CaseTalk Modeler (> v8.30) enables users to qualify object types after having started qualifying the label types. This video shows the more subtle user interface which allows a reverse order of qualification.

Allowing classification and qualification while some parts are already qualified allows easier and more intuitive way of entering expressions, helping both experienced and novice users.

This more extensive video shows how to start a new project, input expressions and model your information.

CaseTalk Viewer allows easy Fact based diagrams, ERD's and UML Class Diagrams, simply by opening the CaseTalk Modeler files.


This short video shows the new upcoming direct touch feature in CaseTalk Version 7. With a single transformation click you can now look at the database schema derived immediately from your conceptual model.

With CaseTalk Modeler version 6.20 the role fixes are made optional and the new column name handling makes name clashes something of the past.


In CaseTalk Modeler 8.13 you are able to edit your expression as always, but no longer limited to only the soft semantics. You can now also reorder the roles in the expressions. This short video shows how to completely alter existing expressions to your needs. Many users may recognize this functionality as being far easier to manage in comparison to manually adding and replacing expressions.