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March 2014

CaseTalk Modeler 8.0.3 is now available for download. It contains fixes in the area of IG-Merging, Project Management, Diagram OTFT's with errors and warnings as hints, and a lot more. You may re-download your copy after logging in at our site. If you want to read all the details about fixes and improvements, please visit:

Also read our letter containing development background which lead to version 8 here.

January 2014

Today we released the new CaseTalk Modeler version 8. It contains a huge amount of fixes and many user interface changes. Under the hood we migrated to the latest development tools which allows us to speed up development for multiple platforms. For now you may download the latest version and simply re-use your CaseTalk 7 license to activate your copy.

Please enjoy this major new version of CaseTalk Modeler.

May 2013

We are happy to announce today the release of CaseTalk Modeler 7.3.3 and CaseTalk Viewer 1.3.3.

The Modeler contains a new export function to export OWL/RDF in XML file format. This file format allows users of Protége to import the file and continue their work in the Semantic Web and Ontology world of OWL and RDF. Since this is a first release of this functionality, we invite you to give us feedback on how wel it is working.

Again our CaseTalk Viewer which displays traditional FCO-IM diagrams, but also ERD and UML has had a maintenance update.

April 2013

We are happy to announce today the release of CaseTalk Modeler 7.2.1 and CaseTalk Viewer 1.3.2.

The Modeler contains tweaks to export UML Class Diagrams in a XMI file format. This file format has been adjusted somewhat so users of Enterprise Architect can now use these files and connect to the conceptual models from CaseTalk. Additionally we've adjusted our xml schema export (XSD) to allow Aquima import this as well. Although Aquima is a rule based tool, it does require entities and attributes to base it's rules upon. Having CaseTalk imports benefits the modeling of rules.

Our Viewer has had some modification to the UML association links. These worked great but some exceptions remained where it did not. So we fixed that.

January 2013

The CaseTalk 7 is now extended with UML class diagramming and ER diagramming. These new features are implemented in a seperate tool called the Viewer. For educational editions this product is added as is for free. Corporate Editions need an additional license key to activate the software.

Please read here for more information on the Viewer, or contact us regarding your additional license.

November 2012

We proudly announce CaseTalk version 7. This is a major update which has been waiting for some time to complete. Lots and lots of bugs were fixed, and great new features were added.

June 2003

Bommeljé Crompvoets en partners b.v. (BCP) and Four Points signed a letter of intent to co-operate in the area of promoting CaseTalk, a case-tool based on the FCO-IM method, also known as Object Role Modelling or NIAM.

April 2003

Bommeljé Crompvoets en partners b.v. (BCP) and the Informatica Communicatie Academie of the HAN University have signed a contract to cooperate in the area of FCO-IM research and tool development. The contract is the next step in formalising co-operations and strengthening the FCO-IM foundations. (See also: Cooperation HAN and ICT-companies)