaks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004224: [User Interface] OTFT with and without Schema not always shown distinctively (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004204: [User Interface] Restore using Windows taskbar (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001944: [Expressions] Expression input could validate values on datatype (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004196: [Diagrams] Subsets create Logical Diagrams with minimal cardinality 1 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004192: [Diagrams] ERD subsets wrong cardinality (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004193: [Transformation (GLR)] UC Preferred not always honored (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003957: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Pascal generator supertypes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004174: [Diagrams] Add related shifts diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004164: [Diagrams] Diagram Search stops at first (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004171: [Diagrams] SVG viewport size wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004170: [Diagrams] Annotation text rendering in SVG is wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004169: [Diagrams] Add images and icons in the SVG representation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004159: [Repository] Multiple SQL updates get undone (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004231: [Server] Server projects have trailing dot (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004099: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] DataVaultBuilder names are too long (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004221: [Repository] Commit SQL back to IG loses updates (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004213: [Diff and Merge] Merge concept roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004209: [Diagrams] Binary fact shows as UML Class instead of property (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001557: [Constraints] Primary key on grouped level (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004195: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML Relationship minimal cardinality zero (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004194: [Diagrams] UML Diagram relationships cardinality reversed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004181: [Server] IGG upload becomes current model version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004180: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Plugins for sourcecode lack supertypes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004228: [Expressions] Qualify OTFT with schema name corrupts model (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004222: [Other] Reopening other project raises index error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004190: [Expressions] Expression input dialog dissappears (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004160: [Project] String index error when opening an IG (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004219: [Transformation (GLR)] Generating Artifical Keys freezes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004218: [Diagrams] EXP diagram fails on generalizations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004182: [Diagrams] EXP Diagram failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004177: [Transformation (GLR)] Grouping with Artificial Key fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004166: [Diagrams] No UML Found (BCP Software) - resolved.
106 issues View Issues
Maintenance release for issues related to the new Expression Input Dialog.
0004152: [Repository] Sort names on text and/with numbers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004150: [User Interface] Back in expression input dialog erases type name (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003832: [User Interface] Focus and selection tweak in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004157: [Expressions] Qualifying from expression files creates 'noname' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004155: [Diagrams] UML Attribute/Relations not showing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004156: [User Interface] Expression input blocks (BCP Software) - resolved.
6 issues View Issues
Another maintenance release with a few minor feature improvements.
0004123: [User Interface] Show vocabulary indicator per locale (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004147: [Diagrams] Hide some role relations in the diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004144: [Transformation (GLR)] Recursive lexicalization error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004140: [Diagrams] ERD coloring (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004137: [User Interface] Copy preview picture to image (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004136: [User Interface] Preview the diagram thumb picture (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004132: [User Interface] UC edit button disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004127: [User Interface] Single Document Interfaces should not maximize fully (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004149: [User Interface] Add related and select only new items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004141: [Diagrams] Concept MAP does not color (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004126: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Attachement definition in ER Studio fails on space character (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004146: [Transformation (GLR)] Role Force Group not honored (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004145: [Transformation (GLR)] Artificial key no longer generated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004131: [Diagrams] Resizing OTFT while moving (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004138: [Transformation (GLR)] Rare crash when refreshing ERD Diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004125: [User Interface] Reopen expression file in SDI mode fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004130: [Diff and Merge] Merge wizard blocks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004129: [Expressions] Expression input blocks (BCP Software) - resolved.
18 issues View Issues
Minor fixes.
0004120: [Installation] Slow startup when no internet (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004319: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artifact sometimes fail to generate (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004119: [Import and Export] Business Glossary Export error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004117: [Server] Server project name - reserved characters (BCP Software) - resolved.
4 issues View Issues
0004111: [Project] Mark recent projects as favorite (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004058: [Expressions] New Expression UX Redesign (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004105: [Diagrams] ERD/UML/.. Refreshing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004087: [Diagrams] Allow text blocks to resize and wordwrap (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004085: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate Localization Tables (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004081: [User Interface] Welcome tab redesign (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004079: [Integration] Mark Windows folders with casetalk files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002225: [User Interface] Use role default value for populations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004069: [Repository] Add/Edit/Delete substitutions are not available (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004064: [Integration] Support parameters in the export modules (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004066: [Server] Allow modules to run on the server database (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004065: [Repository] Ask for SQL Query parameters (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004060: [Expressions] Entering expressions should ask for sufficient population (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004056: [User Interface] Edit OTFT while entering fact expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004055: [Diagrams] SVG export lacks URI for otft names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004032: [User Interface] Add Role/Relations from the Role Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004017: [User Interface] Copy/Paste OTFT attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002149: [User Interface] User Log functionality (BCP Software) - closed.
0004030: [Validation] Verify only essential rules (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004020: [Repository] Support tri-temporal settings (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003998: [Diagrams] Render Taxonomy and/or Ontology as picture (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004010: [Other] Subtype wizard could provide related facts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004070: [User Interface] Insert OTE in expression input not previewed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004068: [User Interface] Allow Data Explorer while project is closed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004059: [User Interface] Some buttons keep the old themed icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004051: [User Interface] Expression edit controls do not follow system fonts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004050: [Server] 'Remember me' fails to remember me (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004072: [User Interface] Diagram has two times 'Go To' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004077: [User Interface] Provide timeline for locked project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004027: [User Interface] Temporarily maximize diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004113: [User Interface] Supply diagram preview on new start screen (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004110: [Installation] Add more server logging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004109: [Expressions] Verbalize used substitution reference names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004106: [Diagrams] Make focused element more subtle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004080: [User Interface] Reorder preferences options (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001864: [User Interface] Add colors for expression tree parts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004078: [User Interface] Role default value reuse (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004076: [Diagrams] Containers do not surround titles of otfts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004075: [User Interface] Filtering out the rules shows 'created by..' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004062: [User Interface] Edit Role does not select default role (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004057: [Installation] Unused files(.zip) is not hidden (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004053: [User Interface] Diagram select mode icon (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004052: [User Interface] New Expression misses an icon in new theme ui (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004048: [Diagrams] Annotation 'Methods' should render in UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001349: [Repository] Locked population should be reusable (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004045: [User Interface] ERD/UML not generated message (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004037: [User Interface] Remove technical characters from expression file rendering (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004036: [Expressions] Qualifying a role the same as the parent part (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004035: [Expressions] Qualifying roles require distinct meaning (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004033: [User Interface] OTFT Edit Dialog does not show concept icon (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004029: [Validation] Skip redundant model well-formedness check (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004028: [User Interface] Population editor colors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004026: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Provide XML DataTypes for OWL/RDF custom attribute (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004023: [Installation] Bugreport lacks application log (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004016: [User Interface] Duplicate Onto is disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004015: [User Interface] Split fact type in context menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004013: [Diagrams] Draw tuple values in ERD/UML in bold font (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004014: [Diagrams] Draw foreign keys in distinct colors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004012: [Diagrams] EXP Diagram does no honor fonts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004011: [Diagrams] ERD/UML/EXP do not use font size (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003997: [User Interface] Hide some Role Edit Dialog controls (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003995: [Diagrams] Show Related - All Mandatory (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003994: [User Interface] Copy diagram elements as text (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003915: [Diff and Merge] Merge models with taxonomy changes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004107: [User Interface] Delete language from translation is disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004104: [Diagrams] Saving will zoom in on ERD/UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004084: [Diagrams] EXP Diagram not always grouping expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004073: [Diff and Merge] Inter TCs are reported as skipped (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004047: [User Interface] Show related sometimes fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004046: [Diagrams] Mousewheel for scrolling not working (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004044: [User Interface] 'Alter played by' not working (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004043: [User Interface] Population editor shows deleted value (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004040: [User Interface] Namespace tab not reopened in repository panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004038: [User Interface] Navigating already selected otft does not show otft (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004034: [User Interface] Qualify button invisible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004031: [Transformation (GLR)] Background artifact generation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004009: [Expressions] Expression generator for scenario reading misses records (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004000: [Diagrams] Invalid UML Enum (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004003: [Diagrams] Role lines are reset (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004005: [Diagrams] Role reading font size error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003999: [Repository] Renaming OTFT invalidates Mapping (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004097: [Expressions] Insert Reference creates wrong role (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004108: [Repository] Cancel population editor undoes too much (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004098: [Repository] Some annotation types show as languages (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004071: [Repository] Failed to populate the SQL based repository (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004074: [User Interface] Concept relations do not show role properties (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004067: [Integration] JDBC foreign key mentions wrong table (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004039: [Diff and Merge] Merge overwrite leaves the old version number in expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004025: [Diagrams] Element groupings resize (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004022: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Datavault skips hubs with schema names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004019: [Diagrams] Some ERD issues (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004018: [User Interface] Taxonomy tree broken (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004116: [Installation] Empty Tasks file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004006: [Diagrams] Schema names crash the UML diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004042: [Diagrams] ERD not generating (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004021: [User Interface] Teams menu not visible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0004007: [Constraints] Cardinality Constraint blocks UC Wizard (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Enhancements to ERD/UML diagram styling and ChatGPT integration and increased stability.
0003975: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio support for artificial key (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003988: [Expressions] Provide ChatGPT fact expression feedback (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003986: [Diagrams] Hide more elements in ERD, UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003974: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Containers for splitting attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003968: [Server] Allow upload comment (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001865: [Expressions] Prefix expression with language indicator (BCP Software) - closed.
0003179: [Diagrams] Depict OTFT pictures (BCP Software) - closed.
0003923: [Constraints] Allow TC to be intentially absent (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002965: [Other] Link with technical data (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003993: [User Interface] Add Book to list of concept types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003991: [User Interface] Paste into diagram from Excel creates an image (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003989: [User Interface] Fact and Role table editor issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003985: [Project] Multi Instances should allow opening multiple projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003983: [Installation] ChatGPT and DeepL not working behind ProxyServer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003980: [Installation] PlantUML V1.2023.8 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003979: [Diagrams] Some generated diagrams fail on Notes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003976: [Repository] Export OTFT synclink in Area Table (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003966: [Transformation (GLR)] Do not honor absent TC in artifacts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003965: [Diagrams] Totality contraint does not zoom (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003961: [Repository] Indicate invalid rolepaths (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003992: [Diagrams] Concept may show as subtype in UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003981: [User Interface] Cannot edit InterTC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003969: [Validation] Error in : Roles must have distinct semantic meanings (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003964: [Diagrams] Generated diagram is cropped (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003960: [Repository] Rolemapping wrong when dragging metadata (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003990: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML Cardinality error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003973: [Repository] Rolepath/mapping renders invalid characters (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003972: [User Interface] Vocabulary dialogs delays (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003971: [Installation] Switching workspaces (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003987: [User Interface] Split model using digram fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003984: [Installation] Closing CaseTalk may crash (and restart) (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003982: [Installation] CaseTalk Restarts when closing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003970: [Repository] PostgreSQL blocked again (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003967: [Server] Download blocked with new cardinality constraint (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003962: [Transformation (GLR)] Force Reduce may leave VC after GLR (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Maintenance release with minor features and fixes.
Recommended for Enterprise Edition.
0003954: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate Pascal code for verbalizations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003951: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support database expression views in multiple languages (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003948: [Diagrams] Show Structures as UML Interface (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003952: [User Interface] Add new query icon to toolbar (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003947: [Other] Search in Files - Background (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003943: [User Interface] Query Repository button (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003942: [User Interface] File properties button (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003949: [Integration] DeepL translate failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003953: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Subset constraint verbalization fail (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003956: [Server] Upload failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003955: [Server] Second upload diagrams fail (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Many small enhancements to improve the ease of use.
0003939: [Diagrams] Paste bitmaps into the diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003937: [Repository] Allow fact types without a name (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003936: [Diagrams] Bleed role colors into relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003924: [Repository] Derivable indicator must be positioned at the role (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003912: [Expressions] Filter expression questions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003476: [Expressions] Support Facts and Questions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003904: [Expressions] Generate expressions on entity level and/or facts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003903: [Expressions] Substitution reference names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003935: [User Interface] Disconnected expression file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003934: [Diagrams] Render derivable attributes in UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003930: [Diagrams] Use icons for Table Columns in ERD (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003929: [Integration] List models for ChatGPT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003928: [Integration] ChatGPT lacks context (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003919: [User Interface] Diagram zoom buttons - order (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003916: [User Interface] Instruct user when artifact generation lacks IGG file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003914: [Diagrams] Provide role reading border (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003910: [User Interface] Cardinality button has no tooltip (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003902: [Diagrams] Many single UCs enlarge thge OTFT in diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003938: [Repository] Rolepath with custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003926: [Diff and Merge] Merging lists all existing subset constraints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003925: [Diagrams] Cannot turn off Primary UC on diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003922: [User Interface] Menu shows expression file line (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003920: [Project] readme.md not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003918: [Server] Open from server - Browse for project - idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003906: [Expressions] Support locale in tuple grouped expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003901: [Diagrams] Expression settings not reflected (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003900: [User Interface] Copy expression from repository panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003899: [User Interface] Copy expression from edit dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003933: [Server] UC cardinality not uploaded to server (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003927: [Diagrams] InterTC seems to dissappear to never return (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003917: [Server] Model version download from previous project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003907: [Expressions] Expression Qua/Cla - Back results in paint errors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003908: [Project] IG File custom attributes lost (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003921: [User Interface] Single Document Interfaces fails to start (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003911: [User Interface] Drag expressions will remove the expression panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003905: [Diagrams] Run both refresh diagram and Well-formedness will freeze (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Maintenance release with a few small features added.
* Improved Excel pasting in population editor, but also paste into repository or diagram.
* Model well-formedness validates URIs in the model on their HTTP status.
* GLR transformation failed and is fixed again.
* Merging models slightly changed to only merge updated and new OTFTs by default.
0003883: [Expressions] Generate expressions on entity level and grouped by tuple (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003898: [Server] Provide configuration dialog for portal settings (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003894: [User Interface] Close tabs (left or right) (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003881: [Integration] Paste Excel table as Object Type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003721: [Repository] Evaluate URIs for Http Status Codes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003869: [Installation] SQLite 3.41.0 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003868: [User Interface] Paste population from excel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003896: [Diff and Merge] Merge default for overwrite details (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003887: [User Interface] Navigate to filtered otft (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003886: [Diagrams] Expression with zero tuples at Label Type Level (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003885: [Diagrams] Highlighting and focus while dragging otft onto diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003884: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] RDF comment and description not seperated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003592: [User Interface] Container Relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003880: [User Interface] Filtering hides visible items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003876: [User Interface] Well-formedness icons change (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003867: [User Interface] Move PlantUML menu item (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003895: [Integration] Help\Ticket Report fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003874: [Import and Export] Business Glossary Export Annotation error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003877: [Diagrams] Hide roles no longer shows dots (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003873: [Repository] Failed to populate internal database (BCP Software) - closed.
0003878: [Transformation (GLR)] Manual transformation runs into various issues (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000456: [User Interface] Can not disable automatic update check (BCP Software) - closed.
0000455: [User Interface] Update check prompt "Download page" button does nothing. (BCP Software) - closed.
0003897: [Diff and Merge] Merge fails when not all population is merged (BCP Software) - resolved.
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A major increment in features is offered in this release.
More internet and services integration for better text support.
Importing Ensemble Modeling artifacts, Run external scripts, and more.
0003864: [Integration] Navigate URI in Custom Attribute (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003862: [Server] Project reference overview (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003861: [Expressions] Support multi-locale expression files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003816: [User Interface] Enter new expressions using a panel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003860: [Import and Export] Import Ensemble Logical Modeling Artifacts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003856: [Integration] DeepL translation API (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003855: [Integration] Integrate ChatGPT capability (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003843: [Other] Search in IG Files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003852: [Integration] Add PHP as a script runtime (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003845: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate SpaCy training data (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003159: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate GoLang structures (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003854: [Integration] Run scripts inside CaseTalk (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003850: [Diagrams] Support Concept to Fact Type relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003853: [User Interface] Allow syntax selection for text files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003851: [User Interface] Add rule icon for concept types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003815: [Installation] Remember license key location (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003846: [Project] Cannot open two expression files at once (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003844: [User Interface] Double click active project nodes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003842: [User Interface] Cannot take ownership when merging from server (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003841: [User Interface] Text Preview split screen (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003863: [Repository] OTFT Namespaces does not report all versions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003848: [User Interface] Copy Resultset from Data Explorer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003847: [Project] Close one new file, closes all (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003859: [Project] Project Reopen not working (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003849: [Repository] Some recursive concept models prevent loading (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Maintenance update with a few additions:
  • JDBC support in the Data Explorer
  • Generalizations improved in RDF artifact
  • Role Edit Dialog with lexicalization paths
  • Diagram Style selection per generated diagram
0003806: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate common subtype in RDF (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003826: [User Interface] Show lexicalizaton in Role Edit Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003813: [Repository] Duplicate OTFT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003814: [Diagrams] Allow generated diagrams to use different style (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003789: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generalizations with FTE in RDF (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003774: [Import and Export] Extend Data Explorer to JDBC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003810: [User Interface] Rename to Ontology tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003822: [User Interface] Expression Input Dialog ignores <Enter> (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003821: [Diagrams] Generated diagrams show expressions with empty values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003820: [User Interface] Show line numbers in Query Tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003818: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Language codes for expressions in RDF (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003788: [User Interface] Data Explorer connection jumps (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003811: [User Interface] Start center font (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003828: [Project] OTFT navigate to inactive IGD broken (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003827: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] RDF seems to double encode html protected characters (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003819: [User Interface] Data Explorer Query Menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003817: [Diagrams] OTFT.Task Icon not visible in Diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003812: [Repository] Duplicate FTE creates OT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003809: [Integration] Runaway background processes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003803: [User Interface] IG version not refreshed after upload (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003840: [Diff and Merge] Merge from server skips custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003833: [Installation] Failed to capture Python output as Expression File (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003829: [Diagrams] Some diagram styles crash EXP Diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003825: [Project] Failure to add IGD file to Project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003807: [Other] Resource leaks when closing files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003804: [Server] Downloading models fails when XML is turned off (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003831: [Diagrams] Diagram layout failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003802: [Transformation (GLR)] Role Force Group can crash (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003838: [Installation] Some hardware prevents the MessageDialogs to show (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003830: [Diagrams] Freeze on drawing recusive structures (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003824: [User Interface] Filtering on custom attributes checks entry type (BCP Software) - resolved.
31 issues View Issues
Some regression issues solved in regards to Diagram coordinates and ODBC Driver issues.
0003786: [Validation] Warn for UC lost in RDF/UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003793: [User Interface] List tables and classes in the meronomy tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003787: [User Interface] Data Explorer title (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003794: [Installation] Add more server logging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003795: [Installation] Navigate to "%appdata%\casetalk" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003792: [User Interface] Preserve panel widths (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003801: [User Interface] Cardinality Constraint without max (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003799: [Diagrams] Constraints not updated after editing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003797: [Diagrams] InterUC keeps duplicating (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003798: [Diagrams] Elements move after reloading (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003796: [Installation] Unspecified ODBC Driver loading (BCP Software) - resolved.
11 issues View Issues
A major release in stability and functionality, released on the 20th birthday of CaseTalk.
0003768: [Diagrams] Draw query result as graph (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003759: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artifact columns with redundant start in the name (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003751: [Diagrams] Mix Objects and Fact Expressions in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003749: [Diagrams] Visualize images inside the concept map (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001125: [Import and Export] Import of IGDX to recover other file formats (BCP Software) - closed.
0003267: [Diagrams] Support verbalized rules in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003737: [Diagrams] Keyboard arrows in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003690: [Repository] Subtype wizard could create abstract subtypes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003682: [Expressions] Expression file with comments, rules, attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003671: [Diagrams] PlantUML manual editing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003665: [Repository] OTFT Concept Type 'Classification' would be helpful (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003491: [User Interface] Show OTFT concept type in Taxonomy (BCP Software) - closed.
