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CaseTalk comes in various editions, each for a different purpose. Find the license which meets your purpose and fits the requirements. Accordingly you may register or login to download accompanying software.


bookGet the free book edition to support FCO-IM book examples. Simply register or log in to download. Note that the feature set and model size are restricted. For more comprehensive options, consider obtaining a commercial license.


educationWe provide a free educational edition exclusively for students at non-profit educational institutes. This version includes an unrestricted feature set and information model size. However, the license is valid for 6 months only. Public schools teaching FCO-IM can apply for a 12-month license, which can help reduce the administrative workload for their system administrators. To request access, please share your school or university's internet domain with us.


corporate2Get a CaseTalk monthly or annual subscription license for your commercial needs, and keep up with the latest features and fixes. You'll have the freedom to report any issues on our ticketing pages and stay up-to-date on the progress. We offer different sizes of commercial licenses for CaseTalk, such as Personal, Professional, and Enterprise.


partnerAs we develop the products ourselves, we can swiftly address your individual requirements. If you want to contribute to the CaseTalk or FCO-IM community, we can create a special agreement and provide access to our internal network of consultants to improve the Fact-Oriented Toolset. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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