FistIn the wake of current protests and shows of solidarities around the world, we found the opportunity to join the peaceful protest in Utrecht (Netherlands) to add our voice to support raising awareness of racist and biased treatments of black people and all marginalized people. Factually "all lives matter", but before we can accomplish that we need to really address that currently some lives seem to matter less, for that phenomena we all need to make room to listen and understand "black lives matter". Only by fully acknowledging that black people are not less, understanding that maginalizing people is wrong, we can learn the meaning of "all lives matter".

Among the couple of hundred countries on this planet, there are way more languages and dialects. Communication over language domains is hard. We need translators or interpretors to cross those boundaries. Even though tech is trying to chip away at this hard problem by automating that, we still have a long way to go. And language is not static, it changes constantly in space and time. As soon as time passes or communities become isolated from others, people change their language for the purpose of their own communication.

IT stands for Information Technology. At one time, the abbreviation “ICT” still contained the “C”, or communication. However, since it was related only to the telecommunication sector and IT took over, we are now left with a two-letter acronym. Almost prophetically, we now see the process of IT lacking in communication.