0001853: [Constraints] Cardinality Constraints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003649: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Verbalized Rules in generated artifacts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003648: [Repository] Add 'role' to concept types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003643: [User Interface] Filter on (not) empty custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003642: [Repository] Aggregation as Concept Type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003641: [Repository] Add composition as a concept type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003636: [User Interface] Add tab for composition (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003730: [Project] The specified file already exists (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003635: [User Interface] Rename "All types" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003736: [Diagrams] Scrollwheel does not scroll diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003782: [Diagrams] EXP diagram include identification in objects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003779: [Diff and Merge] Case change not detected in merging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003776: [User Interface] Add Filter keyboard shortcut (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003772: [Diagrams] Use UML Object Type Level Expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003771: [Diagrams] UML Expressions in bold font (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003769: [User Interface] Data Explorer query connection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003763: [User Interface] Download from server UX (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003762: [User Interface] Query Repository ui update (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003753: [Diagrams] ERD/UML/MAP not updated consistently (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003741: [Other] Windows Logout/Shutdown prevented (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003747: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Disabled plugins with background transformation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003746: [User Interface] Tabs open on multiple lines (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003740: [User Interface] Educational edition toolbar (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003745: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL ObjectProperties show up twice (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003744: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF lists both generalizations and relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003743: [Diff and Merge] Merge from server progress bar (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003742: [Server] Merge from server, does not remember namespaces (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003738: [User Interface] Cannot add new expression in extra IG (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003716: [Project] IGG cannot be saved with same name (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003733: [Diff and Merge] Merge updates from server is slower (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003735: [Diagrams] Shape text not scaling while zooming (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003732: [User Interface] Locked dialogs should allow text copy (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003728: [User Interface] OTFT status icons can be resized (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003727: [Diagrams] Containers cause white margin (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003726: [Diagrams] Roles do not connect to new style Object Type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003725: [Installation] Distribute portable as zip (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003359: [Diagrams] Center diagram does not adjust scrollbars (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003715: [Expressions] Add expression to concept/container error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003710: [Diagrams] Concepts/Containers colors and lines (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003705: [Diff and Merge] Merge business glossary error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003699: [User Interface] Mute dialog sounds when playing music (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003698: [User Interface] Preselect candidates for Subtype Wizard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003694: [Constraints] UC Wizard shows tuples twice (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003686: [User Interface] UC Wizards shows concept/containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003685: [User Interface] Double click type name in expression file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003684: [Expressions] Expression in file don't match (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003678: [Diagrams] Save diagram extras (HTML) should include ERD/UML/MAP (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003675: [User Interface] Hide rules from diagram verbalization (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003673: [User Interface] Support keyword highlights in regular text files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003670: [User Interface] Scroll ERD/UML/MAP by dragging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003668: [User Interface] Save All prompts for individial file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003663: [Diagrams] Rename OTFT in diagram in other Locale (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003664: [User Interface] Show Related OTFTs in the current Locale (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003662: [Diagrams] Straighten container/concept relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003660: [Project] Diconnected IGD cannot be saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003655: [Diagrams] Allow ExpressionCodes to show or hide (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003652: [Repository] Improve metadata performance (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003650: [Diagrams] Limit VC Value text length in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003637: [Diff and Merge] Merge filtering takes too long (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003645: [User Interface] RichText URL not opening a browser (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003644: [Import and Export] OWL Export contains 'T' for booleans (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003639: [Diagrams] InterConstraint Lines snapping (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003638: [Diff and Merge] Restrain "Select unknown" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003631: [User Interface] Save IG prompts for individual IGDs to be saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003781: [Diagrams] PlantUML UTF8 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003312: [Repository] Area table shows old diagram names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003764: [Project] Moving an IGD to another IG does not re-synchronize (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003760: [User Interface] Edit expression is limited to 256 characters (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003755: [Diagrams] Concept Type icons not rendered on first run (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003688: [User Interface] Some OTFT.Subtype not promoted to Role.Subtype (BCP Software) - closed.
0003653: [Repository] PostgreSQL catalogs not listing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003718: [Transformation (GLR)] Binary fact does not group properly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003724: [Diagrams] New shapes do not remain in view (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003720: [Project] Redundant save as dialogs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003714: [User Interface] Navigate to OTFT fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003713: [User Interface] Edit OTFT when multiple items are selected (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003709: [Diff and Merge] Merging subset constraints warning (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003687: [User Interface] Subtype wizard support for role.subtype (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003672: [Diagrams] Diagram URI symbols too wide (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003669: [Transformation (GLR)] UML Association Cardinality wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003340: [Repository] Subtype indicator should be stored on roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003654: [Diagrams] Rolefix cropping (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003646: [User Interface] RTF does not have project icon (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003634: [Expressions] Expression generation does not translate comments (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003632: [Repository] Label Subtype backward compatible file format (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003785: [Diagrams] Binary Fact Type should be a Satellite (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003784: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML lacks property (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003783: [Installation] Microsoft Native Client (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003780: [Repository] Support database schemas (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003775: [Diagrams] Older diagrams get distored after save (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003766: [Diagrams] UML Generalization Class (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003767: [Diagrams] Concept Map draws too many lines (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003691: [Diagrams] Optimize layout fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003757: [Expressions] Case Insensitive Qua/Cla fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003474: [Diagrams] Large models slow diagram updates (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003734: [Diagrams] Dragging distorts diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003674: [User Interface] Annotation gets stored in the wrong tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003711: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Subtype foreign key wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003706: [Customization] Customization can run unseen (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003701: [User Interface] Undo/Redo only works on the repository (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003681: [Repository] Some UML attributes are not defined (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003658: [Repository] Denominalize Object keeps OriginalOT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003659: [Transformation (GLR)] OTE lost in generalizated subtype (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003657: [Import and Export] DataVault Satellite Columns and Comment (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003651: [Diagrams] Dragging diagram elements slow (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003256: [General] Change in "Transform to Object Type" procedure: ask for new Lable type name (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003633: [Transformation (GLR)] Older IG will not group Roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003777: [Project] Closing the application sometimes crashes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003708: [Diff and Merge] Merge crashes with an A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003704: [Diagrams] Recover crashed diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003692: [Diagrams] Diagram a.v. when running the Subtype Wizard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003661: [Diagrams] Hide OTFT with outgoing SC crashes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003656: [Project] Occassional crash when closing application (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003761: [Validation] Prematurely closing well-formedness is blocking (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003752: [Project] Both IG and IGG are active (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003750: [Installation] Personal Edition does not allow UML/XMI export (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003731: [Validation] Well-formedness sometimes halts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003712: [Diff and Merge] Glossary merge with Synclink errors is blocking (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003707: [Server] Upload missing ERD/UML/MAP failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003689: [Diff and Merge] Merge back glossary failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003680: [Repository] UML blocks when roles are semantically identical (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003679: [Diagrams] Diagram fileformat v6 fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003647: [Repository] Rolefixes block UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003640: [Transformation (GLR)] UML blocks if roles are ambigious (BCP Software) - resolved.
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A high priority hotfix to solve disruptive character handling when adding or editing expressions.
0003629: [User Interface] Add expressions in any dictionary (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003628: [User Interface] Expression input selection fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003630: [Diagrams] DataVault Link missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Upgrade version
  • Translate artifacts (specify vocabulary in GLR settings).
  • Translate VC Values.
  • Specialization/generalization of Label Types, extending subset constraint reach.
  • Filtering object/fact types on their custom attribute values.
  • Merge with models directly from the server.
  • Diagram enhancements to show more information.
  • Export Glossary in JSON format to support the Intralign Ecosystem.
0003571: [Diff and Merge] Merge with any server version (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003406: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate artifacts in other languages (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003525: [Import and Export] Export Glossary in JSON format (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003620: [User Interface] Label Type nominalization allow both names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003568: [Import and Export] Merge updates from server (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003615: [Diagrams] OTFT choose Annotation in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003586: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] DataVault Satellite Grouping (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003607: [Diagrams] Show verbalized rules in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003587: [Import and Export] Use containers to group datavault satellites (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003583: [Repository] Translate VC Values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003565: [Constraints] Subset constraint over label super/sub types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003550: [User Interface] Filter on indicators (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002770: [Repository] Datatype specialization (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003551: [User Interface] Filter on custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003554: [Expressions] Duplicate Expression (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003547: [Validation] Validate unique names in vocabularies (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003211: [Repository] Support technical names (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003546: [Diagrams] Also show text blocks in ERD (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003520: [Repository] Hide OTFT with certain schema (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003558: [Installation] SQLite 3.39 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003529: [Transformation (GLR)] Always lexicalize in background transform (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003622: [User Interface] Rename "Reduce Object Type" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003625: [Diagrams] ERD/UML/MAP style tweaks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003626: [User Interface] Close All should still prompt unsaved changes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003621: [Project] Project archive lacks SaveAll (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003530: [Transformation (GLR)] Remove Lost Types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003600: [User Interface] Hints and tooltips (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003588: [User Interface] Manage custom colors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003609: [Diagrams] Font colors are limited (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003593: [Project] Project reopen diagrams (or not) (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003599: [User Interface] Population editor with VC values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003608: [Constraints] Verbalization of UC rule (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003596: [Diff and Merge] Merge sort otfts on datetime (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003601: [User Interface] Annotations do no support plural (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003606: [Diagrams] Diagram Show Hide FTE and OTE (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003605: [User Interface] Diagram Delete-key remains active (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003591: [User Interface] Welcome page slow to update (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003590: [User Interface] Query Repository delayed opening (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003584: [User Interface] Relationship directions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003577: [Diagrams] Add menu option to (re)generate ERD (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003576: [Project] Opening and archive a zip file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003569: [User Interface] Bring back well-formedness button (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003566: [User Interface] Navigate to filtered OTFT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003567: [User Interface] Upgrade file format dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003563: [User Interface] Show OTE differently in Expression Tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003560: [User Interface] Splitter in query panel lacks dots (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003559: [Repository] Improve run-away query detection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003557: [Expressions] Deleting tuples does not renumber them (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003360: [Diagrams] Diagram Classic Style (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003542: [Diagrams] Extend mouse cursor state (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003541: [Installation] Diagram Styles need updates (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003534: [User Interface] Search Server require more context (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003536: [User Interface] Show custom attributes with tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003524: [Diagrams] Show concept type in ERD class (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003523: [Diagrams] Show concept type in UML class (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003532: [Project] Add automatic transformation to project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003370: [User Interface] UC Wizard hard to read (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003522: [Diagrams] Show concept types in conceptmap (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003543: [Project] Recover Diagram remains unsaved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003602: [Diff and Merge] Merge deleted VC values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003617: [User Interface] Tab Close button disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003614: [User Interface] Validate custom attribute value types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003613: [Diagrams] ERD not shown (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003611: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Datavault Builder Link Type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003582: [Import and Export] Business Glossary Vocabulary Comment error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003581: [Import and Export] Business Glossary export only once a session (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003539: [Repository] "Alter Role Played By" does nothing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003573: [Diagrams] Unhide roles for specific otft fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003552: [Diagrams] Disconnected diagrams get connected (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003553: [User Interface] Change highlighter diagrams is idle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003540: [User Interface] OTFT Documentation not updated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003533: [User Interface] Error with OTFT having a schema (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003623: [User Interface] Cannot enter characters in expression input (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003612: [Integration] ODBC Connections not working (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002551: [Server] Intermediate temp files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003610: [User Interface] Sometimes the IG does not show (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003585: [Diagrams] Diagram margin misaligned (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003580: [Project] File Custom Attributes upload error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003572: [Repository] Role subtype optional failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003564: [Expressions] Expression tree fails with too many substitutions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003562: [Expressions] Generalized object types do not display all expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003561: [Diagrams] Generalized object types draw incomplete (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003544: [Diagrams] One-to-one relationships (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003391: [Transformation (GLR)] IGG.OTFT not found (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003619: [Diagrams] Remove from diagram occasionally crashes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003616: [User Interface] Close all, crashes the expression tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003627: [Repository] Switching to IG fails on UML_DOMAINS (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003618: [Transformation (GLR)] Reduce Object Type failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003538: [Expressions] OTFT name breaks expression file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003574: [Transformation (GLR)] Cannot perform model transformation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003570: [Diff and Merge] Select diagram to copy fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003535: [User Interface] Cannot start population editor (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Closing minor bugs in obscure scenario.
Multi-locale diagram generation tweaks.
Fully translated (generated) diagrams.
0003499: [Other] Background validation and transformation in menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003495: [Other] Run tools and capture output (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003405: [Diagrams] Show ERD/UML/Concept map in other languages (BCP Software) - resolved.
       0003493: [Diagrams] Locale Expressions in MAP (BCP Software) - resolved.
       0003492: [Diagrams] Locale Expressions in ERD (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003517: [Expressions] Order or OTFTs in classification list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003513: [User Interface] Cannot close diagram tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003507: [Installation] Setup filename should include buildnumber (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003503: [User Interface] Local OTFT and Expression colorized (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003505: [Project] Show archive filenames (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003504: [Server] Upload/Download without using IGX format (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003432: [Server] Skip saving IG(G)x (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003501: [Project] Saving Project markdown file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003498: [Diagrams] Diagram previews use default style (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003488: [Diagrams] Drag OTFT to create new diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003486: [User Interface] Namespace selection freezes ui (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003485: [Lineage] Show all existing namespace versions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003516: [Diagrams] Subset constraint character misplaced (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003511: [User Interface] OTFT ViewStyle button not visible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003502: [Server] OTFT Abbreviation not uploaded (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003497: [Validation] Manual verify allows creating duplicate UCs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003494: [Diagrams] Do not show empty comment sections (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003489: [Diagrams] Lines between concepts and Label Types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003482: [Diagrams] OTFT Comment not translated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003519: [User Interface] Current namespace does not show all otfts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003515: [Diagrams] Some subset constraints are not drawn in IGD after GLR (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003510: [User Interface] Taxonomy requires refresh (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003500: [Server] Model not always downloaded properly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003490: [Expressions] Expressions without a period (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003487: [User Interface] Switch tabs when dragging over (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003484: [Diff and Merge] Merging legacy expressions fail (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003518: [User Interface] Expression tree failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003506: [Diff and Merge] Merge crashes on renames (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003496: [Expressions] Expression input crashes casetalk (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003514: [Diagrams] UML not showing on legacy models (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003512: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR Blocks with Expression part error (BCP Software) - resolved.
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0003477: [Other] Tool output (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003475: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add unsupported info as meta in OWL (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003454: [Project] Open project from archive (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003438: [User Interface] List file upgrade impact (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003435: [User Interface] Merge OTFT filtering (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003431: [Diff and Merge] Support new terms and definitions from Glossary (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003480: [Diagrams] Container default shape should be RoundedRect (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003481: [Diagrams] Concept/Container anchor points (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003479: [Expressions] Fact Expression without ending '.' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003448: [Repository] Migrate custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003473: [Validation] Used namespace must be up to date (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003470: [User Interface] Dictionary disabled for locked OTFT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003471: [Validation] Generalization Subtype warning (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003472: [Diagrams] Constraint Symbols (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003468: [Diagrams] Role OP/NN indicator issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003467: [User Interface] File reopen does not show locked projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003466: [User Interface] Main window state not persisted (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003458: [User Interface] Archive without comment, dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003453: [Project] Archive Restore Partially shows unsorted list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003437: [Diagrams] Filter expression in diagram on Locale (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003434: [User Interface] Project input box overlaps (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003310: [Server] Download version not consistent (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003465: [User Interface] OTFT edit failure does not explain itself (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003463: [Server] Sql server errors are not displayed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003462: [Diff and Merge] Merging InterTC looses XOR (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003457: [Diagrams] Hide OTFT comment fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003452: [Project] Project Archive menuitems not disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003450: [Diagrams] UC Numbers not hidden (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003444: [Installation] Catastrofic failure when saving IGX (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003436: [Repository] Copy expression looses information (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003441: [Diagrams] Not all subsets show in ERD (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003455: [Diagrams] "Combine in Fact Type" freezes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003464: [Diff and Merge] Merge looses subtype info (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003460: [User Interface] Abort closing project does not abort (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003459: [User Interface] OTFT Abbreviation not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003456: [Server] "File open from server" misses files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003451: [Repository] Add Role does not Nominalize Facts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003449: [Diff and Merge] Merge Overwrite Details skips values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003447: [Diagrams] Generalization in UML wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003442: [Diagrams] ERD diagrams double on subset constraints (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003440: [Diagrams] ERD Relation cardinality (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003439: [Transformation (GLR)] "Don't Reduce" ignored (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003478: [Installation] Cannot install on Windows 11 ARM (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003461: [Diff and Merge] Merge InterUC fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003443: [Installation] Settings database may cause installation problems. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003433: [Diff and Merge] Merge blocks on new expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Multi-lingual support
  • Expressions in a language
  • Fact types can be translated
  • Translated FCO-IM Diagrams
0000224: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Always GLR to implementation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003422: [Expressions] Allow NULL equivalent entry for examples (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003410: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add column name option for Full Path (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003404: [User Interface] Show diagram in other languages (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003403: [Expressions] Show translated expression tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003354: [Installation] Dot 3.0 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003353: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL with language specifiers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003345: [Installation] SQLite 3.38 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003350: [Import and Export] Business Glossary with translations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000917: [Repository] Multi-lingual model support (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003346: [Diagrams] Provide Semantics and Examples in UML (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003343: [Diagrams] Show comment in diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003429: [Diff and Merge] Merge reports OTFT.UpdatedOn (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002151: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add ExpCode and Namespace to expressions in RDF/OWL export (BCP Software) - closed.
0000432: [Diagrams] Show rolename instead of rolenumber (BCP Software) - closed.
0003427: [User Interface] Show available memory (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003420: [Diagrams] Show subsets as foreign key cardinality (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003409: [User Interface] Rename "Attempt Reduce" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003407: [User Interface] Zoom generated diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003400: [User Interface] Welcome page not updated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003393: [User Interface] Tabbed memo handling (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003392: [User Interface] Sorting OTFT on Timestamp (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003390: [User Interface] Expression file tagging change (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003384: [User Interface] Copy selected lines from expression file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003381: [Diagrams] Role ordering in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003281: [Diff and Merge] Snapshots background process (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003371: [User Interface] Wizard dialogs position not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003369: [Diagrams] Containers size jumps (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003364: [Diagrams] Straight Line option not found (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003362: [Installation] Educational material needs old icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003351: [User Interface] Transformation settings in Projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003347: [User Interface] Comments behave strange (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003344: [User Interface] Expression panel size not persistent (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003414: [Transformation (GLR)] Background transformation stops download model (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003296: [Diff and Merge] Old expression substitution not merged (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003428: [Import and Export] Export as SQL invalid (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003424: [Project] Not all zips from archives are listed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003421: [Diagrams] Diagram bookmarks shapes with titles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003416: [User Interface] Multiselect for partial unarchive (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003413: [Other] Unable to reverse "Always upgrade" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003412: [Transformation (GLR)] Keep rolefix of grouped role (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003388: [User Interface] Expression file double tags not automatic (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003387: [Other] ProxyServer prevents image caching (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003385: [User Interface] Custom attribute URL do not navigate (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003383: [User Interface] Windows not repositioned after reopening (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003379: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XMI export sql error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003380: [Diagrams] Paste diagram does nothing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003295: [Diff and Merge] Interconstraints merging fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003374: [User Interface] Issue Placing InterTC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003373: [User Interface] Created timestamps not displayed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003368: [Diagrams] Concept relations not updated (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003355: [User Interface] Progressbar does not hide (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003356: [Diagrams] Diagram bitmap margin (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000594: [Diff and Merge] Merging does not take in the TC's (BCP Software) - resolved.
