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3 days - Fact Based Modeling with casetalk

In this course, trainees will be taught you how to communicate with the domain experts in your organization to capture business knowledge in a precise and solid manner with Fact Oriented Modeling, and to generate artifacts to be used as system development specifications. After the course, trainees can:

  • Explain the background and reasons for fact-oriented modeling.
  • Verbalize knowledge in natural language with concrete examples.
  • Add business rules and constraints to the information model.
  • Create super- and subtypes as a business taxonomy.
  • Perform model to model transformations and generate artifacts.
  • Organize and govern information models using metadata and a business glossary.
  • Recognize the intricate relations between language, models, and artifacts.
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2 days - Hands-On CASETALK

This training is appropriate for professionals who are already familiar with the fact oriented modeling approach and need hands-on training using CaseTalk to become (more) effective users. In this course, participants will learn about:

  • Short refresher on FCO-IM.
  • Fact expressions in CaseTalk.
  • Customizing Metadata.
  • Query the internal repository.
  • How to leverage the various diagrams.
  • Working with Concepts, Containers, and Business Glossary.
  • Model transformations and artifact generators.
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1 day - Managing models in an enterprise

This training is meant for people who already use CaseTalk but need some support in learning how to leverage the Enterprise edition and the capabilities of Enterprise Model Management. In this one-day training, you will learn about: