Fact Oriented Modeling was presented at the Teams meeting of DAMA South Africa. In the one hour session hosted by Howard Diesel, Marco Wobben presented FCO-IM and CaseTalk.

Marco showed us how to record business facts and use these facts to create all sorts of data models used for communication.

One of the significant benefits of the model is the presentation of business recorded facts that explain and communicate the existence of relationships between the business concepts.

In ERD models, I would write them out in excel and get business experts to agree that I had captured the business rules correctly.

Using the Fact-Oriented Modelling approach, the business facts expressed by the business are part of the model and explain the business concepts and their relationships with other concepts.

It certainly makes the model more understandable and improves our communication.

Time well spent! Be careful to ignore the minor enhancements that can improve understanding and communication.

Howard Diesel


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