0000131: [User Interface] Rolenumbers are obsolete and should be hidden (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003395: [Import and Export] Record timestamps for OTFT not exported (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003386: [Project] Create repository from diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003366: [Diagrams] InterTC does not reappear (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003358: [Server] Opening unknown IGZ (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003348: [Repository] Fact Type names with leading/trailing spaces (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003402: [User Interface] Close Project fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003401: [Transformation (GLR)] UML attribute failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003363: [User Interface] New expression files creates two tabs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003357: [Import and Export] Error with Import Unknown IGX (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003430: [User Interface] Find shortest path stops too early (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003425: [Repository] OTFT with Schema name not found (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003417: [Project] Diagram connect freezes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003382: [User Interface] Cancelling expression QuaCla may freeze (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003361: [Diagrams] Diagram sync freeze (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003378: [Other] Naming conventions abort (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003376: [Other] Delete OTFT freeze (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003352: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL fails to be generated (BCP Software) - resolved.
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This maintenance release fixed some crucial issues, and added minor enhancements.
0003341: [User Interface] Show locked projects on welcome tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003334: [User Interface] Custom attribute of type CaseTalk-Bookmark (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003319: [User Interface] Search Server and Bookmark (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003314: [User Interface] Show table documentation when transforming in the background (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003304: [Diagrams] Generated diagrams in SVG support (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003300: [Diagrams] Add ConceptMap to generated diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003287: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML hides Facts without any UC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003249: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Embed the UML diagram generator (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003282: [User Interface] Show busy status as icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003315: [User Interface] Import File Dialog TItle (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003339: [User Interface] Show busy cursor while logging in (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003337: [User Interface] Highligher button missing active state (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003326: [User Interface] Allow role edit from connectiondot (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003325: [Diagrams] Wrong role number shown in context menu of lines (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003324: [Diagrams] Bitmap margin wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003322: [Validation] Check counts hints as errors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003321: [User Interface] Wrong icon displayed for Task Finished (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003311: [User Interface] Download version confirmation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003307: [Repository] Old namespace version obsolete (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003306: [Diagrams] Generat ERD/UML/Map in one process (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003301: [Diagrams] SVG Viewbox and sizes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003297: [User Interface] Welcome browser page visibility (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003293: [User Interface] Show merge log as non modal window (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003292: [User Interface] Merge other IG from same project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003285: [Project] Copy project folders refer to older files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003333: [User Interface] OTFT Edit Dialog not committing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003331: [Server] IG Custom Attributes not checked in? (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003332: [Diagrams] Containers not aligned on grid (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003294: [User Interface] Teams download shows no progress (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003338: [Diagrams] Containers do not select relationdots (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003329: [Expressions] Do not verbalize OTE under Concepts/Containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003327: [Validation] Some validation rules do not make sense for concepts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003323: [Transformation (GLR)] Performing transformation saves many times (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003317: [User Interface] Project reopen only closes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003280: [User Interface] Custom annotations not shown (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003309: [Diagrams] Conceptmap occasionally empty (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003291: [User Interface] Indicate Tables and Classes in OTFT list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003289: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Datavault builder Subject area empty (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003288: [User Interface] Incomplete "Project Options \ Transformation" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003251: [Server] Download into new project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003283: [Diagrams] Diagram ERD does not wrap derived expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003279: [Validation] Nested Edits unproperly handled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003342: [User Interface] Edit Population with different substitutions not possible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003089: [Diagrams] Diagram draws containers wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003330: [Diagrams] Lines between concepts and containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003305: [Repository] Create New OTFT fills every Role.OriginalOT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003284: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PlantUML not drawing super-/subtype relations (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003328: [Transformation (GLR)] Failure to transform Containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003313: [Import and Export] Business Glossary does not export (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003308: [Repository] Book Edition fails due to CustomAttributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
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The first major feature update of the year 2022.
And it contains a critical fix for merging expressions.
Merging and project archiving have improved.
0003276: [Diff and Merge] Deleted OTFT is not removed in second Merge (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001945: [Repository] Custom attribute values re-use (BCP Software) - closed.
0003253: [Repository] Role Verbs should move to SC during GLR (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003271: [Project] Project archives old files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003248: [Transformation (GLR)] Transform model in the background (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003246: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Background model validation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003247: [Diagrams] Generate ERD Diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003261: [Transformation (GLR)] Assume wide UC en wide TC when absent (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003278: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Foreign keys names in generated ERD redundant (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003277: [Repository] Alter Role Played By - Synclink issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003275: [Diff and Merge] Replace custom attribute values when merging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003274: [Server] Show server database version in About dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003272: [Project] Prompt for an archive comment (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003269: [Diff and Merge] Obsolete dialog "Current custom attribute definition is set to .." (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003262: [Other] Some large model files load slow (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003260: [User Interface] Hide welcome page when project is open (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003254: [User Interface] 'Stop' button in wizard rename (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003245: [User Interface] Context menu on role selection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003242: [Validation] Datatype derivation exceptions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003201: [Diagrams] Data Vault coloring on complex fact types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003255: [User Interface] Save diagram style after changing it (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003244: [User Interface] Edit substitution fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003243: [User Interface] Role selection does not change context (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003239: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Datavault link for non binary facts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003273: [Project] Project Archives contain duplicates (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003270: [Diff and Merge] Older deleted expressions not re-merged (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003268: [Diff and Merge] Merge shorter expressions may fail (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003266: [Project] File custom attributes not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003265: [Repository] Fact Types marked subtype should not be possible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003250: [Expressions] Generalisation error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003259: [Repository] ExpParts with whitespace missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003257: [Diff and Merge] Merge fails if intermediate expressionparts are missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003258: [Diff and Merge] UC is not properly merged (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Maintenance release fixing occasional freeze, and some minor UI tweaks.
0003235: [User Interface] Edit Subset from diagram toolbar fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003234: [User Interface] Show subtype in expression tree (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003232: [Diagrams] Hiding Role Numbers problem (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003231: [Diagrams] Subset Constraints both ways (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003230: [User Interface] TC Editor "Both" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003229: [Diagrams] UC Names/Numbers display ÿ (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003228: [User Interface] Expression Parts Highlighting (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003226: [User Interface] Adjust SQL syntax colors (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003224: [User Interface] OTFT Editor does not show Task (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003081: [Diagrams] White fonts to hide elements (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003236: [User Interface] Fact Table fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003225: [Project] Cannot open version 6 files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003223: [Diagrams] Diagram Style Font Size (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003222: [User Interface] Selected diagram style not shown (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003221: [User Interface] Copy Expression appends to clipboard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003238: [Installation] No native datatypes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003237: [Transformation (GLR)] Temporal settings lost during Group (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003227: [Installation] Expression Input Dialog off screen (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003199: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] A freeze occurs when generating artifacts (BCP Software) - resolved.
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More support by/for PlantUML to render Graphs for UML, JSON and ERD.
0001749: [Expressions] Update Existing Expression File (BCP Software) - closed.
0003108: [Repository] Provide a name for UC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003214: [Expressions] Expression re-generation skip configuration (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003209: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR could generate ERD on the fly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003205: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Using PlantUML for JSON might help (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003190: [Other] Cache picture uri for preview (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003202: [User Interface] Highlight OTFT Names in Comment (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003178: [Diagrams] Embed Picture URI to OTFT (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003174: [Expressions] Expression input preview style (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003170: [Transformation (GLR)] Override OTFT settings during GLR (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003193: [Transformation (GLR)] Remember the last used transformation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003218: [Diagrams] SmartMove is turned on (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003216: [User Interface] OTFT Reduce is disabled (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003206: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQLite plugin mishandles reserved words (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003203: [User Interface] OTFT Dialog shows clipped icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003191: [Diagrams] Allow image resizing in diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003186: [User Interface] Create Concept Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003188: [Installation] Various install tweaks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003187: [Installation] Errors in sql repository (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003175: [Diagrams] Some operations switch diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003173: [Diagrams] Diagram style loading seem random (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003172: [Diagrams] Adding pictures to diagrams fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003169: [User Interface] Python text editor (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003220: [Repository] Alter Role Played By - Undone (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003217: [User Interface] Aborted edit shows as Redo (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003215: [User Interface] OTFT saves data wrongly (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003208: [Expressions] Qua/Cla mentioning Concepts fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003204: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PlantUML export blocks with DataVault (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003200: [Diagrams] Diagram status icons not shown (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003195: [Diff and Merge] Merge does not update changed expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003196: [Diff and Merge] Record timestamps not copied during merge (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003185: [Diff and Merge] Business Glossary fails merging Schemas (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003176: [User Interface] New icons missing (BCP Software) - resolved.
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User Experience improvement.

Menus are reorganized for a better experience:
* View for opening additional windows and panels.
* "Tasks" submenus are now brought up a level as "Repository".
* Various menuitems are now grouped for visual recognition.
* Tasks moved from Diagram menu to Repository menu.

Business Glossary exports more information.

Constraint dialogs allow deletion.

New Java/Delphi/Python generators.
0003112: [Repository] Support verbalized references (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002233: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Java Pojo generation (BCP Software) - closed.
0003165: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Pascal generator lacks code (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003158: [Expressions] Input fact expressions with references (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003154: [Diagrams] Data Vault coloring scheme (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003149: [Diagrams] Text block styling (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003111: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Use UC names for Key naming (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003139: [User Interface] Improve menu items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003125: [Customization] Re-usable custom attribute values (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003113: [Repository] Build substitution editor (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003101: [User Interface] Diagram role lines with Hint (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003153: [User Interface] OTFT Editor button placement (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003148: [Repository] Generalized Object Type detection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003144: [Expressions] Expression generation option (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003110: [User Interface] Inconsistent UX for constraint editing (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003138: [User Interface] Shortest path dialog seems case sensitive (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003136: [User Interface] OTFT Smart Select fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003130: [Expressions] Verbalize using named UCs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003129: [User Interface] New Project not in dropdown list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003128: [User Interface] Constraint editing dialog index (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003121: [User Interface] Concept and containers Roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003120: [User Interface] Font colors may render unreadable text (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003119: [User Interface] Show CreatedOn/By and ModifiedOn/By on otft form (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003114: [User Interface] Diagram\Show menu items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003109: [Diagrams] Context menu on otft status icon (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003106: [User Interface] Flatten borders and bevels (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003102: [Installation] User interface choice not persisted (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003100: [User Interface] OTFT Editor rearrange controls (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003098: [Diagrams] Click in Convex shape (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003095: [User Interface] Context menu misses OTFT Title (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003094: [User Interface] Project context menu order (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003140: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Python DataClass (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003162: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Foreign Key Names are numbered (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003163: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio alternate keys on optional columns (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003161: [User Interface] Upgrade file format prompts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003143: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Double quotes not escaped in artifacts (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003141: [Validation] UC Names should be unique (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003137: [User Interface] Shortest path dialog issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003133: [Diagrams] Subset Constraints not visible (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003132: [User Interface] Menu item "Tasks" should move (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003115: [Diagrams] Column fix font too small (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003127: [User Interface] Custom attribute ellipse button fail (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003126: [User Interface] Picklist double click error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003107: [Validation] Concept roles mentioned in well formedness rule (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003105: [User Interface] UC Comment not saved (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003097: [Import and Export] Business Glossary skips conceptual information (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003164: [User Interface] QuaCla - Back failure (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003145: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artificial keys handling (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003122: [Repository] Alter Role Played By - unaffects TC (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003099: [User Interface] Dragging in diagram seems sluggish (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003096: [Import and Export] Business Glossary skips Schema (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002906: [Expressions] Back during Expression Qua/Cla crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0003160: [User Interface] Session dialog error (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003150: [Project] Open from server blocks (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003103: [User Interface] Error when cancelling Tools\Preferences (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003093: [Import and Export] Glossary export fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
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A few minor, inconvenient issues solved.
0003092: [Installation] Roaming CaseTalk11 folder used (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003090: [User Interface] Start UC wizard from OTFT Dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003088: [User Interface] Colors make OTFTs unreadable (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003085: [Validation] Run wellformedness rules in parallel (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003084: [User Interface] Task colors missing in Expressions (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003091: [User Interface] OTFT Go to Web uses Schema and FactName (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003087: [User Interface] Fails to navigate using 'go to <diagram>' (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003086: [Validation] False positive in 'Expressions must be current' (BCP Software) - resolved.
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Added Top-Down modeling with Concepts and Containers.
Support the new XOR and SubSets visualizations.
Adds CreatedOn/-By and ModifiedOn/-By columns on all records.
0003004: [Server] Notify modeler of server updates (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002939: [User Interface] Support namespace colors (BCP Software) - closed.
0002922: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support XOR in artifacts (BCP Software) - closed.
0002504: [Customization] Add Description to Custom Attribute definitions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002508: [Repository] Concept Links (BCP Software) - closed.
0002622: [Repository] Sort OTFT on created date time (BCP Software) - closed.
0000816: [Other] Generalized OTFT should generate artificial key (BCP Software) - closed.
0000340: [Diagrams] Draw subset constraints (BCP Software) - closed.
0003074: [Diagrams] Replace expressions tab (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003069: [Diagrams] Diagram option to influence schema display (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003035: [Diff and Merge] Report obsolete OTFTs after merging (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003014: [Diagrams] Grouping elements in diagram (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003012: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PlantUML generate preview (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002996: [Server] Allow 'local' namespace color (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002984: [Diagrams] Support topdown diagramming (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002992: [User Interface] Adding something from one point (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002990: [Validation] Check for merge left-overs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002991: [Repository] Add Created/Modified information to custom attributes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002977: [Project] Support custom attributes for projects (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002987: [Diagrams] Hiding rolenumbers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003077: [Installation] First run should ask for internet proxy (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002946: [User Interface] Custom attribute for Derivable & Concept (BCP Software) - closed.
0002945: [User Interface] Show namespace origin more (BCP Software) - closed.
0002942: [Server] Extent View usr_project_model (BCP Software) - closed.
0002932: [User Interface] OTFT Dialog alignment (BCP Software) - closed.
0002927: [User Interface] Shortcuts for zooming (BCP Software) - closed.
0002919: [Diagrams] Edit and Delete Subset Constraint from Diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0003076: [Installation] Proxy Server and Port not detected (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003072: [Import and Export] Expression tree to export as png (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003070: [User Interface] Confirm before reopening (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003067: [User Interface] Filter Concept/Containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003066: [User Interface] Add containers and subcontainers to taxonomy (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003063: [Diagrams] Show empty containers as concept (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003060: [Diagrams] Allow Concept/Container Shape Types (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003061: [User Interface] OTFT Listbox missed icons (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003059: [Diff and Merge] Order of OTFT grouping in merge wizard (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003054: [User Interface] Custom colors do not persist (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003021: [Repository] Concepts and Containers are by definition Abstract (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003026: [User Interface] Role editing through lines (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003048: [Validation] Rule validation performance (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003031: [User Interface] Delete a concept/container link (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003030: [User Interface] Create new archive without selection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003029: [User Interface] Show Archive in Explorer (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003027: [User Interface] Alter Role Played By - Locked (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003015: [User Interface] Close other tabs/windows (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003011: [User Interface] Project Options menu (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002998: [Diagrams] Some diagram elements require an active IG (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002997: [Diagrams] Keep new relationdots in group (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002994: [User Interface] TC editor context (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002993: [Diagrams] Allow OTFT Name to be hidden (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002979: [Other] Welcome tab does not update (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002971: [User Interface] Add folders to Welcome/Reopen list (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002970: [User Interface] OTFT font is gray (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002967: [Project] Shortcuts created for files in same folder (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002966: [Project] Add existing JSON file (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002953: [Diff and Merge] Manage namespace reference on multiple items (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002952: [Constraints] Cannot add constraint dialog (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002935: [Diagrams] Last Tuple too narrow (BCP Software) - closed.
0002934: [Diagrams] Issue when altering roles in TC (BCP Software) - closed.
0002933: [Project] Added IGD remains locked (BCP Software) - closed.
0002931: [User Interface] Diagram Expression Tab is Empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0002737: [User Interface] Diagrams do not copy dots (BCP Software) - closed.
0002924: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ERStudio Attribute Notes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002925: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ERStudio FK Columns absent (BCP Software) - closed.
0002926: [User Interface] Custom Rules/Script editor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001586: [Transformation (GLR)] Invalid rule result: Cannot group two ways (BCP Software) - closed.
0003083: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL ObjectProperty wrong (BCP Software) - resolved.
0001961: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Prototyper files are not shown (BCP Software) - closed.
0003073: [User Interface] No expression with multiple OTFTs (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003071: [User Interface] Cancel project closure does not abort (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003068: [Diagrams] Role readings does not scale (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003064: [Import and Export] Export only custom datatypes (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003062: [User Interface] OTFT highlights switches diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003053: [User Interface] Diagram save as leaves Filtering Item (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003057: [Diagrams] Label type name not updating (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003055: [Diagrams] Group and Container selection (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003024: [Expressions] Expression input does not show schemas (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003050: [User Interface] Delete roles from Containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003020: [Repository] Add Concept Containers (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003019: [Installation] SQLite 3.36 (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003028: [Diff and Merge] Merged expression appear to be old (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003032: [Repository] Delete role from generalized object type (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002988: [Diagrams] Extend Diagram styling with Hidden Roles (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002985: [Diagrams] Role incoming/outgoing not displayed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002976: [Diagrams] Some OTFT updates straighten the Role-OTFT relation (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002955: [User Interface] Empty Expression tab in diagrams (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002954: [User Interface] Text editor color issue (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002948: [Repository] Error in server query using "with" (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002918: [User Interface] Subset constraint editor misses supertypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002916: [Diagrams] Zooming in/out displaces items (BCP Software) - closed.
0002917: [Diagrams] Interconstraints not visible (BCP Software) - closed.
0003082: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MDF files contain wrong index (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003079: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Prototype file not listed (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003075: [Project] Project folder problem (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003017: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] RDF missing ObjectProperties (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003006: [Installation] Tools menu does not behave (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002982: [Diagrams] Diagram with shapes performance (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002968: [Project] Cannot open project (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003049: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Out of memory with large model OWL files (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003036: [Diff and Merge] Merging substitution fails (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003009: [Project] Default Project Options crash (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002950: [Project] External project files may crash (BCP Software) - resolved.
0002951: [Project] Removing a file creates A.V. (BCP Software) - resolved.
0003056: [Server] IG with locale attributes fails to upload (BCP Software) - resolved.
104 issues View Issues
Major maintenance release
0002864: [Validation] Check for loss of subtype flag (BCP Software) - closed.
0002892: [Validation] Fix multiple violations at once (BCP Software) - closed.
0002910: [User Interface] Go to Source namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002861: [Diagrams] Split Font setting for Expression and Population (BCP Software) - closed.
0002865: [User Interface] Unlock OTFT Dialog message (BCP Software) - closed.
0002878: [User Interface] Query Repository without IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002879: [User Interface] Diagram options preview alignment (BCP Software) - closed.
0002898: [Diagrams] Inter constraint lines (BCP Software) - closed.
0002869: [Project] Performance slowdown with many diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0002872: [Repository] Cannot create new subtype (BCP Software) - closed.
0002883: [User Interface] Diagram Menu Items work on Repository Instead (BCP Software) - closed.
0002887: [Installation] MsAccess2016 not listed in datatypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002891: [User Interface] Project panel not opened (BCP Software) - closed.
0002901: [User Interface] Namespace context menu failure (BCP Software) - closed.
0002902: [Diff and Merge] Merge does not always handle sub-/supertype (BCP Software) - closed.
0002904: [Validation] Redundant roles not detected (BCP Software) - closed.
0002905: [Repository] Clearing subtype flag (BCP Software) - closed.
0002908: [Validation] Used namespaces must be up to date (BCP Software) - closed.
0002909: [User Interface] Filter tab is case sensitive (BCP Software) - closed.
0002911: [User Interface] Namespace Tab UI error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002912: [User Interface] Some listboxes crop the items (BCP Software) - closed.
0002914: [User Interface] Repository View styles do not persist (BCP Software) - closed.
0002860: [Diagrams] Diagram export/copy has white margin (BCP Software) - closed.
0002866: [Diagrams] Some diagram colors seem random (BCP Software) - closed.
0002877: [Diagrams] Substitution placement wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0002882: [Diagrams] Diagram Show Coloring issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002890: [Diagrams] Diagram printing not centered (BCP Software) - closed.
0002899: [Diagrams] Object Types always show color (BCP Software) - closed.
0002903: [Diagrams] Reducing OT results in lost Roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002894: [Project] New IG will discard unsaved changes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002900: [Validation] Undo after fixing well formedness (BCP Software) - closed.
0002868: [Diagrams] OTFTs seem to move (BCP Software) - closed.
0002893: [Diagrams] Diagram not updated (BCP Software) - closed.
0002907: [Diagrams] Diagram elements get crushed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002873: [Other] Out of memory (BCP Software) - closed.
0002915: [Project] Diagram export fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002863: [Installation] Restricted Firewalls prevent checking for updates (BCP Software) - closed.
0002874: [Expressions] Start and Cancel an expression prevents using the same OTFT Name (BCP Software) - closed.
38 issues View Issues
Object/Fact Types support Schema, Temporal and Transitional settings, and artificial key generation.
Annotations have been extended to include Plural, Abbreviation, Concept Type.
Label Type supports localization tables in database artifacts.
0002717: [User Interface] Show lexicalization paths (BCP Software) - closed.
0002719: [Repository] Extend OTFT with additional metadata (BCP Software) - closed.
0002723: [Repository] OTFT Schema (BCP Software) - closed.
0002726: [User Interface] Repository full screen (BCP Software) - closed.
0002727: [User Interface] Missing filters for large models (BCP Software) - closed.
0002730: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add BiTemporal support in MsSqlServer2016 (BCP Software) - closed.
0002738: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add BiTemporal support in Oracle 12 (BCP Software) - closed.
0002747: [Repository] OTFT Task should be Life Cycle Term (BCP Software) - closed.
0002750: [User Interface] Add System Context Menu to project files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002753: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Translation support for population (BCP Software) - closed.
0002763: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner Custom Attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002768: [Server] Server Views with limited data (BCP Software) - closed.
0002776: [User Interface] Corrupt archive handling (BCP Software) - closed.
0002800: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add Value constraints as Reference Values (BCP Software) - closed.
0002806: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Custom Attributes as Attachements in ER/Studio (BCP Software) - closed.
0002807: [User Interface] Search for Role Number (BCP Software) - closed.
0002613: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio support for Owner property (BCP Software) - closed.
0002675: [Repository] Fact Type attribute for Maturity Staging (BCP Software) - closed.
0002069: [Repository] Keep modeling log (BCP Software) - closed.
0002186: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate Transitional Model (BCP Software) - closed.
0001729: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add SQL2011 generator (BCP Software) - closed.
0000101: [Transformation (GLR)] Generate artificial keys for database tables (BCP Software) - closed.
0000209: [User Interface] Full text search window (BCP Software) - closed.
0000343: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate temporal database script (BCP Software) - closed.
0002733: [Diagrams] Visualize artificial key annotation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002736: [Diagrams] PlantUML script generator (BCP Software) - closed.
0002718: [User Interface] OTFT Filtering more obvious (BCP Software) - closed.
0002721: [User Interface] Diagram Styles Menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002724: [User Interface] Fact Type Name and Alias conflict (BCP Software) - closed.
0002725: [Validation] Expressions need to be supported (BCP Software) - closed.
0002729: [User Interface] Show modified/updated file state in project tree (BCP Software) - closed.
0002743: [Repository] Migrate reserved custom attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002745: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Database Views require Where Not Null (BCP Software) - closed.
0002767: [User Interface] Show OTFT Icons in shortest path (BCP Software) - closed.
0002771: [User Interface] Diagram grid alignment (BCP Software) - closed.
0002775: [User Interface] Toolbar buttons in Diagrams reposition (BCP Software) - closed.
0002777: [Project] Handle active state of sqlite database files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002782: [User Interface] Expression Input - Preview Styling (BCP Software) - closed.
0002783: [Diff and Merge] Merging homonyms (BCP Software) - closed.
0002785: [User Interface] Population Editor Column Width (BCP Software) - closed.
0002786: [Expressions] Order matching OTFTs differently (BCP Software) - closed.
0002788: [User Interface] Expression File Select All Lines (BCP Software) - closed.
0002795: [Server] Fetch known namespaces from server (BCP Software) - closed.
0002796: [User Interface] Prompt for Merge with multiple diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0002797: [User Interface] Disable Length on certain datatypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002801: [User Interface] Updating a diagram style should publish to all (BCP Software) - closed.
0002808: [Project] New diagram default name (BCP Software) - closed.
0002809: [User Interface] Delete Context Menu under mouse (BCP Software) - closed.
0002810: [Diff and Merge] Automatic removal of Blocked OTFTs (BCP Software) - closed.
0002812: [User Interface] Select project node automatically (BCP Software) - closed.
0002813: [Expressions] Expression file should list used configuration (BCP Software) - closed.
0002720: [Diagrams] Diagram line colors not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0002722: [Diagrams] Diagram Style Preview (BCP Software) - closed.
0002742: [Diagrams] Configure Task* options to show or hide (BCP Software) - closed.
0002761: [Diagrams] Draw state icons transparent (BCP Software) - closed.
0002766: [Diagrams] Draw roles as rounded rectangles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002773: [Diagrams] Zoom should alter line width (BCP Software) - closed.
0002804: [Diagrams] Labels are not colored properly (BCP Software) - closed.
0002716: [User Interface] Dark theme coloring issues (BCP Software) - closed.
0002731: [Transformation (GLR)] Running model transformation adds log file duplicates (BCP Software) - closed.
0002732: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR needs to promote Temporal settings (BCP Software) - closed.
0002739: [Project] Add shortcuts to documents (BCP Software) - closed.
0002740: [User Interface] Add existing files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002741: [Installation] CodeSign modules used by CaseTalk (BCP Software) - closed.
0002752: [User Interface] Use Windows System font (BCP Software) - closed.
0002754: [User Interface] Show status of plugins not called (BCP Software) - closed.
0002756: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Memory is leaked when plugin is called (BCP Software) - closed.
0002778: [Server] Download version as local archive (BCP Software) - closed.
0002781: [Import and Export] Some SVG issues (BCP Software) - closed.
0002784: [User Interface] Search Up fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002790: [Installation] Upgrade configuration files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002791: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Too many relationships in ER/Studio (BCP Software) - closed.
0002792: [User Interface] Populate Value Constraints confirmation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002793: [User Interface] New diagram lacks drawing styles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002803: [User Interface] Disabled "Merge as" (BCP Software) - closed.
0002811: [Diff and Merge] Custom Attributes marked as changed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002814: [User Interface] Project Open Filters (BCP Software) - closed.
0002815: [Repository] Subtype/Supertype relations instable (BCP Software) - closed.
0002650: [User Interface] Project Manager panel dissappears (BCP Software) - closed.
0002599: [Diagrams] Inter constraint lines issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002627: [Diagrams] Zoom in and out displaces objects (BCP Software) - closed.
0002764: [Diagrams] Text with 'empty message' is saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0002774: [Diagrams] Inter constraint position not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0000462: [Import and Export] Embed used namespaces in IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002765: [User Interface] Project properties panel color (BCP Software) - closed.
0002751: [Diff and Merge] Merging business glossary skips some tabs (BCP Software) - closed.
0002802: [Diff and Merge] Merge OT over a Generalized OT fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002558: [Installation] Closing CaseTalk will create a zombie process (BCP Software) - closed.
0002728: [Installation] Key file distribution problem (BCP Software) - closed.
0002798: [Server] Download Diagrams Preview fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002805: [User Interface] Namespace issue in Replace with Object Type (BCP Software) - closed.
91 issues View Issues
0000306: [Repository] Implement subdomain support (BCP Software) - closed.
0002712: [Other] Reverse Engineer Column in FK (BCP Software) - closed.
0002713: [Diff and Merge] Some roles are not mapped while merging (BCP Software) - closed.
0002714: [Project] "Unsaved changes" dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0002710: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Reverse Engineering fails (BCP Software) - closed.
5 issues View Issues
0002702: [Installation] ODBC DNS not listed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002703: [Repository] Browsing tables in SQL Window show empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0002705: [Project] Projects with corrupt diagrams are slow (BCP Software) - closed.
0002709: [Diagrams] OTFT's only partially update (BCP Software) - closed.
0002708: [Diagrams] Inter TC's are no longer visible (BCP Software) - closed.
0002706: [Diagrams] Diagrams not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
6 issues View Issues
A maintenance release with many UI and Diagram improvements while adding: Support for TAGs, Naming Conventions after Transformation, ..
0002688: [Project] Selective unarchive of files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002560: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artifacts using CamelCase entities (BCP Software) - closed.
0002336: [Repository] Support TAGs for classifying OTFT's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002690: [Project] Default folder for opening projects (BCP Software) - closed.
0002691: [User Interface] Subtype Checkbox disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0002693: [User Interface] Population Column resizing (BCP Software) - closed.
0002694: [Project] Save All keeps asking to save (BCP Software) - closed.
0002563: [Diff and Merge] Business Glossary datatype issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002697: [Diagrams] Population values wrong position (BCP Software) - closed.
0002698: [Diagrams] Show population bottom border (BCP Software) - closed.
0002685: [Repository] Replace Label Type By Object Type (BCP Software) - closed.
0002692: [Repository] Subtype & Supertype out of sync (BCP Software) - closed.
0002682: [Other] Naming convention wizard failure (BCP Software) - closed.
0002684: [Installation] OneDrive keeps corrupting files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002686: [Diagrams] Diagrams loading error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002701: [Diagrams] Diagram shows all otft's in a single place (BCP Software) - closed.
0002689: [Diagrams] Rare stack overflow causes crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0002598: [Repository] Cannot delete locked OTFT (BCP Software) - closed.
18 issues View Issues
0002670: [User Interface] Menu item rename for editing expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0002674: [Project] Recover a file does nothing (BCP Software) - closed.
0002643: [Diff and Merge] Merge overwrite details issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002673: [Diff and Merge] Merge does not detect supertype change (BCP Software) - closed.
0002672: [Diff and Merge] Merge fails with A.V. on some expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002597: [Repository] Take ownership OTFT seems idle (BCP Software) - closed.
6 issues View Issues
Maintenance release
0002621: [User Interface] Filter list of OTFT's by a text argument (BCP Software) - closed.
0002628: [Server] Unlink from server project (BCP Software) - closed.
0002652: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Save Model Validation Report with IGG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002600: [User Interface] Crosshair cursor off with breakpoint dots (BCP Software) - closed.
0002602: [User Interface] Breaking lines shows dot with offset (BCP Software) - closed.
0002610: [Installation] Installer contains old casetalk logo (BCP Software) - closed.
0002632: [Project] Corrupt diagrams not marked as such (BCP Software) - closed.
0002635: [Project] Disconnected Diagrams not indicated as such (BCP Software) - closed.
0002651: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] VBA code not supported in UTF8 (BCP Software) - closed.
0002623: [Diagrams] Role line in bitmap exports not visible (BCP Software) - closed.
0002603: [Installation] New ODBC driver sometimes fails to load (BCP Software) - closed.
0002605: [Expressions] Expression file content duplicates (BCP Software) - closed.
0002609: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Subtype relations not properly generated (BCP Software) - closed.
0002612: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio foreign key definition column issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002624: [Project] Ignoring project lock issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002637: [Server] Model upload keeps projects locked (BCP Software) - closed.
0002653: [User Interface] Edit Role dialog does not show (BCP Software) - closed.
0002631: [Diagrams] Z Ordering issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002649: [Diagrams] GLR Proposals only show after diagram refresh (BCP Software) - closed.
0002654: [Installation] Program Exception handling is silent (BCP Software) - closed.
0002608: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio fails to generate primary columns (BCP Software) - closed.
0002634: [Other] OTFT created in Namespace issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002636: [Project] IGX failed to save (BCP Software) - closed.
0002647: [Transformation (GLR)] OT with FTE gets reduced (BCP Software) - closed.
0002658: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR sometimes does not transform (BCP Software) - closed.
0002662: [Diagrams] Absent font names slow diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0002639: [Other] Sometimes saving files corrupts (BCP Software) - closed.
0002663: [User Interface] Switching IG and IGDs sometimes crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002633: [Project] Project marked Readonly (BCP Software) - closed.
29 issues View Issues
Maintenance release, adding a few minor features in the process.
0002559: [Expressions] Expression File Connected (BCP Software) - closed.
0002565: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio script datatype change (BCP Software) - closed.
0002579: [Installation] License registration by file/uri (BCP Software) - closed.
0002583: [Installation] Populate Tools with own executables (BCP Software) - closed.
0002584: [Other] Split Tool program from Params (BCP Software) - closed.
0002576: [User Interface] Upgrading Files prompt (BCP Software) - closed.
0002572: [Project] Server icons on project files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002575: [User Interface] Mention Project, Model and Version in menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002577: [User Interface] Show Dependencies up front (BCP Software) - closed.
0002578: [Server] Dependency graph not in GdiPlus (BCP Software) - closed.
0002587: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio performance issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002591: [Installation] Detect LAN/WAN (BCP Software) - closed.
0002592: [Installation] Report used ODBC Driver Version (BCP Software) - closed.
0002574: [Installation] Settings database not properly versioned (BCP Software) - closed.
0002571: [Server] Cannot upload into new server project (BCP Software) - closed.
0002573: [Other] Upgrade to Delphi 10.4.1 (BCP Software) - closed.
0002582: [User Interface] Tool Options text too limited (BCP Software) - closed.
0002564: [Other] Remove control characters from text (BCP Software) - closed.
0002568: [Diagrams] Role alterations corrupt diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
19 issues View Issues
The very first Enterprise Edition with integrated Teams Menu for multi user and version management.
Text files are all stored in UTF8 encoding.
Extend the Keywords with your own set.
Faster loading of projects with many diagrams.
0002521: [Server] Version reporting (BCP Software) - closed.
0002526: [Server] Show dependency graph (BCP Software) - closed.
0002529: [Server] Allow server database queries for Administrators (BCP Software) - closed.
0002531: [Server] Open project from Server (BCP Software) - closed.
0002533: [Server] Show impact and difference reports (BCP Software) - closed.
0002535: [Customization] Chart session log durations (BCP Software) - closed.
0002542: [Expressions] Extending Expression File Tag use (BCP Software) - closed.
0002548: [Customization] Extend keywords for macro's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002190: [Project] Notify user for Model Version updates (BCP Software) - closed.
0002527: [Server] Authenticate to Server (BCP Software) - closed.
0002530: [User Interface] Welcome tab misses article titles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002534: [Project] Recovering a file from a long list (BCP Software) - closed.
0002540: [User Interface] Add Server Information to About Dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0002544: [User Interface] File state icons not longer shown (BCP Software) - closed.
0002546: [User Interface] Missing File Export Diagrams as SVG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002550: [Project] Large project with many diagrams are slow when loading (BCP Software) - closed.
0002552: [Other] SVG not in UTF8 format (BCP Software) - closed.
0002553: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Artifacts are not in UTF8 format (BCP Software) - closed.
0002556: [User Interface] Delete multiple bookmarks (BCP Software) - closed.
0002539: [Diagrams] Population and Expression width (BCP Software) - closed.
0002523: [Repository] Empty namespaces should be upgraded (BCP Software) - closed.
0002524: [Diff and Merge] Merge empty namespaces (BCP Software) - closed.
0002525: [Diff and Merge] Warn against merging two IG's with same namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002532: [Server] Download from, Upload and Revert to Server (BCP Software) - closed.
0002543: [Expressions] UTF8 files are not read properly (BCP Software) - closed.
0002549: [User Interface] Toggle support for namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002538: [Diagrams] Diagram Population at wrong position (BCP Software) - closed.
0002541: [Project] IG file is lost after saving (BCP Software) - closed.
0002554: [Diagrams] Diagrams causes occasional crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0002555: [Diagrams] Hiding OTFT with status icon crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002536: [Project] Save As while file is deleted from disk fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002557: [Repository] IGx could not be written (BCP Software) - closed.
32 issues View Issues
Added Role Readings
Abstract Supertype & Undefined Concepts
Export diagrams as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
Database Views for all Generators

Note: File format upgrade is needed for the new functionality, but is made optional.
0002462: [Repository] Allow Concepts to the OTFT table (BCP Software) - closed.
0002486: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Database View Generator for all DDL (BCP Software) - closed.
0002491: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner View Dependency (BCP Software) - closed.
0002493: [Expressions] Verbalize Role Readings (BCP Software) - closed.
0002496: [Repository] Supertype Flags on Object Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0002513: [Project] Upgrade fileformat (or not) (BCP Software) - closed.
0002455: [Repository] Support Abstract Supertype (BCP Software) - closed.
0001143: [General] Populate a facttype with population (BCP Software) - closed.
0002470: [Diagrams] Draw role incoming & outgoing labels (BCP Software) - closed.
0002473: [Diagrams] Export diagrams as SVG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002476: [Validation] Validate for TC's on Abstract Supertypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002483: [User Interface] GLR Profile has no online help (BCP Software) - closed.
0002500: [User Interface] Color of selected expression part (BCP Software) - closed.
0002507: [Printing and Reporting] Fact Documentation diagram update (BCP Software) - closed.
0002510: [User Interface] Cannot edit InterConstraints with context menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002514: [User Interface] Sort historic projects (BCP Software) - closed.
0002517: [Other] Remove anonymous statistics (BCP Software) - closed.
0002386: [Diagrams] Object Types are not equal in height (BCP Software) - closed.
0002478: [Diagrams] Tuple Values do not align (BCP Software) - closed.
0002481: [Diagrams] Inter-TC's connecting to lineparts (BCP Software) - closed.
0002488: [Diagrams] Diagram Optional Curved Relations is not dashed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002494: [Diagrams] Add Object Type draws misaligned (BCP Software) - closed.
0002472: [User Interface] Unarchive previous project warns about locking (BCP Software) - closed.
0002474: [Validation] Namespace not supported: false negative (BCP Software) - closed.
0002475: [Constraints] Expand/Reduce TC Roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002477: [User Interface] TC Property Dialog does not close (BCP Software) - closed.
0002487: [User Interface] Well formedness errors not blocking (BCP Software) - closed.
0002490: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner Datatype Length Error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002495: [User Interface] Reduce Object Type menu is idle (BCP Software) - closed.
0002505: [User Interface] File Reopen not populated with StartCenter files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002516: [Expressions] Verbalizing rules appears empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0002519: [Project] Download models reopens current project (BCP Software) - closed.
0002130: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner script contains invalid Length specifier (BCP Software) - closed.
0002469: [Diagrams] Draw Substitution Rule on longest line part (BCP Software) - closed.
0002480: [Diagrams] Inter-Constraints don't update (BCP Software) - closed.
0002484: [Diagrams] Diagram Fact not promoted to Object (BCP Software) - closed.
0002515: [Diagrams] Opening Diagram Fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002489: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner table index error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002492: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner Subset Constraint (BCP Software) - closed.
0002501: [User Interface] Some Tasks on repository seem idle (BCP Software) - closed.
0002502: [Repository] Population truncated to 80 characters (BCP Software) - closed.
0002503: [User Interface] Annotation moved to Comments (BCP Software) - closed.
0002506: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Update EULA (BCP Software) - closed.
0002518: [Project] Reopening a project fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002482: [User Interface] OTFT Editor does not show (BCP Software) - closed.
0002485: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER/Studio script Subtype Attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
46 issues View Issues
- First version 10 with the new CaseTalk Logo
- Massive Diagram handling upgrade to the Windows GdiPlus API's.
- Drag and drop of files onto the Diagram to create double-clickable hyperlinks.
- Qualification/Classification now supports Alias names.
- Many model merging enhancements
- Fixed business glossary export and much more
0002459: [User Interface] Allow TC property to show (BCP Software) - closed.
0002464: [User Interface] Population Lookup Enhancement (BCP Software) - closed.
0002411: [User Interface] Smoother diagrams (gdiplus) (BCP Software) - closed.
0002431: [User Interface] Allow drag drop of OTFT or FILE (BCP Software) - closed.
0002442: [Expressions] Classify OTE using a known Alias (BCP Software) - closed.
0002456: [Diagrams] Allow files and url's in diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0002458: [Validation] Missing TC detection for subtypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002463: [User Interface] OTFT Context Menu misses Edit Population (BCP Software) - closed.
0002466: [User Interface] Edit OTFT creates two Undo's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002412: [User Interface] Add shortcuts for diagram zooming (BCP Software) - closed.
0002415: [Project] Smoother diagrams preview (gdiplus) (BCP Software) - closed.
0002416: [Expressions] Expression Preview Panel (gdiplus) (BCP Software) - closed.
0002417: [User Interface] SQL Hourglass replacement (BCP Software) - closed.
0002423: [Project] Replace an IG file does not update the IGX (BCP Software) - closed.
0002425: [Other] Save external database credentials (BCP Software) - closed.
0002428: [Validation] Allow population editor on population rule violations (BCP Software) - closed.
0002433: [User Interface] Rendering of first expression input wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0002434: [User Interface] Custom attribute definition not reloaded (BCP Software) - closed.
0002436: [Project] File Reopen is overcomplete (BCP Software) - closed.
0002437: [Project] Opening an IGZ into a New Project (BCP Software) - closed.
0002452: [User Interface] Show Merge/Finish feedback (BCP Software) - closed.
0002457: [Diagrams] Align on grid adjustments (BCP Software) - closed.
0002413: [Diff and Merge] Merging project with altered paths (BCP Software) - closed.
0002421: [Project] Restarting with last project (BCP Software) - closed.
0002426: [Validation] Rule checking population and TC too tight (BCP Software) - closed.
0002427: [Validation] Population not checked on inter-uc's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002429: [Repository] Local Namespace not stored (BCP Software) - closed.
0002438: [Printing and Reporting] Rolefixes are printed outside roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002439: [Validation] Namespaces must cover one version (BCP Software) - closed.
0002440: [User Interface] Current namespace may show more than once (BCP Software) - closed.
0002441: [Installation] Preferences not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0002443: [User Interface] Some mandatory attributes raise Exception Dialogs (BCP Software) - closed.
0002444: [User Interface] Role background color fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002445: [Transformation (GLR)] Not all project options not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0002446: [Diff and Merge] Merge various OTFT's with 'Overwrite All' (BCP Software) - closed.
0002449: [Project] Make files local doesn't work (BCP Software) - closed.
0002451: [User Interface] Select project for merging issue (BCP Software) - closed.
0002454: [Project] Area table not always in sync (BCP Software) - closed.
0002395: [Diff and Merge] Merge Overwrite Details doesn't overwrite (BCP Software) - closed.
0002465: [Repository] Redo allows expression QuaClass in parts (BCP Software) - closed.
0002370: [User Interface] Multiple Document Interface (MDI) stops (BCP Software) - closed.
0002420: [Diff and Merge] Merge Glossary seems idle (BCP Software) - closed.
0002422: [Project] Projects with many diagrams is slow (BCP Software) - closed.
0002424: [Repository] SQL Macro %IGVERSION% returns invalid number (BCP Software) - closed.
0002430: [Diff and Merge] Custom attributes do not merge (BCP Software) - closed.
0002432: [Import and Export] Glossary export contains formula (BCP Software) - closed.
0002447: [Installation] Allow second installation folder to be different (BCP Software) - closed.
0002450: [Diff and Merge] Expression Namespace version paradigm (BCP Software) - closed.
0002414: [Diagrams] Diagram export remains blank (BCP Software) - closed.
0002435: [Diff and Merge] Object expressions found at other Fact Types (BCP Software) - closed.
50 issues View Issues
Maintenance to improve support for Namespaces, Performance and some UI issues.
0002376: [Repository] Custom attributes serve as ui filter (BCP Software) - closed.
0002382: [Other] Verbalize the foreign namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002390: [Project] Project file locking (BCP Software) - closed.
0002383: [Diagrams] Object Types show Rectangle Coloring (BCP Software) - closed.
0002381: [User Interface] Select project for merging shows no progress (BCP Software) - closed.
0002384: [Project] Diagrams leave backup files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002385: [Project] Project folder contains subfolder History (BCP Software) - closed.
0002387: [User Interface] Disabled toolbar buttons rendering (BCP Software) - closed.
0002389: [User Interface] Selecting objects leaves a trail (BCP Software) - closed.
0002391: [User Interface] Merge UI issues (BCP Software) - closed.
0002400: [User Interface] Save Query using File Menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002401: [User Interface] Show OTFT with lock icon (BCP Software) - closed.
0002404: [User Interface] Population editor Values Dropdown (BCP Software) - closed.
0002369: [Diagrams] Tuples sometimes seem adjacent (BCP Software) - closed.
0002379: [Project] Opening IGZ lacks feedback (BCP Software) - closed.
0002380: [User Interface] Menu for Tabs remains empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0002388: [User Interface] Bookmark menu fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002397: [User Interface] Reopen sql query fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002399: [User Interface] Locked OTFT does not disable custom attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002403: [User Interface] Preserve Capital and Dot fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002371: [Project] Performance degrading (BCP Software) - closed.
0002373: [Diff and Merge] Merge Namespace Reference is disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0002374: [User Interface] Merging OTFT also blocks it for edits (BCP Software) - closed.
0002375: [Repository] Apply SQL to IG fails on namespaceversion (BCP Software) - closed.
0002396: [User Interface] Alter role played by should change namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002398: [Diff and Merge] Merging an OTE does not promote to OT (BCP Software) - closed.
0002378: [Diff and Merge] Merge taxonomy change (BCP Software) - closed.
0002372: [Diff and Merge] Merge blocks for old substitutions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002408: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQLite script should disallow '-' (BCP Software) - closed.
29 issues View Issues
Added CaseTalk Links and Bookmarks.
Group and Lock items in diagrams.
Support first time users in getting started.
0002361: [Installation] First time configuration (BCP Software) - closed.
0002364: [Import and Export] Support persistent system URI (BCP Software) - closed.
0002366: [Repository] Clean unused custom attribute values (BCP Software) - closed.
0002367: [User Interface] Bookmark selection using URI (BCP Software) - closed.
0001991: [User Interface] Population editor re-use previous examples (BCP Software) - closed.
0002304: [Diagrams] Allow OTFT's to group and lock (BCP Software) - closed.
0002356: [User Interface] License time left is wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0002360: [User Interface] Add an empty diagram for a new IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002368: [Project] Performance degrading using Custom Attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002359: [User Interface] Online help not always correct (BCP Software) - closed.
0002362: [User Interface] Population lost during manual edit (BCP Software) - closed.
0002363: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR Profiles don't load properly (BCP Software) - closed.
0002365: [Diagrams] Some generalized OT show non optional roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002358: [User Interface] namespaces remain empty (BCP Software) - closed.
14 issues View Issues
- ERWin XML Import
- Expression Tree Navigation

0002301: [Repository] Add locale settings to Namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002311: [Import and Export] Import ERWin XML (BCP Software) - closed.
0002329: [Repository] Register in which Namespace elements are created (BCP Software) - closed.
0002332: [User Interface] Navigate using expression parts (BCP Software) - closed.
0002338: [User Interface] Insert population by lookup dialogs (BCP Software) - closed.
0002340: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQLite instance creation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002355: [User Interface] Population editor by lookup (BCP Software) - closed.
0002325: [Diagrams] Expand diagram with required/dependent OTFT's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001873: [User Interface] Support configurable text file coloring (BCP Software) - closed.
0002299: [User Interface] Help for merging is inactive (BCP Software) - closed.
0002345: [Repository] Add sql function to get custom attribute value (BCP Software) - closed.
0002307: [User Interface] Some OTFT state icons are wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0002317: [User Interface] Welcome page not properly rendered (BCP Software) - closed.
0002318: [User Interface] Balloon hints on diagrams are too wide (BCP Software) - closed.
0002330: [User Interface] Some wizards don't have a help function (BCP Software) - closed.
0002331: [User Interface] Wizard context menu incomplete (BCP Software) - closed.
0002335: [User Interface] Project Manager Add context menu improvement (BCP Software) - closed.
0002347: [Repository] Support sql function for registry values (BCP Software) - closed.
0002348: [Repository] Referential integrity errors duplicated (BCP Software) - closed.
0002320: [Diagrams] Layout engine configurable (BCP Software) - closed.
0002323: [Diagrams] Add more colors to the diagram shapes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002324: [Diagrams] Role position change when reloading (BCP Software) - closed.
0002298: [Project] Repeated GLR and IGG filename (BCP Software) - closed.
0002302: [Constraints] Primary UC verbalization error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002309: [Validation] Re-validating erases warnings from diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0002314: [Repository] Load external database as IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002319: [Repository] Expand rolefix does not warn for pre-existing fact type (BCP Software) - closed.
0002326: [User Interface] Double click in new empty expression crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002327: [User Interface] Taxonomy tree wrong after update (BCP Software) - closed.
0002341: [User Interface] Grids show at the wrong row (BCP Software) - closed.
0002346: [Repository] Custom attribute names are case sensitive (BCP Software) - closed.
0002350: [User Interface] Diagram Notes Automatic Linking not persistent (BCP Software) - closed.
0002352: [Project] Some local files show with full path (BCP Software) - closed.
0002306: [Diagrams] HTML map misaligns with Diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0002316: [Project] Projects file to load from different folder (BCP Software) - closed.
0002339: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generating SQL Expression View contains quote error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002349: [Diff and Merge] Fact Types blocked due to namespace versions (BCP Software) - closed.
37 issues View Issues
Halloween hotfix..
0002294: [User Interface] Ontology should be taxonomy (BCP Software) - closed.
0002297: [User Interface] Configuration menu texts (BCP Software) - closed.
0002290: [Diagrams] Error when pasting IGD into different IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002292: [Diagrams] External namespace is shown with an anchor (BCP Software) - closed.
0002291: [Diff and Merge] Merging TC's with Custom Attributes fails (BCP Software) - closed.
5 issues View Issues
* Re-Do functionality added
* Transformation settings re-usable through Profiles
* Share project files quickly through Windows Applications
* Model well-formedness rules extended
* Various user interface improvements

! File formats will be upgraded to provide support for the new features.
0002250: [User Interface] Show comments as tooltip when hovering otft's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002258: [User Interface] Namespace editor to show more details (BCP Software) - closed.
0002267: [Diff and Merge] Updating IG should reanalyze Merge selection (BCP Software) - closed.
0002268: [Repository] Option to reset internal Synclinks (BCP Software) - closed.
0002269: [Repository] Cannot copy ontology (BCP Software) - closed.
0002278: [Diff and Merge] Allow editing the active Repository while merging (BCP Software) - closed.
0002281: [User Interface] Ability to navigate external data (BCP Software) - closed.
0002176: [Transformation (GLR)] Tranformation settings as profiles (BCP Software) - closed.
       0002255: [Transformation (GLR)] Save used profile in IGG for re-generation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002193: [Validation] Report OTFT's from an unused namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0002194: [Validation] PartOf structure must adhere supported Namespaces (BCP Software) - closed.
0001917: [Validation] A supertype requires a subtype indicating fact expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001996: [Validation] Subtypes with TC should include all subtypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001306: [Import and Export] Prevent circular dependancy in namespaces (BCP Software) - closed.
0000822: [Repository] ORM modeling allows role names (BCP Software) - closed.
0000453: [User Interface] Supply a Redo feature in addition to Undo. (BCP Software) - closed.
0000535: [User Interface] Naming conventions (BCP Software) - closed.
       0002244: [Repository] Preserve whitespace expressionparts (BCP Software) - closed.
0001606: [Repository] Supported Namespace administration required (BCP Software) - closed.
0002237: [User Interface] Progress more accurate (BCP Software) - closed.
0002238: [Project] Reopen project with deleted files (BCP Software) - closed.
0002242: [User Interface] Snapshot generation may take a long time (BCP Software) - closed.
0002246: [User Interface] Ontology is not updated (BCP Software) - closed.
0002247: [User Interface] Rename "Generate Model" (BCP Software) - closed.
0002248: [User Interface] Show primary key columns on IG Tables in sql window (BCP Software) - closed.
0002251: [User Interface] Place the close button on the tab (BCP Software) - closed.
0002252: [User Interface] Diagram drag shows trails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002260: [User Interface] Expression Tree without Codes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002264: [Diff and Merge] Subtitution error undescriptive (BCP Software) - closed.
0002273: [User Interface] USB Drive not updating project history (BCP Software) - closed.
0002274: [User Interface] Merge window position not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0002285: [Project] Closing CaseTalk does not ask for Save All (BCP Software) - closed.
0002124: [Repository] Replace Object Type fails on population mismatch (BCP Software) - closed.
0001497: [Expressions] Start UC/TC wizards on last expression when parsing multiple at once (BCP Software) - closed.
0002270: [Diagrams] Role.PartOfFT is not shown when subsets are displayed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002277: [Diagrams] OTFT Colors are noted in Hex (BCP Software) - closed.
0002134: [Validation] Add details for Missing custom attribute rule (BCP Software) - closed.
0002239: [Validation] Model validation rule remains active (BCP Software) - closed.
0002249: [Validation] Model validation fails on some rules when SQL Repository is open (BCP Software) - closed.
0002256: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] First generated script is not shown in project (BCP Software) - closed.
0002257: [User Interface] Expression edited not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0002284: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL attributes named wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0002286: [Diff and Merge] Merging selected diagrams does not select OTFTs (BCP Software) - closed.
0002287: [Diff and Merge] Merging OT over existing LT fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001973: [Diff and Merge] Updating the model while Merging (BCP Software) - closed.
0002253: [Diagrams] Diagram OTFT Align error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002276: [Diagrams] Disconnecting diagram raises error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002272: [Repository] Alter PlayedBy changes SyncLink identifier (BCP Software) - closed.
0002254: [Other] Old project fails to open IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002259: [Repository] Duplicate role in expression blocks model validation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002263: [Diff and Merge] Merging altered sub-/supertypes is blocking (BCP Software) - closed.
0002275: [Diff and Merge] Merge generalized object type fails on rolemapping (BCP Software) - closed.
0002279: [Installation] Adjust proxy settings from inifile (BCP Software) - closed.
53 issues View Issues
- Merge previously exported Business Glossary details
- 'N Rule' updated to reflect Object Type Expressions
- Optional Roles are now derived more subtle
- Roles may now be marked Mandatory by users

- 'Alter Played By' function repaired
- Diagram Role refresh issue fixed
0002209: [Repository] Allow user override on Role Optionality (BCP Software) - closed.
0002211: [Project] Report missing updates from Manager (BCP Software) - closed.
0002147: [Import and Export] Import Business Glossary details (BCP Software) - closed.
0000918: [Import and Export] Namespaces also require versioning (BCP Software) - closed.
0002236: [Other] CaseTalk in the background (BCP Software) - closed.
0002207: [Constraints] UC's may not be primary while covering optional roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002212: [User Interface] Model validation takes a long time (BCP Software) - closed.
0002215: [User Interface] Subtype items unsorted (BCP Software) - closed.
0002216: [User Interface] Drag multiple OTFT's from the ontology (BCP Software) - closed.
0002217: [User Interface] Rename Subtypes to Ontology (BCP Software) - closed.
0002224: [Repository] Allow updates on all SQL tables (BCP Software) - closed.
0002230: [User Interface] Navigate to OTFT from Namespace Expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002204: [Validation] Roles optionality needs tweaking (BCP Software) - closed.
0002205: [Validation] N Rule violations need tweak (BCP Software) - closed.
0002229: [Diff and Merge] OTFT's marked as Unknown (BCP Software) - closed.
0002231: [User Interface] Namespace index gets lost (BCP Software) - closed.
0002206: [Transformation (GLR)] Role not marked groupable (BCP Software) - closed.
0002218: [Diff and Merge] Merging fails to proces substitution (BCP Software) - closed.
0002213: [Diagrams] "Alter Played By" not working (BCP Software) - closed.
0002208: [User Interface] Similar sounding substitutions lead to crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0002222: [Project] Add to project fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002226: [Repository] Expression Parts invalid when importing IGX (BCP Software) - closed.
22 issues View Issues
User interface updates.
0002195: [User Interface] Show lock icons on external OTFT's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002200: [User Interface] Show errors and warnings as tooltips in diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0002188: [User Interface] New expression is not under the File New Menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002198: [Import and Export] Export requires model validation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002197: [User Interface] Dragging in diagrams has low response speed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002199: [User Interface] Typing to jump to OTFT is not working (BCP Software) - closed.
0002187: [Diagrams] UC and Tuples not repositioned (BCP Software) - closed.
7 issues View Issues
This is a hotfix overriding some issues not addressed in 9.6.1.
Some tweaks in the user interface and internal state handling make it more usable as well.
Please upgrade whenever possible.
0002175: [Project] Add diagram to project should default to IG (BCP Software) - closed.
0002178: [Validation] Not all OTFT violations show in the detail panel (BCP Software) - closed.
0002180: [Project] Project Properties cannot be changed (BCP Software) - closed.
0002182: [User Interface] GLR: Copy Active Diagrams is unchecked (BCP Software) - closed.
0002184: [Validation] Instead of reminding for model validation, run it when required (BCP Software) - closed.
0002185: [User Interface] CustomAttributes instead of Defaults (BCP Software) - closed.
0002171: [Diagrams] Selected items are sticky and drag (BCP Software) - closed.
0002172: [Diagrams] Changing shape will blacken the fill color (BCP Software) - closed.
0002181: [Diagrams] Diagram lines are reset on OTFT rename (BCP Software) - closed.
0002183: [Diagrams] During GLR OTFT's are not altered (BCP Software) - closed.
0002179: [User Interface] Various items in the UI no longer update (BCP Software) - closed.
0002173: [User Interface] Expression tree fails to render (BCP Software) - closed.
0002174: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] GLR models are considered unreliable and unusable (BCP Software) - closed.
13 issues View Issues
Released 2019-06-04
Export Business Glossary
Smart Role Positioning in Diagrams
Improved feedback when Refactoring
0002138: [Import and Export] Export Business Glossary (BCP Software) - closed.
0002139: [Expressions] Generate (Un)Validated Expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002141: [Diff and Merge] Consider static population and (not) adding tuples (BCP Software) - closed.
0002142: [User Interface] Show result of "Alter Role Played By" (BCP Software) - closed.
0000181: [Diagrams] Reposition roles automatically (BCP Software) - closed.
0002153: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF Expressions in XML Language (BCP Software) - closed.
0002135: [Validation] Promote namespace/version check to error level (BCP Software) - closed.
0002136: [User Interface] View OTFT Namespace is not shown in any menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002140: [Expressions] (Re)Qualify Expression should confirm (BCP Software) - closed.
