Welcome to the world of CaseTalk, where facts come alive, and data storytelling takes center stage. In the realm of information modeling, it's easy to get lost in the elementary parts, but fear not! With CaseTalk's innovative features, you can effortlessly retrieve the essence of your data story with just a click of a button. Let's explore some of the remarkable features that empower you to craft captivating narratives like never before.

Generate Expressions: Making Data Speak Your Language

With the menu option "Run\Generate Expressions," a user-friendly dialog awaits. Here, you can effortlessly steer the desired output to cater to different audiences—the domain expert, the CaseTalk Analyst, and CaseTalk itself. Filtering options allow you to generate concise segments from the entire information model, focusing precisely on the areas and language that matter most.

Scenario Reading: Writing Natural Sentences with Ease

Introducing the newest gem in CaseTalk's arsenal—the scenario reading option. By harnessing the power of real-world examples and grouping them into entities found in UML Class Diagrams, you can effortlessly craft sentences that flow with natural coherence, weaving your data into a seamless narrative.


Referencing Words: Adding Clarity and Precision

Ever wondered how to make your expressions even more elegant and informative? CaseTalk has the answer! By using references in your facts, you can create a smooth and interconnected experience for your readers. Let your data expressions shine with "The apprenticeship" referring to "S101," and "It" linking to "Peter Johnson." CaseTalk's intelligent handling of partial expressions ensures your data narrative remains clear and compelling.

"The apprenticeship takes place in New York"
"It is assigned to Peter Johnson"

Substitutions: Tailoring Expressions with Finesse

In CaseTalk, precision is key. Enter the powerful realm of substitutions, where fact expressions and partial expressions seamlessly merge. By simply selecting the relevant partial expressions, you can create a substitution list that transforms your data story into a finely-crafted masterpiece. Each substitution can be given a reference, adding a touch of finesse to your narrative.



Activating ChatGPT: Elevating Your Data Storytelling

Ready for the ultimate storytelling experience? CaseTalk integrates with ChatGPT, enhancing your data narrative like never before. Prepare your generated text file with a compelling prompt, and let ChatGPT weave its magic. The result? A data story that captivates and engages your audience, making the entire experience a true delight.


See for yourself how fact-based scenarios become an informative and engaging read. With CaseTalk's intuitive features, your data story emerges effortlessly, presenting an easy-to-read text right from your high-quality information model, brimming with meaningful facts.

Peter Johnson and Mary Blight are both students who live in different cities. Peter Johnson lives in New York and Mary Blight lives in Amsterdam. Peter applied for apprenticeship S101, which is a 4-month ICT apprenticeship in New York, and Mary applied for apprenticeship S112. Peter was assigned apprenticeship S101 and Mary was assigned apprenticeship S209, a 3-month apprenticeship in New York. Peter and Mary have each other as buddies and Mary graduated on 2019-12-31. They both have a unique opportunity to learn and grow in their respective apprenticeships and to gain valuable experience in a new city.

Welcome to the world of data storytelling with CaseTalk—where every fact finds its voice, and every narrative becomes an unforgettable journey.

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