A few regression issues have been solved. Diagram elements would shift when reopening the file, and some users reported ODBC driver handling issues.

Continue to download and install the recommended 12.6.1, read more about 12.6, or the tickets closed in 12.6.1 here.


CaseTalk version 12.6 enhances the modeling experience by adding even more features.

CaseTalk release 12.5.1 is hotfix on top of the major 12.5 upgrade with more translation, more specialization, merging and diagram features.

CaseTalk release 12.4.2 fixes some obscure bugs and adds fully translated diagrams.

CaseTalk release 12.4.1 is a maintenance release.

CaseTalk release 12.4 adds support for multiple languages in a single information model.

CaseTalk 20 Years