0002152: [User Interface] Custom Attribute Color in rgb encoding (BCP Software) - closed.
0002060: [Import and Export] File export is not added to project manager (BCP Software) - closed.
0002071: [Diff and Merge] Do not merge old expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002133: [User Interface] Custom SQL Rules does not show totals (BCP Software) - closed.
0002146: [Repository] Altering expression type (BCP Software) - closed.
0002155: [Other] Faulty default project folder (BCP Software) - closed.
0002143: [Diff and Merge] Merge renamed OTFT not honored (BCP Software) - closed.
0002144: [Diff and Merge] Merge of Recursive OTFT fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002145: [Repository] Alter Role PlayedBy should change Synclinks (BCP Software) - closed.
0001993: [Diff and Merge] Merging with newer namespaces could remove old tuples (BCP Software) - closed.
0002132: [Repository] Duplicate population stops UI (BCP Software) - closed.
0002150: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XML Schema is not generated (BCP Software) - closed.
21 issues View Issues
* User interface tweaks and fixes
* Improved merging of models
* Population handling cleaned up
* Data type support strengthened
* Performance enhancements
0002110: [Validation] Remind users to validate the model (BCP Software) - closed.
0002116: [Diff and Merge] Allow merging of OTFT's with only new ID's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002120: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Turn off Derive Datatype during GLR (BCP Software) - closed.
0001871: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Plugins are CaseTalk Edition aware (BCP Software) - closed.
0002089: [Transformation (GLR)] Reducing and lexicalizing creates EC (BCP Software) - closed.
0002093: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Expressions at Properties (BCP Software) - closed.
0002099: [User Interface] View OTFT and Roles, even when locked (BCP Software) - closed.
0002100: [User Interface] Merge window falls behind the main window (BCP Software) - closed.
0002102: [Expressions] Show used namespaces with versions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002103: [User Interface] Population editor shows wrong OTFT (BCP Software) - closed.
0002105: [User Interface] Repository window shows up empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0002107: [Installation] SQLite 3.28 released (BCP Software) - closed.
0002114: [User Interface] Unknown Diagram Name (BCP Software) - closed.
0002121: [Project] Performance on XML saving (BCP Software) - closed.
0002125: [User Interface] Finish Merge Wizard has small layout (BCP Software) - closed.
0002127: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo assocations numbering (BCP Software) - closed.
0002128: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Load script (BCP Software) - closed.
0002129: [Expressions] Expression file header ends up as comment (BCP Software) - closed.
0002123: [Diagrams] Large role numbers don't fit (BCP Software) - closed.
0002088: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo generates FK for EC (BCP Software) - closed.
0002097: [Validation] Custom Rules script faalt met AV melding (BCP Software) - closed.
0002101: [User Interface] Merge items navigation with keyboard (BCP Software) - closed.
0002106: [User Interface] Filtered OTFT's not counted (BCP Software) - closed.
0002109: [User Interface] About dialog shows no license limitations (BCP Software) - closed.
0002112: [User Interface] Main window in SDI too large (BCP Software) - closed.
0002117: [Project] Saving large projects can take a long time (BCP Software) - closed.
0000760: [Diff and Merge] Merge other repositories leads to duplicates in population (BCP Software) - closed.
0000179: [Expressions] Adding duplicate tuples (BCP Software) - closed.
0002092: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL attribute InverseOf_Id invalid (BCP Software) - closed.
0002094: [User Interface] Invalid population (BCP Software) - closed.
0002095: [Repository] Role Alter Played By fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002096: [Repository] Delete population row results in strange failures (BCP Software) - closed.
0002104: [Repository] Duplicates in population causes a.v.'s (BCP Software) - closed.
0002118: [Validation] Datatype unknown error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002119: [Validation] Some faulty population is not detected (BCP Software) - closed.
0002126: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo prohibits columns without description (BCP Software) - closed.
0002131: [Diff and Merge] Merge fails on expression recognition (BCP Software) - closed.
0002108: [Repository] Tuple duplicates causes a.v. (BCP Software) - closed.
0002090: [Diff and Merge] Merging a model with subsets sometimes fails (BCP Software) - closed.
39 issues View Issues
Extended the model well-formedness rules.
Enhanced OWL generator.
Enhanced Denodo generator.
Merging wizard improvements.
0002014: [Validation] Detect similarly sounding expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002038: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo - Generate Expression Views (BCP Software) - closed.
0002040: [Validation] Validate model for mandatory custom attributes and annotations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001995: [Diff and Merge] Merging an OTFT from a newer namespace version should clean older expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0002029: [Transformation (GLR)] Transform partial model adds duplicate IG's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002011: [Expressions] Limit tuples in repository panel/window (BCP Software) - closed.
0002017: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Label construction differs (BCP Software) - closed.
0002018: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL do not generate OTE's (BCP Software) - closed.
0002023: [User Interface] Placing an UC does not update other windows (BCP Software) - closed.
0002025: [User Interface] Namespace selection sometimes delays ui updates (BCP Software) - closed.
0002027: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo newlines (BCP Software) - closed.
0002033: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Domain Comments not reported (BCP Software) - closed.
0002044: [User Interface] Diagram Show Related not sorted (BCP Software) - closed.
0002049: [User Interface] Show expression custom attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002058: [Diff and Merge] Merging no longer shows available diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0002010: [Import and Export] Export/import of IGX crops comments (BCP Software) - closed.
0002012: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL prefLabel occurs twice (BCP Software) - closed.
0002013: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Instance properties with wrong ID (BCP Software) - closed.
0002015: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Expressions at the wrong class (BCP Software) - closed.
0002020: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] ER Studio missing a closing bracket (BCP Software) - closed.
0002032: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Dates in US format (BCP Software) - closed.
0002034: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo (7+) does no longer have datatype Date (BCP Software) - closed.
0002036: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo association endpoints require unique names (BCP Software) - closed.
0002048: [Expressions] Expression tree does not show secondary tuple (BCP Software) - closed.
0002051: [Validation] Mandatory custom metadata reporting (BCP Software) - closed.
0002052: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Generalized object types contain ObjectProperties for roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0002053: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL instances contain invalid xml elements (BCP Software) - closed.
0002085: [Project] Personal Edition does not create igx files for Viewer (BCP Software) - closed.
0001639: [User Interface] Click Namespace may slow CaseTalk (BCP Software) - closed.
0000668: [Validation] Validation of N and N-1 rule should include OTE awareness (BCP Software) - closed.
0002055: [Diagrams] Multiselect diagram shows one name in context menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0002022: [Project] PRJX sometimes corrupt (BCP Software) - closed.
0002031: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Insert Into contains invalid quotes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002037: [Other] Derive datatypes error (BCP Software) - closed.
0002039: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Comments get duplicated during transformation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002045: [Repository] Synclinks not transferred from SQLite (BCP Software) - closed.
0002054: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Expressions missing at associations (BCP Software) - closed.
0002024: [User Interface] Open the expression tree fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002047: [User Interface] Index error when editing population (BCP Software) - closed.
0002009: [User Interface] Performance issue blocking usage (BCP Software) - closed.
0002019: [Diff and Merge] Merge recursive structures fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0002030: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Materialized Table misses datatypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0002035: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Statement misses semicolumn (BCP Software) - closed.
0002050: [User Interface] Mandatory attribute block OTFT dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0002061: [Project] Projects from Book Edition fail (BCP Software) - closed.
0002007: [Expressions] Expression generated file with parse errors (BCP Software) - closed.
46 issues View Issues
Dark theme support.
ER/Studio generator available.
Repository merging improvements.
Expression substitution functions.
OWL/RDF improvements.
0001835: [Diff and Merge] Merge should reverse namespace reference (BCP Software) - closed.
0001874: [User Interface] Supply Dark Theme (BCP Software) - closed.
0001939: [Validation] Add fixings for: Population must comply with datatype (BCP Software) - closed.
0001952: [Validation] Support fixing: Population must comply with totality constraint (BCP Software) - closed.
0001953: [Validation] Fix: Label types must be used (BCP Software) - closed.
0001972: [Diff and Merge] Support OTFT's with (Un)Known grouping (BCP Software) - closed.
0001975: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL - Recognize generalized super types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001976: [Repository] Alias is not a synonym (BCP Software) - closed.
0001977: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL could support aliases (BCP Software) - closed.
0000492: [Expressions] Replace expression substitution (BCP Software) - closed.
0001934: [Diagrams] Enable/Disable state icons (BCP Software) - closed.
0000506: [Expressions] Alter or replace substitutions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001971: [Diff and Merge] Merging misses "Select Known" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001895: [Transformation (GLR)] Copy active diagrams with GLR (or not) (BCP Software) - closed.
0001931: [User Interface] Fix: File Open From Server (BCP Software) - closed.
0001935: [User Interface] Order the datatypes in alphabetical order (BCP Software) - closed.
0001942: [User Interface] Duplicate rows in population editor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001943: [User Interface] Mouse cursor flickers (BCP Software) - closed.
0001954: [User Interface] Navigate from Expression Tree to OTFT (BCP Software) - closed.
0001957: [User Interface] Population editor shows redundant expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001981: [Diff and Merge] Merge does not replace all VC Values (BCP Software) - closed.
0001982: [Diff and Merge] Merge does not overwrite Role DefaultValue (BCP Software) - closed.
0001985: [Validation] If namespaceversion is null, empty violation messages are shown (BCP Software) - closed.
0001987: [Repository] Expression Synclink unique index (BCP Software) - closed.
0001997: [User Interface] User interface does not support modern controls (BCP Software) - closed.
0002000: [User Interface] Merge project list hard to read (BCP Software) - closed.
0002002: [Project] Corrupt project files should allow manually restoring archives (BCP Software) - closed.
0001937: [Project] Checkout mentions overwriting a tempfile (BCP Software) - closed.
0001938: [Validation] Validation message duplicate (BCP Software) - closed.
0001940: [Validation] Add OTFT navigation for unfixable validation violations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001947: [Validation] Error in displaying External namespace violations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001948: [User Interface] Selected Namespaces does not show OTFTs (BCP Software) - closed.
0001955: [User Interface] Expression tree does not reflect the selected substitution (BCP Software) - closed.
0001956: [User Interface] Population editor index error (BCP Software) - closed.
0001962: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Run\Model Generation incomplete (BCP Software) - closed.
0001963: [User Interface] Calling population editor may crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0001984: [User Interface] Namespace shows non-namespace expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001990: [User Interface] Copy and paste population fails with duplicate columnnames (BCP Software) - closed.
0001869: [Diagrams] Visualize OTE usage (BCP Software) - closed.
0001949: [Diff and Merge] Merge overall function (BCP Software) - closed.
0001936: [Project] Check in at Manager does not save returned VersionID (BCP Software) - closed.
0001969: [Repository] Expression namespace version unused (BCP Software) - closed.
0001979: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL does not generate all FTE's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001983: [Diff and Merge] Merging overwrite details, does not keep reference (BCP Software) - closed.
0001988: [Diff and Merge] Merging should consider the SyncLink before the logical names (BCP Software) - closed.
0001989: [Repository] Boolean datatypes not recognized (BCP Software) - closed.
0001950: [Validation] Well formedness crashes when switching projects (BCP Software) - closed.
0001970: [Diff and Merge] Merging sometimes results in an index violation (BCP Software) - closed.
0002008: [Installation] Web news no longer updated (BCP Software) - closed.
49 issues View Issues
Last minute fix for newly discovered (old) diagram synchronization issues.
And much improved Database View generation.
0001928: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Missing views from generated sql (BCP Software) - closed.
0001922: [User Interface] Refresh after cancel (BCP Software) - closed.
0001923: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Create View uses first known column name (BCP Software) - closed.
0001925: [Validation] Default value validation shows only role number (BCP Software) - closed.
0001926: [Validation] Model Validation moments (BCP Software) - closed.
0001927: [Diff and Merge] Merging with Diagrams does not update diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0001924: [Diagrams] Older diagram files don't sync (BCP Software) - closed.
7 issues View Issues
Maintenance with major diagram update issue and minor enhancements.
0001920: [Printing and Reporting] Support diagram print style setting (BCP Software) - closed.
0001916: [User Interface] Some generators show as File\Export (BCP Software) - closed.
0001918: [Validation] Fail on: Population must comply with totality constraint (BCP Software) - closed.
0001919: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XmlSchema does not support 'char' (BCP Software) - closed.
0001921: [Diagrams] Drag and drop onto diagram fails (BCP Software) - closed.
5 issues View Issues
Halloween fix for more stability and performance.
0001906: [Validation] Cannot derive datatype (BCP Software) - closed.
0001908: [User Interface] Drag and drop of datatypes handled wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0001905: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Datatype boolean missing from SQLite (BCP Software) - closed.
0001913: [User Interface] Progress bar on model validation is idle (BCP Software) - closed.
0001910: [Diagrams] Diagram OTFT Refresh problem (BCP Software) - closed.
0001909: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF contains invalid XML (BCP Software) - closed.
0001911: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Subset constraints to an alternate key problem (BCP Software) - closed.
0001912: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Database *Expression views concatenate issues (BCP Software) - closed.
0001914: [User Interface] Performance issue with large model files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001907: [Installation] Loading duplicate plugins (BCP Software) - closed.
0001915: [Diagrams] Upgrading files sometimes crashes diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
11 issues View Issues
CaseTalk uses internal id's and publishes them as SyncLink's for Object Fact Types, Roles and Expressions.
Merging has received new features to better manage ownership of fact types across namespaces.
Minor and major fixes on a wide variety of items.
0001789: [Repository] Custom DataType definition (BCP Software) - closed.
0001791: [Import and Export] Import and export (custom) datatype definitions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001848: [Repository] Implement ID to detect OTFT renames (BCP Software) - closed.
0001856: [Diff and Merge] View OTFT before merging it (BCP Software) - closed.
0001860: [Repository] Expressions may benefit from a GUID (BCP Software) - closed.
0001890: [Diff and Merge] Merge with more ownership control (BCP Software) - closed.
0001692: [Expressions] Duplicate Expression to another type (BCP Software) - closed.
0001891: [Diagrams] Show generalized OT differently (BCP Software) - closed.
0001892: [Diagrams] Draw optional roles with dotted line (BCP Software) - closed.
0001899: [Project] Archive dialog comment field (BCP Software) - closed.
0000477: [User Interface] [Repo detail panel] "Is played by role in" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001836: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL RDF ID's are changing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001850: [User Interface] Readability to update diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0001855: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL abstract dataProperty is obsolete (BCP Software) - closed.
0001857: [User Interface] Label type names shown in population editor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001858: [Expressions] Expressions at type level inaccurate (BCP Software) - closed.
0001863: [Expressions] Use role fixes in expression details (BCP Software) - closed.
0001876: [Validation] Demote from error: Facts require proper verbalizations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001877: [User Interface] Restoring an archive shows too many files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001879: [Project] Automatic backup should leave manual zipfiles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001883: [Validation] Disabled rules are hidden, but still execute and count (BCP Software) - closed.
0001884: [User Interface] Menu File\Close not always clear (BCP Software) - closed.
0001889: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Use IG TITLE as OWL base (BCP Software) - closed.
0001846: [Validation] Wrong: Populations must comply with totality constraints (BCP Software) - closed.
0001847: [Transformation (GLR)] Problem with "Step by step reducing" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001862: [Project] Cleanup Archive not working (BCP Software) - closed.
0001867: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generation MS Access 8.0 VB Code generator does not work (BCP Software) - closed.
0001881: [User Interface] Edit lock does not bring window forward (BCP Software) - closed.
0001886: [User Interface] Double click OTFT in diagram fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001898: [Diff and Merge] Merging IG + Diagrams does not pre-select (BCP Software) - closed.
0000503: [User Interface] Terminology used for/in OTFT edit window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001875: [Repository] Expand rolefix removes tuples (BCP Software) - closed.
0001897: [Project] Switching drives for project files results in weird paths (BCP Software) - closed.
0001561: [Repository] OTFT need a globally unique identifier (BCP Software) - closed.
0001861: [User Interface] Closing the welcome tab crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001866: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MsAccess 8 is broken (BCP Software) - closed.
0001896: [Transformation (GLR)] G(LR) blocks with Role Substitution Error (BCP Software) - closed.
37 issues View Issues
Another speedy maintenance release.
0001843: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR settings do not show which plugins are disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001296: [Diagrams] Extend subset roles with more readable information (BCP Software) - closed.
0001841: [Diagrams] Diagram Subsets truncated (BCP Software) - closed.
0001831: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Personal Edition has no plugins (BCP Software) - closed.
0001842: [Installation] Plugins (*.bin) not loaded (BCP Software) - closed.
0001844: [Expressions] Cancel qualification leaves window hanging (BCP Software) - closed.
6 issues View Issues
Update solving some high priority tickets,
and updating the readability of the snapshot comparison window.
0001837: [Diff and Merge] Snapshot reporting visual improvements (BCP Software) - closed.
0001840: [User Interface] Add text file section folding (BCP Software) - closed.
0001824: [Installation] Various little tweaks for clean installs (BCP Software) - closed.
0001828: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Rolefix not honored in OWL dataproperty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001830: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Mention CaseTalk version info in the OWL export (BCP Software) - closed.
0001833: [Validation] Disabling well formedness rules is session bound (BCP Software) - closed.
0001839: [Diff and Merge] Add more details to snapshot comparison (BCP Software) - closed.
0001821: [Other] Namespace location errors (BCP Software) - closed.
0001832: [Diff and Merge] Merging with default project returns error (BCP Software) - closed.
0001838: [Expressions] Rule expression parts not persistent (BCP Software) - closed.
0001823: [Project] Corrupt project file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001834: [Diff and Merge] Special case fails to merge and is not detected (BCP Software) - closed.
12 issues View Issues
Released 2018-09-03
- Brand new Data Type functionality
- Major JSON Schema Generator update
- Minor UML fixes
- Some GUI issues solved
0001809: [Expressions] Generate a Business Glossary (BCP Software) - closed.
0001784: [User Interface] Project options should be sizable (BCP Software) - closed.
0001792: [Installation] Allow or prevent Windows to shutdown (BCP Software) - closed.
0001793: [Expressions] Expression file doesn't generate comments (BCP Software) - closed.
0001796: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Redundant JSON Schema comments (BCP Software) - closed.
0001797: [Expressions] Use comment coloring in expression text editor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001803: [Import and Export] UML Derived indicator doesn't show (BCP Software) - closed.
0001813: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Label Types should generate in OWL as a common DataProperty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001814: [Expressions] Insert OTE allows empty population (BCP Software) - closed.
0001815: [Validation] Consider empty expressions to be an error (BCP Software) - closed.
0001799: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Too generic column/attribute names (BCP Software) - closed.
0001785: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Numeric converts into Denodo Blob (BCP Software) - closed.
0001788: [User Interface] Regenerate a model closes the file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001820: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Files are cached in between generation (BCP Software) - closed.
0001787: [Diagrams] Cannot drag Label Type onto diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0001816: [Diagrams] Opening diagrams fails yet shows correctly (BCP Software) - closed.
0001827: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL contains custom attributes at DataProperty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001783: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Some plugins should not be enabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001795: [Expressions] Editing expression file twice resets the changes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001798: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] JSON Schema faulty Array and Enum (BCP Software) - closed.
0001812: [Transformation (GLR)] Personal Edition keeps warning to overwrite IGG (BCP Software) - closed.
0001794: [User Interface] Replacing a block of text crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001802: [User Interface] Cancel expression QuaCla stops with AbstractError (BCP Software) - closed.
0001808: [Validation] Very large models grind Model Validation to a halt (BCP Software) - closed.
0001810: [Validation] Error with "isValidType" is shown (BCP Software) - closed.
25 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-06
- Added the JSON Schema generator
- Improved UML and OWL export
- Model validation enhancement
- Minor user interface fixes
0001762: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generic JSON Schema generator for Classes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001776: [Validation] Disable some validation warnings (BCP Software) - closed.
