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5 Days - Kickstarter Program

A unique and comprehensive in-person training experience designed to elevate your organization's business modeling skills to new heights. This exclusive week-long program is conducted at a venue of your choice, providing an immersive and focused environment for you and your team to master the art of case modeling.


3 Days - Fact Based Modeling

In this course, you'll learn how to communicate with the domain experts in your organization to capture business knowledge in a precise and solid manner with Fact Oriented Modeling, and to generate artifacts to be used as system development specifications.


2 Days - Hands-On CaseTalk

This training is appropriate for professionals who are already familiar with the fact oriented modeling approach and need hands-on training using CaseTalk to become (more) effective users.


1 Day - Managing models in an Enterprise

This training is meant for people who already use CaseTalk but need some support in learning how to leverage the Enterprise edition and the capabilities of Enterprise Model Management.



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