Vlaardingen, NL

DVEM Rising Conference 2023 is the annual conference of the international Data Vault & Ensemble Enthusiasts Consortium. The Data Vault (DV) & Ensemble Modeling Conferences (DVEM Rising) provide the latest DV & ELM Business Mapping guidance, pattern updates, standards, and real-world experiences.

Marco Wobben will present on the 1st:

Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCOIM) is a groundbreaking approach that empowers organizations to communicate with unparalleled precision and elevate their data modeling efforts. FCOIM leverages natural language to facilitate clear, efficient, and accurate communication between stakeholders, ensuring a seamless data modeling process. With the ability to generate artifacts such as JSON, SQL, and DataVault, FCOIM enables data professionals to create robust and integrated data solutions, aligning perfectly with the project’s requirements.



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