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Model once, develop anywhere

In today’s world, everyone is under pressure to manage data and deliver and improve data products faster. New technology is advancing even faster, adding even more data and the need for data processing. To keep up with this trend we have an increasing need for solid ground, which allows us to understand data clearly and unambiguously and support both data governance and data management.

".. we believe in capturing actual communication between people about data."

We are convinced that Fact Oriented Modeling is that solid ground. We rely on the method called FCO-IM, which stands for Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling. While most data modeling techniques use abstract drawings of tables, classes, attributes and relationships, at CaseTalk we believe in capturing actual communication between people about data.

Using FCO-IM the business information is captured through natural language and concrete examples. The data experts and users can use their own language and CaseTalk preserves that throughout the entire chain, from interviews, to modeling, to technical implementation [1]. This prevents the lost in translation effect and that increases efficiency, accuracy and value each step of the way forward [2].

CaseTalk closes the gap between business knowledge and technical implementations, providing a solid and durable investment for your entire organization.