CaseTalk Modeler is the centerpiece of our product line. Modeler enables you to precisely capture the knowledge of the domain expert by using a method known as fact-oriented modeling. This is a conceptual method free of any technological bias, capturing knowledge in natural language format.

While no technical bias exists in the method, the Modeler is capable of generating technological artifacts that enable users to verbally validate using natural language every step of the way. This unites the I (Information) and T (Technology). The parties involved on the business side can now both specify and validate the information model, without having to sacrifice using their own language.

CaseTalk is built upon the elegant and substantial theory known as Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM). FCO-IM is the most prominent successor of the well-known method NIAM. Originally, NIAM presented a novel way of database modeling but eventually evolved as a verbal method of generic information modeling. For more information you can read more in our collection of various articles.


The ERD, UML and high level Concept Maps are generated on the fly while you drag information elements on the FCO-IM Diagram.


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