This product is under development and not yet released to the public. Expected release in 2020.

Organizations feel the increasing need to share and publish their knowledge amongst their employees in order to come to a shared understanding. The information captured in the Fact Oriented Models is a great resource to publish glossaries, ontologies, and taxonomies of the organization. The Portal presents these in a way that allows technical and non-technical staff to understand the business knowledge; relaying it back to the domain experts makes the knowledge invaluable. All stakeholders in the organization are now able to tap into their published and well-documented wealth of knowledge.

Portal also enables the CaseTalk modelers to receive feedback on published information from the experts in the organization. This closes the loop of information gathering, modeling, and validating and certifying it. From an information governance perspective, this is incredibly valuable.

Expect the first version of this product to be released in 2020. Stay tuned, or register to receive the newsletters.

portal early snapshots

Portal Taxonomy

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