February 2018

For the fourth time in a row, CaseTalk is sponsoring the Data Modeling Zone. This time, we'll visit Düsseldorf, Germany and Madison, USA.

DMZ Düsseldorf 2018

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Dates and PROGRAMS

session: Data Modeling by example

Data modeling is described as a craft and once completed the results may even seem artful. Yet outsiders may see data modeling as abstract, time consuming or even unnecessary. In many cases the data modeler interviews business experts, studies piles of requirements, talks some more, and then, hocus pocus, presents a diagram with boxes, crows feet, arrows, etc… Then the slow process begins to keep the diagrams up to date, explain what the diagrams behold, and sometimes even data modelers themselves may get lost while maintaining a growing set of data models and requirements.

Fact based information modeling is the very opposite of abstract. Read more...

Workshop: Fact Oriented Modeling


This hands-on workshop assumes participants have a basic knowledge of Fact Oriented Modeling through any of the various introduction tracks. It is also ideal for the seasoned data modeler, software developer, or business consultant with a keen interest in domain experts and the language of their business.

This program will highlight various advantages of Fact Oriented Modeling and focus on a small case study. Read more...


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