0001779: [User Interface] Which SQL Functions exist (BCP Software) - closed.
0001782: [User Interface] Highlight matching brackets in text editor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001778: [Installation] SQLite 3.9 is used and old (BCP Software) - closed.
0001771: [User Interface] More rules clutter the interface (BCP Software) - closed.
0001772: [Validation] Model well formedness rules without violations don't show (BCP Software) - closed.
0001773: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Some fact types should not become classes in OWL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001780: [User Interface] Expression selection is reset (BCP Software) - closed.
0001769: [User Interface] Population editor says "already in edit mode" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001774: [Import and Export] UML Cardinality wrong on inter-tc's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001777: [Diagrams] Some diagram object cannot be removed (BCP Software) - closed.
0001781: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Database View failed to generate (BCP Software) - closed.
13 issues View Issues
Another minor maintenance release.
0001765: [Diagrams] State icons are not drawn for Label Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001766: [Import and Export] Export to XLS does not contain all data (BCP Software) - closed.
0001767: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Some models don't generate well (BCP Software) - closed.
3 issues View Issues
Minor patches related to exporting modules.
0001763: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Supertype shows as ObjectProperty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001764: [Import and Export] Some exports fail (BCP Software) - closed.
2 issues View Issues
Released 2018-07-04
* Database script enhancements:
- Improved DBA support by layering scripts
- Views for verbalized production data

* New generators added
- MySQL v8 including Views
- Teradata
- MongoDB

* Regional settings added
* Diagram refresh optimization
* Data validations for typing
0001741: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate layered sql scripts (BCP Software) - closed.
0001743: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MySQL 8 support for views (BCP Software) - closed.
0001546: [Project] Support regional settings (BCP Software) - closed.
0001699: [Validation] Examples not validated against datatype (BCP Software) - closed.
0001723: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate views which express the data (BCP Software) - closed.
0000756: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MongoDB script (BCP Software) - closed.
0000830: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Teradata DBMS (BCP Software) - closed.
0000298: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate DML script with examples (BCP Software) - closed.
0000563: [Repository] Regional formatting population (BCP Software) - closed.
0001739: [Repository] Cannot change case of otftname using otft dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0001733: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Add "dc:Language" to OWL export (BCP Software) - closed.
0001740: [User Interface] Overwrite files dialog too big for screen (BCP Software) - closed.
0001750: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Scripts with custom attributes sometimes miss column header (BCP Software) - closed.
0001759: [User Interface] Duplicate rows in population editor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001761: [Project] Cannot remove file from project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001678: [Project] Make files local to project folder (BCP Software) - closed.
0001732: [User Interface] Project menu item disappears (BCP Software) - closed.
0001747: [Diagrams] Refresh diagram (F5) (BCP Software) - closed.
0001731: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQL Views contain a comma too much (BCP Software) - closed.
0001355: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Static population should generate INSERTs (BCP Software) - closed.
0001751: [Diagrams] Population in diagram not updated (BCP Software) - closed.
0001760: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Cannot generate XML Schema (BCP Software) - closed.
0001738: [Diagrams] Multiple active diagrams keep synchronizing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001736: [Other] New repository from IGD fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001742: [Project] A defect IGZ fails to properly display an error (BCP Software) - closed.
0001734: [Other] Checking for updates without internet crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001758: [User Interface] Empty population cannot add row (BCP Software) - closed.
27 issues View Issues
Released 2018-05-24
+ Database Views
+ Model Snapshots and Diff
+ OWL2
+ Easier Classificiation for Beginners
+ Custom Model Rules
+ Supports Fact Type Coloring
0001525: [Repository] Promote the SC hack to storage (BCP Software) - closed.
0001554: [Validation] Validate population against Totality Constraints (BCP Software) - closed.
0001624: [Customization] Improve sql script storage handling (BCP Software) - closed.
0001643: [Expressions] Classify already classified roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001644: [User Interface] Use Windows Action Center to show notifications (BCP Software) - closed.
0001659: [Validation] Check the population against the subset constraints (BCP Software) - closed.
0001660: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support export to UML2.x, XMI 2.x (BCP Software) - closed.
0001663: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] jsonSchema extended with unique keys (BCP Software) - closed.
0001667: [User Interface] Inserting an OTE should allow dragndrop after placement (BCP Software) - closed.
0001704: [Project] Start a project based upon a single IG file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001706: [User Interface] Show online content in a Welcome Page (BCP Software) - closed.
0001245: [Project] Save a snapshot of an IG(G) (BCP Software) - closed.
0000855: [Installation] Show online content (BCP Software) - closed.
0000308: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate database views (BCP Software) - closed.
0000516: [Validation] Add well formednes rule for UC and population (BCP Software) - closed.
0000595: [Diff and Merge] Merge repository and also add diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0000047: [Other] Color code implementation status (BCP Software) - closed.
0001645: [Expressions] Autofocus ObjectFactName when selecting an expressionpart (BCP Software) - closed.
0001657: [User Interface] Change behaviour for Well formedness rules show "more..." (BCP Software) - closed.
0001673: [Repository] Prompt to save query before close (BCP Software) - closed.
0001695: [Printing and Reporting] Cannot print Fact Documentation (BCP Software) - closed.
0001700: [Diagrams] Renumber roles does nothing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001650: [Validation] Idle model edits not fixable unless reopened (BCP Software) - closed.
0001653: [User Interface] Position sql cursor using error messages (BCP Software) - closed.
0001654: [User Interface] Unlock OTFT without removing namespace (BCP Software) - closed.
0001656: [Repository] Display spaces as dots, ends up on sql repository (BCP Software) - closed.
0001665: [User Interface] Regenerate model duplicates files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001679: [User Interface] Namespaces URI html encoded (BCP Software) - closed.
0001682: [User Interface] Logical files are sometimes referred to as Relational (BCP Software) - closed.
0001683: [Project] Include more diagrams in markdown file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001691: [Project] File properties formatted as single line (BCP Software) - closed.
0001694: [User Interface] Removing a file leaves editor open (BCP Software) - closed.
0001697: [User Interface] Dock the expression tree window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001701: [User Interface] Open the population editor at the indexed row (BCP Software) - closed.
0001702: [Validation] Custom SQL Rules violations don't show message (BCP Software) - closed.
0001712: [User Interface] Search Again is always enabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001646: [Diagrams] Always allow lines to be rerouted (BCP Software) - closed.
0001666: [Diagrams] Diagram settings not reflected in Expressions tab (BCP Software) - closed.
0001696: [Diagrams] Selected object type only colors roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0000656: [Other] Derive DataTypes during parsing expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001648: [User Interface] Copy tree expression uses wrong font (BCP Software) - closed.
0001651: [Project] Corrupt diagram hard to remove from project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001655: [Other] Canvas does not allow drawing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001664: [User Interface] Generate model button sometimes disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001668: [Repository] SQL Repository trims whitespaces (BCP Software) - closed.
0001674: [Other] Web news update broken (BCP Software) - closed.
0001680: [Other] Namespace window does not store changes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001684: [Project] Viewer Diagrams adds duplicates (BCP Software) - closed.
0001685: [Repository] Detect changes on versioned IG's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001690: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML/XMI has no attribute comment (BCP Software) - closed.
0001693: [Diff and Merge] Changing Project does not update selection (BCP Software) - closed.
0001698: [Import and Export] XLS Spreadsheet export broke (BCP Software) - closed.
0001703: [Expressions] Expression file header comment in OTFT (BCP Software) - closed.
0001705: [Import and Export] CSV output contain dots for spaces (BCP Software) - closed.
0001708: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF classes use different identifiers (BCP Software) - closed.
0001710: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL/RDF contains no Label Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001711: [Other] Very large models with many diagrams can slow down (BCP Software) - closed.
0001713: [User Interface] Search for Alias fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001716: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL supertype reference appears as ObjectProperty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001719: [User Interface] Reopening a project does not re-activate text files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001721: [Other] XML not always properly encoded (BCP Software) - closed.
0001722: [Repository] SQL Repository interprets characters (BCP Software) - closed.
0000687: [Diff and Merge] Datatype settings not merged (BCP Software) - closed.
0001649: [Diagrams] Change effect of "Delete OTFT" from diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0001675: [Diagrams] Shapes in diagrams cannot be removed (BCP Software) - closed.
0001628: [Repository] Replace OTFT deletes too much (BCP Software) - closed.
0001658: [User Interface] Cancelling the SC Editor undoes edits (BCP Software) - closed.
0001671: [Repository] Some IG's see their own namespace as foreign (BCP Software) - closed.
0001686: [Diff and Merge] Namespaces not preserved (BCP Software) - closed.
0001707: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL export contains duplicate ID's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001714: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] OWL Instance contains no ID's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001715: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] UML & OWL misses Binary Fact Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001720: [Repository] Role.OriginalOT contains invalid content (BCP Software) - closed.
0001726: [Import and Export] Checkin and -out results in OTE errors (BCP Software) - closed.
0001727: [Import and Export] Custom Attributes of Expressions not imported (BCP Software) - closed.
0001629: [Project] Fail to Save all with corrupt IGD on disk (BCP Software) - closed.
76 issues View Issues
The Valentine Hotfix:
Improved interface usability with more drag and drop;
a crucial bug blocking transformations on models with custom attributes.
0001632: [User Interface] Drag and drop onto Diagram Notes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001626: [Customization] Default CustomRules.sql incorrect documentation (BCP Software) - closed.
0001631: [User Interface] Show disconnected diagrams as disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001637: [Project] Removable Media Files are erased from Reopen Menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001640: [Project] Disconnected IGD inconsistencies (BCP Software) - closed.
0001630: [Diagrams] Export diagram bitmaps in high res (BCP Software) - closed.
0001633: [Diagrams] Various navigation menu items (BCP Software) - closed.
0001635: [Diagrams] Improve readability of Diagram Expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001625: [Customization] Error dialog after "INSERT INTO" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001634: [User Interface] Cannot move or resize OTFT Property Dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0001636: [Project] Closing an IG will disconnect the IGD (BCP Software) - closed.
0001641: [Repository] The SQL table "Area" is not in sync with (dis)connected diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0001295: [Import and Export] Merging a repository does not merge custom attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001642: [Expressions] Adding a new expression crashes CaseTalk (BCP Software) - closed.
0001638: [Customization] GLR Cancelled (BCP Software) - closed.
15 issues View Issues
Major performance improvements, and support for custom model validation rules.
0001532: [Project] Support for (GitHub) README.md files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001543: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Denodo Materialized Tables (BCP Software) - closed.
0001548: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Allow several artifacts to be generated at once (BCP Software) - closed.
0001444: [Installation] First time installers should configure first (BCP Software) - closed.
0001196: [User Interface] Custom Attribute definition for the file properties (BCP Software) - closed.
0000274: [Validation] Implement sql based rules (BCP Software) - closed.
0000447: [Import and Export] Implement some JSON Schema generation for NOSQL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001577: [Project] New empty file seems locked (BCP Software) - closed.
0001534: [Project] Don't save empty diagram based rtf files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001539: [User Interface] In IDE mode the tabindex is reset when closing one (BCP Software) - closed.
0001558: [Installation] Default educational settings (BCP Software) - closed.
0001563: [User Interface] Select multiple roles without shift (BCP Software) - closed.
0001569: [Other] %GUID% should not contain { and } (BCP Software) - closed.
0001570: [Repository] New items do not receive default custom attribute values (BCP Software) - closed.
0001535: [User Interface] Search within text files does not show result (BCP Software) - closed.
0001538: [User Interface] Renaming an OTFT to it's alias fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001547: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo script contains comment errors (BCP Software) - closed.
0001555: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Incomplete population in generated DML scripts (BCP Software) - closed.
0001559: [User Interface] File Detail Panel in IDE dissappear in low screen resolution (BCP Software) - closed.
0001560: [User Interface] Wizard behind expression input dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0001565: [Repository] Repository Custom Script not activated (BCP Software) - closed.
0001567: [Repository] Comment sometimes contains "Created without population" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001572: [Project] Cannot remove file from project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001573: [User Interface] Insert OTE default selection not used (BCP Software) - closed.
0001574: [User Interface] "Delete Expression" unclear (BCP Software) - closed.
0001576: [User Interface] Linking richtext with large models is slow (BCP Software) - closed.
0000092: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MsAccess value contraints rule problem (BCP Software) - closed.
0001537: [Diagrams] Performance degredation when adding to diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0001542: [User Interface] OTFT Editor thinks Labels are Derivables (BCP Software) - closed.
0001568: [Repository] SQL update on IG locks all expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001571: [Project] Personal Edition does not allow to add files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001531: [Diagrams] Casetalk Crash when hiding points in IGD (BCP Software) - closed.
0001533: [Diagrams] Removal of dots in diagram relations crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0001536: [Import and Export] Reverse engineering fails (BCP Software) - closed.
34 issues View Issues
Maintenance release to improve stability only.
0001516: [Repository] Allow custom annotation to become mandatory (BCP Software) - closed.
0001521: [Validation] Fact types with potential Object Types are not detected (BCP Software) - closed.
0000590: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Show documentation for Label lexicalization (BCP Software) - closed.
0000614: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Request for more documentation and annotation (BCP Software) - closed.
0000272: [Repository] Reference to external OWL concepts (BCP Software) - closed.
0001528: [Project] Remove nonexisting project files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001491: [Constraints] Adding a TC does not select it in the TC dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0001510: [User Interface] Docked panels show different panel splitters (BCP Software) - closed.
0001529: [Project] Plugin toolbutton is not enabled after loading (BCP Software) - closed.
0001499: [Diagrams] Update diagram dialog has disabled ok button (BCP Software) - closed.
0001530: [Diagrams] Disconnected diagrams show validation colorings (BCP Software) - closed.
0001493: [Transformation (GLR)] OTFT Custom attributes not moved to Role during GLR (BCP Software) - closed.
0001501: [Project] Cancel a project file rename removes extension (BCP Software) - closed.
0001502: [Project] %AUTHOR% is substituted wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0001503: [User Interface] Validation rules scrolls to top (BCP Software) - closed.
0001505: [User Interface] VC Values are limited in characters (BCP Software) - closed.
0001507: [User Interface] Project manager toolbar flickers (BCP Software) - closed.
0001509: [User Interface] Online help started twice (BCP Software) - closed.
0001515: [Repository] Mandatory custom attributes not checked (BCP Software) - closed.
0001517: [Printing and Reporting] OTFT Documentation not refreshed (BCP Software) - closed.
0001518: [Project] A corrupted PRJ file does not show feedback (BCP Software) - closed.
0001527: [Project] Split diagram into repository can duplicate ig files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001246: [Project] Support SVN/GIT to files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001476: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Input field on mask is at wrong place (BCP Software) - closed.
0001486: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Expression Parts for Verbalization are not used (BCP Software) - closed.
0001487: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Many problems in Generating Oracle DDL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001500: [Diagrams] Diagram menu remains empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001504: [Diagrams] Center from context menu does not work (BCP Software) - closed.
0001496: [Expressions] Qualifying multiple expressions leaves input window open (BCP Software) - closed.
0001511: [Transformation (GLR)] Comment/Descriptions not moved or merged during GLR (BCP Software) - closed.
0001519: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Binary fact types disappear in RDF (BCP Software) - closed.
0001523: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generator mistakenly creates subset constraints as foreign key relationships (BCP Software) - closed.
0001494: [Expressions] New project with new expression file crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001512: [User Interface] Unsaved open diagram during GLR crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001520: [Diff and Merge] Wrong population prevents merging aka diagram split (BCP Software) - closed.
35 issues View Issues
0001488: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Use IG File Title and Comments in OWL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001489: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Include Fact Type Expression in OWL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001473: [User Interface] Add curved lines to expression tree viewer (BCP Software) - closed.
0001490: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Include custom annotations in OWL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001475: [User Interface] Expression tree fails updating on second tuple (BCP Software) - closed.
0001478: [Installation] Temp log files not purged from disk (BCP Software) - closed.
0001480: [Import and Export] OWL contains reference errors (BCP Software) - closed.
0001481: [Import and Export] OWL default base URI not set (BCP Software) - closed.
0001483: [User Interface] Reduce object type not working (BCP Software) - closed.
0001484: [User Interface] Selection dialog with list sometimes fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001474: [Diagrams] Diagram Info block trimmed (BCP Software) - closed.
0001477: [Constraints] Subset constraint verbalisation is wrong (BCP Software) - closed.
0001479: [Constraints] Error Subset Constraint Editor "Access Violation" (BCP Software) - closed.
13 issues View Issues
0001445: [Installation] Portable Shared App, support lock for start (BCP Software) - closed.
0001458: [Expressions] Expression file editing does not preserve cursor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001460: [User Interface] In IDE modus the project panel cannot be resized (BCP Software) - closed.
0001463: [Project] Readonly files are not indicated with a lock (BCP Software) - closed.
0001459: [Repository] Create new subtype does not work (BCP Software) - closed.
0001464: [Repository] Insufficient license to save the file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001467: [Diagrams] DataTypes list in diagrams are trimmed (BCP Software) - closed.
0001465: [Project] The description of an IGD is not saved. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001466: [Repository] Changing a role results in a illegal model. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001469: [Import and Export] OWL export name is invalid (BCP Software) - closed.
0001471: [Import and Export] OWL encoding errors (BCP Software) - closed.
0001461: [User Interface] Switching IG crashes Object and Table documentation (BCP Software) - closed.
0001455: [Project] Save has stopped prematurely due to cancelling of dependent files. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001456: [Expressions] Expression input via expression file shows empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001457: [Expressions] Expression file cannot be saved under the same name (BCP Software) - closed.
0001462: [Expressions] Scroll bar of Classify/Qualification window can not go far enough (BCP Software) - closed.
0001468: [Import and Export] OWL Export fails (BCP Software) - closed.
17 issues View Issues
Fix for advanced users who refactor models using the "Alter Played By Role" function.
0001446: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Show tuples in PowerDesigner scripts (BCP Software) - closed.
0001447: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Generate Attributes in PowerDesigner CDM (BCP Software) - closed.
0001453: [Validation] Solving semantic warnings show wrong expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001448: [Repository] Alter Role Played By Fault (BCP Software) - closed.
0001454: [Import and Export] Some export plugins do not show in File\Export (BCP Software) - closed.
5 issues View Issues
0001431: [Import and Export] Copy+Paste population to/from spreadsheets (BCP Software) - closed.
0001407: [Project] Missing "Yes to All" when saving project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001416: [Expressions] Customize content of new expression files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001414: [General] CTK in IDE mode: maximized or minimized window of "Classify/Qualify expression" seams to disappear. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001422: [Other] Provide action log in error reports (BCP Software) - closed.
0001408: [Expressions] Cannot qualify lines from the expression file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001409: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] MySQL 5.1 used "Engine" instead of "Type" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001417: [General] Refresh of diagram info generates error (BCP Software) - closed.
0001424: [Project] Project archives seem empty (BCP Software) - closed.
0001425: [Expressions] Parsing many expressions leak and crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0001432: [Import and Export] Export repository as sql, missing quotes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001442: [User Interface] In IDE mode the ExpressionTree window is hidden (BCP Software) - closed.
0001415: [Diagrams] Scrollbars are position topleft (BCP Software) - closed.
0001418: [Diagrams] Diagram Info block shows no description (BCP Software) - closed.
0001419: [Diagrams] Visible info blocks do not reflect in menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001420: [Diagrams] Diagram Info block too tall (BCP Software) - closed.
0001421: [Diagrams] Subset constraint info block wrong size (BCP Software) - closed.
0001436: [Installation] Online update check reports no news (BCP Software) - closed.
0001438: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner script: unexpected end (BCP Software) - closed.
