In the Netherlands, legal articles are readily available online, while IT systems play a pivotal role in the execution and enforcement of government policies. However, these two crucial domains often operate in isolation. When political shifts lead to policy changes, legal articles require updates. Yet, determining which IT systems require adjustments remains a challenge due to the lack of clear lineage, a concept known as vertical architecture.

Vertical architecture entails always knowing the reciprocal impact of your policies on systems and vice versa. It ensures transparency regarding why a system operates in a particular way and its underlying rationale.

To establish this vital connection, comprehensive documentation of legal articles becomes imperative. These articles must have the capability to link to relevant terms, concepts, and definitions. In turn, these links should extend to information models and, ultimately, the artifacts utilized in system development.

CaseTalk 13 introduces robust support for vertical architecture. Users can effortlessly download legal articles and import them with a single click. The process includes cleaning, annotation, and augmentation. Below, you'll find a sneak peek of the upcoming release through two screenshots.

If you're eager to explore the functions currently in development, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're enthusiastic about discussing and explaining these features and eager to hear your insights and experiences.

Discover the future of legal integration with CaseTalk 13 – where legislation and IT systems converge seamlessly.



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