0001441: [Repository] Faulty substitutions prevent normal CaseTalk operations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001410: [Project] The context menu in the project crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001437: [Expressions] Qualify an expression line from expression file crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001443: [User Interface] Switching IG's creates Access Violations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001184: [Diff and Merge] Merge model containing subsets fails (BCP Software) - closed.
24 issues View Issues
0001354: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support PostgreSQL (BCP Software) - closed.
0001402: [User Interface] Provide images on the change log menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001406: [User Interface] Sometimes a prompt to save a file contains a full filepath (BCP Software) - closed.
0001403: [Project] SQL files are not shown to be active (BCP Software) - closed.
0001404: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] SQL Script missing a semi column (BCP Software) - closed.
5 issues View Issues
Out of memory hotfix.
0001298: [Other] Out of memory (BCP Software) - closed.
1 issue View Issues
NOTE: The file formats will be upgraded upon saving.
0001302: [Project] Support for write protecting a model (BCP Software) - closed.
0001364: [Expressions] Automatically derive datatypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001379: [User Interface] Force diagram synchronization when saving an IG(G) (BCP Software) - closed.
0001385: [Project] Project cleanup folder (BCP Software) - closed.
0001386: [Project] Manager project checkout into fixed folder (BCP Software) - closed.
0001400: [Import and Export] Import IGZ files from the Manager (BCP Software) - closed.
0001392: [Project] Undelete removed files - resolved.
0001250: [User Interface] Mark the population as complete (BCP Software) - closed.
0001345: [User Interface] Startup option NONE is ignored (BCP Software) - closed.
0001346: [User Interface] Startup dialog has no feedback when searching (BCP Software) - closed.
0001353: [User Interface] Project unsaved while uploading files to the Manager (BCP Software) - closed.
0001357: [User Interface] The window previews show some (BCP Software) - closed.
0001361: [Expressions] MSDos indicator in EXP file is obsolete (BCP Software) - closed.
0001375: [Project] Undo a repository change does not allow saving (BCP Software) - closed.
0001388: [Project] Version numbers not always visible (BCP Software) - closed.
0001389: [Project] Manager menu should show file it acts on (BCP Software) - closed.
0001396: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner plugin undocumented datatype codes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001398: [Installation] Show changelog of current version (BCP Software) - closed.
0001380: [Diagrams] Multiple dialogs appear when syncing diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0001347: [User Interface] Cannot delete an Inter Constraint (BCP Software) - closed.
0001348: [User Interface] Active expression file does not reopen (BCP Software) - closed.
0001351: [User Interface] Reopening project with active diagrams fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001352: [Project] Removed IGD remains in IG Area table (BCP Software) - closed.
0001363: [User Interface] Editing EXP file may lose changes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001371: [User Interface] When closing the IG, an DockLeftPnl is visible (BCP Software) - closed.
0001373: [Printing and Reporting] Table report contains annotations in a single line (BCP Software) - closed.
0001374: [Printing and Reporting] Table Report doesn't print all Column Attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001397: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] dBase 7 datatypes missing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001343: [Diagrams] Drag and drop onto diagram is disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001344: [Diagrams] Delete OTFT shows wrong context (BCP Software) - closed.
0001366: [Diagrams] Auto save diagram as JPG or PNG, keeps both (BCP Software) - closed.
0001324: [General] Save only when all files are open (BCP Software) - closed.
0001370: [Other] Network saved projects are slow (BCP Software) - closed.
0001372: [Installation] Executing from a FileShare is slow (BCP Software) - closed.
0001376: [General] Select properties of an object type via an IGD generates a error (BCP Software) - closed.
0001377: [General] After opening an IGD it is impossible to open the properties of an object type. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001399: [Project] Opening an IGG while an IG is active crashes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001383: [Diagrams] After diagram syncing, removing an OTFT may crash (BCP Software) - closed.
38 issues View Issues
Main Feature: Custom File Attributs (IG and IGD).
Main Update: Various Project Window updates.
0001320: [Project] Show a windows system context menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001326: [Project] Show diagram disconnected state as icon (BCP Software) - closed.
0001333: [Project] Show the archives as history (BCP Software) - closed.
0001341: [Project] Reopen last project after restart (BCP Software) - closed.
0001334: [Installation] New installation shows halve IDE style (BCP Software) - closed.
0000700: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD contains no relations between complexTypes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001339: [Diagrams] Synchronization dialogs do not mention diagram name (BCP Software) - closed.
0001301: [User Interface] Importing does not lock Roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001338: [Project] Regenerate Model is disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001311: [Diagrams] While the option "create new subtype" is disabled the function is still visible. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001323: [Project] Removing an IGD does not remove references in IG.Area (BCP Software) - closed.
0001335: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD fields default to mandatory (BCP Software) - closed.
0001336: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD primary key definition has wrong xpath (BCP Software) - closed.
0001337: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] XSD elements lack proper complextype reference (BCP Software) - closed.
0001342: [General] Opening an particular model for the Manager results in opening diagrams only, not the IG's. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001322: [Transformation (GLR)] GLR Cancelled, Tuple No Required (BCP Software) - closed.
16 issues View Issues
0001303: [User Interface] Well Formednes Window Layout (BCP Software) - closed.
0001312: [General] Being able to copy/paste the output of a SQL-query. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001316: [Import and Export] Export CSV with tab-delimiter (BCP Software) - closed.
0000953: [User Interface] Show diagrams as tabs in a single window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001304: [User Interface] Repository Window layout issue in IDE style (BCP Software) - closed.
0001305: [Project] Fact Documentation Window in IDE Style (BCP Software) - closed.
0001313: [Printing and Reporting] Comment field not printed in Fact Documentation (BCP Software) - closed.
0001310: [Printing and Reporting] Multipage printing for Fact Documentation fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001315: [Printing and Reporting] Multipage printing for Table Documentation fails (BCP Software) - closed.
9 issues View Issues
0001053: [Repository] Add Object Type - quickly (BCP Software) - closed.
0001241: [User Interface] Population editor sortable (BCP Software) - closed.
0001244: [User Interface] Table and OTFT documentation should default to PrintAll (BCP Software) - closed.
0001249: [User Interface] Repository Window changes columns widths (BCP Software) - closed.
0001251: [User Interface] Population rows ordering (BCP Software) - closed.
0001256: [Project] Show the server version info for checked out files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001266: [User Interface] Confirmation dialog for determining datatypes is obsolete (BCP Software) - closed.
0001268: [User Interface] Doubleclick an warning to solve it (BCP Software) - closed.
0001271: [User Interface] TC Wizard has a limited width (BCP Software) - closed.
0001275: [User Interface] Custom annotations and categories are in a mixed order (BCP Software) - closed.
0001276: [User Interface] Custom attributes options allow free text (BCP Software) - closed.
0001280: [User Interface] Enhance comments in repository window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001281: [User Interface] Improve readability annotations in repository window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001293: [Project] Searching for projects integration (BCP Software) - closed.
0001242: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo NULL requires CAST (BCP Software) - closed.
0001243: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo Description requires quote escaping (BCP Software) - closed.
0001247: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Denodo allows max 4K characters for Descriptions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001259: [Project] Autosave or Archive an empty project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001262: [Project] Save dialog is not visible (BCP Software) - closed.
0001264: [Repository] Split facttype fails second time (BCP Software) - closed.
0001270: [User Interface] Population editor shows no "&" in the values (BCP Software) - closed.
0001272: [Printing and Reporting] Custom annotations print akward (BCP Software) - closed.
0001279: [Validation] Some warnings and errors do not show (BCP Software) - closed.
0001294: [Validation] "Fact types may not object types" contain duplicates (BCP Software) - closed.
0001138: [General] Name of diagram in the info-box on a diagram remains empty. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001234: [General] Info box on diagram does not scale. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001269: [Diagrams] Reordering roles does not trigger modified state (BCP Software) - closed.
0001277: [Repository] Dropping an IG(G) into Query Window fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001297: [User Interface] Crash when Expression Tree is active (BCP Software) - closed.
0001286: [Import and Export] IG(G)X import fails (BCP Software) - closed.
0001290: [Import and Export] Import IG(G)X fails with certain label datatype length (BCP Software) - closed.
31 issues View Issues
New IDE interface style available.
0001197: [Import and Export] Export file properties in the xml of an ig file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001200: [User Interface] Turn on/off advanced features (BCP Software) - closed.
0001207: [User Interface] Combine all transformative menu items into a single place (BCP Software) - closed.
0001211: [Repository] Models need a server reference as well (BCP Software) - closed.
0001212: [Documentation (Web, Help, ..)] Table Report lacks custom attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001225: [Repository] Add table with diagram and content (BCP Software) - closed.
0000381: [User Interface] Dockable windows (BCP Software) - closed.
0001189: [Diagrams] Disable the possibility to add fact types or subtype without a sentence. (BCP Software) - closed.
0000791: [Diagrams] Show OTFT with special icons (BCP Software) - closed.
0001202: [Import and Export] Import XML use different filter (BCP Software) - closed.
0001157: [Project] Add new files from project window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001222: [User Interface] Expression window scroll bar is not wide enough. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001228: [User Interface] Log files should not reside in the project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001193: [Diagrams] Menu option to generate expression file should be part of the Repository-menu, not the Project-menu. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001235: [Repository] OTFT name with space prefix or suffix generates a.v. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001139: [User Interface] Horizontal scrolling with mouse. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001187: [User Interface] Changing windows via Alt-0 generates a technical error. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001194: [Repository] Custom Attributes for subset constraints don't store (BCP Software) - closed.
0001195: [Repository] Custom Attributes for Value Constraints don't show (BCP Software) - closed.
0001203: [Project] Projectdescription is only 255 characters. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001206: [User Interface] Delete multiple OTFT's (BCP Software) - closed.
0001209: [User Interface] Name of Custom Attribute Set not persisted (BCP Software) - closed.
0001227: [User Interface] About dialog shows memory used (BCP Software) - closed.
0001231: [Other] Printing text files is doing nothing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001204: [Diagrams] Cancelling the save of a diagram style seems not to be a cancel. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001183: [Constraints] Subset constraint deletion results in a.v. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001192: [Diagrams] An expression file is part of the wrong repository. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001213: [Diagrams] It is unexpectily possible to rename a locked object type from a diagram window. (BCP Software) - closed.
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Added support for managing sets of custom attribute definitions.
0001114: [Repository] Support for managing sets of custom attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001180: [Other] Manage custom attribute definitions like diagram styles (BCP Software) - closed.
2 issues View Issues
Critical issue patched
0001170: [Repository] Globally unique identifier as custom attribute value (BCP Software) - closed.
0001171: [Other] Out of memory during long modeling sessions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001182: [User Interface] A.V. occurs when using menu "View\Object Type Fact Type" (BCP Software) - closed.
0001181: [Installation] Database encoding issue (BCP Software) - closed.
4 issues View Issues
0001121: [Installation] PortableApp usage on readonly Fileshare (BCP Software) - closed.
0001130: [Project] Model Merge and include the diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0001133: [User Interface] Importing of OTFT's may show a long narrow list (BCP Software) - closed.
0001140: [Installation] Show system info from the about dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0001149: [Diagrams] Diagram after GLR shows too many subset constraints (BCP Software) - closed.
0000632: [Diagrams] Subset constraints in diagram shows too many roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001148: [User Interface] UI Splitter positions not persistent (BCP Software) - closed.
0001154: [Installation] License key not accepted (BCP Software) - closed.
0001151: [Diagrams] Diagram shows all datatypes from model (BCP Software) - closed.
0001152: [Diagrams] Diagram subtype info shows all subtypes from model (BCP Software) - closed.
0001132: [Diagrams] Switch diagrams mentions itself (BCP Software) - closed.
0001153: [Installation] PowerDesigner plugin lacking from Server install (BCP Software) - closed.
0000448: [Diagrams] Drag diagrams to a new IG will distort the diagram contents (BCP Software) - closed.
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Note: Older CaseTalk versions do not support files created with 8.15. We needed a file format change to support the new repository content.
0001063: [Validation] Mark computer generated expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001108: [Repository] Alter Role PlayedBy more easily (BCP Software) - closed.
0001107: [Project] Filter projects in startup dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0001120: [User Interface] Derive datatype from Property Dialog (BCP Software) - closed.
0000817: [Validation] Split FactType with 1 UC and more than 2 roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001101: [Project] Unsupported generated file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001102: [User Interface] Ability to hide Custom Attributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001110: [Repository] Keep tags on generated expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001111: [Validation] Solving missing UC should trigger Wizard (BCP Software) - closed.
0001118: [Installation] Portable app license key location (BCP Software) - closed.
0001129: [Repository] Custom Attribute Value is limited in length (BCP Software) - closed.
0001030: [User Interface] Distorted display with very long fact expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001122: [User Interface] Focus shifts in repository window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001123: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Rules in SQL scripts contain domain names (BCP Software) - closed.
0001109: [Diagrams] Memory leak occurs when saving to html (BCP Software) - closed.
0001105: [Transformation (GLR)] Sometimes rolefixes still get lost (BCP Software) - closed.
0001106: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] PowerDesigner requires unique codes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001115: [Diff and Merge] Custom attribute values not merged into target (BCP Software) - closed.
0001126: [Import and Export] Import/Merge does not allow skipping known otft's (BCP Software) - closed.
19 issues View Issues
0001072: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Support Denodo Data Virtualization scripts (BCP Software) - closed.
0001081: [Repository] Quickly add Label Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001085: [Repository] Easily transform Rolefix to ObjectType (BCP Software) - closed.
0001093: [Import and Export] Custom Attributes not exported in XLS (BCP Software) - closed.
0001095: [User Interface] Show Memory allocated (BCP Software) - closed.
0000673: [Repository] Extend with custom annotations (BCP Software) - closed.
0001057: [Constraints] Delete UC names missing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001077: [User Interface] The sql window only shows only ig or igg (BCP Software) - closed.
0001079: [User Interface] Extend usability of expression tree window (BCP Software) - closed.
0001080: [Expressions] Obsolete confirmation when unlocking expressions (BCP Software) - closed.
0001082: [Validation] Validation should check for added and unused Label Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001084: [Repository] Quickly create Object Type lacks name in soft semantics (BCP Software) - closed.
0001087: [User Interface] Extend repository filter with Expression Levels (BCP Software) - closed.
0001091: [Expressions] Quick insert, delete lines from expressionfiles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001092: [Import and Export] Import fails to support CustomAttributes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001076: [User Interface] Resource leak (BCP Software) - closed.
0001088: [User Interface] Window settings not always saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0001090: [Expressions] Index error when inserting last OTE into a new expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001098: [User Interface] Drag OTFT onto diagram shows no-drop-cursor (BCP Software) - closed.
0001078: [Expressions] Expression Tree window crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0001089: [Constraints] Subset Constraint Editor creates Access Violation (BCP Software) - closed.
0001097: [Expressions] Active expression file may crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0001099: [Other] Expression qualification with UC wizard may result in abstract error (BCP Software) - closed.
23 issues View Issues
0001060: [Expressions] Reorder placeholders when editing existing expression (BCP Software) - closed.
0001065: [Other] Session support (BCP Software) - closed.
0001074: [User Interface] Splash screen never shows (BCP Software) - closed.
0001059: [User Interface] Download update button does nothing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001061: [User Interface] Project Window splitter stuck (BCP Software) - closed.
0001064: [Project] Project files in different folders (BCP Software) - closed.
0001068: [Repository] Defaults with keywords for custom attributes not applied (BCP Software) - closed.
0001066: [Import and Export] Export modules disabled for IGG files (BCP Software) - closed.
0001069: [Repository] Newly created objects don't receive custom attribute defaults (BCP Software) - closed.
0001075: [Diagrams] Diagrams fail to synchronise after disconnect (BCP Software) - closed.
0001073: [Diagrams] Diagram sync failure crashes when closing (BCP Software) - closed.
11 issues View Issues
- Added construction functions for Fact Type, Object Type and Subtype.
- Cleaning up the Repository Task menus and several related contextual menu's.
0001043: [User Interface] Allow quick edit of single line in expression file (BCP Software) - closed.
0001045: [User Interface] Create new subtype from main menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001055: [Repository] Quickly add Fact Types (BCP Software) - closed.
0001056: [Constraints] Delete constraints is missing from menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001046: [User Interface] GLR contains obsolete proposals (BCP Software) - closed.
0001047: [User Interface] Repository Task Menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001051: [User Interface] Export modules not disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001044: [User Interface] Subtype tab inactive on IGG (BCP Software) - closed.
0001049: [Repository] SQL result does not update after edit (BCP Software) - closed.
0001050: [User Interface] SQL Window creates duplicate menu (BCP Software) - closed.
0001054: [Repository] New Subtype creates duplicate OTE in supertype (BCP Software) - closed.
0001058: [Constraints] Delete TC shows duplicates for every role involved (BCP Software) - closed.
12 issues View Issues
0000221: [Project] Support for custom file extensions from the Viewer (BCP Software) - closed.
0001041: [Constraints] UC set to primary cannot be undone (BCP Software) - closed.
0000740: [Generation (SQL, XML, etc)] Autoselect PrimaryKey on non optional roles (BCP Software) - closed.
0001039: [Expressions] Rules not properly verbalized (BCP Software) - closed.
0001036: [Diagrams] Misplaced diagram OTFT after update (BCP Software) - closed.
5 issues View Issues
Maintenance release with a new Well-Formednes Rule, many user interface cleanups and fixed some rare crashes and blocking behaviours.
0000946: [Validation] Direction for grouping ambigious (BCP Software) - closed.
0001011: [User Interface] User interface changes not saved (BCP Software) - closed.
0001012: [User Interface] Cleanup OTFT and ROLE dialogs (BCP Software) - closed.
0001013: [User Interface] Update Validation and Transformation buttons (BCP Software) - closed.
0001019: [User Interface] Add an "insert object type expression" button (BCP Software) - closed.
0001025: [Transformation (GLR)] Proposal on/off can be undone (BCP Software) - closed.
0001018: [Diagrams] Repository highlight with disconnect diagrams (BCP Software) - closed.
0001015: [Validation] Errors and Warnings show no Hints in diagram (BCP Software) - closed.
0001021: [Validation] Rule "label type has no datatype" cannot be solved (BCP Software) - closed.
0001023: [User Interface] Well-formednes checks to often (BCP Software) - closed.
0001024: [Diagrams] GLR Proposals remove lines dots. (BCP Software) - closed.
0001014: [Repository] Creating subtypes may crash (BCP Software) - closed.
0001016: [User Interface] Unfinished edits lock the project (BCP Software) - closed.
0001017: [User Interface] 'Index out of range' when inserting OTE (BCP Software) - closed.
14 issues View Issues
Maintenance release
0001009: [Project] Search for CaseTalk projects (BCP Software) - closed.
0001005: [Installation] CaseTalk does not support Windows Themes (BCP Software) - closed.
0001010: [Installation] Use higher compression for installer (BCP Software) - closed.
0001002: [User Interface] Task font in settings resets (BCP Software) - closed.
0001007: [User Interface] Expression details button has wrong icon (BCP Software) - closed.
0001003: [Diagrams] Highlighting not disabled (BCP Software) - closed.
0001006: [Other] Print expression tree does nothing (BCP Software) - closed.
0001008: [User Interface] Some reports don't print properly (BCP Software) - closed.
0001004: [Project] Empty card readers block startup (BCP Software) - closed.
9 issues View Issues
0000999: [Installation] Run from USB Stick or Fileshare (BCP Software) - closed.
0000940: [User Interface] Datatype not shown when LabelType is selected (BCP Software) - closed.
0001000: [Diagrams] Support rounded corners on lines (BCP Software) - closed.
0000992: [User Interface] Alter UI for highlighting in repository window (BCP Software) - closed.