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September 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.12 contains some grand and brand new features, enabling you to construct your model without the immediate mandatory details our FCO-IM community is used to. These functions have been added to both provide more speed during intense modeling sessions for advanced users, and also to provide a less steep learning curve to beginners.

Also our menu structure has received a big, long overdue overhoul. The "tasks" menu is now available from the main menu, contextual menu's and provides menu items for constructing and editing the model in various ways. This also adds to the visible power of the method and tool.

Read more on the construction functions or please visit our ticket pages for the changelog.

August 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.11.3 and Manager 4.0.3 have been released, fixing a few minor issues.

Modeler 8.11.3:

  • Improved primary key handling
  • Fixed invalid verbalization of some rules
  • Fixed diagram information misplacement

Manager 4.0.3:

  • Added detection and display of installed database schema version
  • Added filtering for members/users
  • Improved session and user account handling


For a full disclosure of fixes and changes, please visit our ticket pages.

August 2016

CaseTalk Viewer v2.6 (Release 2) improved a little more in the ERD area.

  • We further tweaked the display of weak entities in correspondence to the weak definition.
  • The non-nullable columns (Relational) and attributes (UML) are displayed in a bold font style.
  • The columns which are part of a foreign key can now be "smartly" hidden.

You may (re)download the latest CaseTalk Modeler and receive the latest Viewer with it.

Check the full list of changes is available here: Viewer.


July 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.11 is available for download. The changes concern:

  • Binary fact types with two uc's, without explicit grouping preference, no longer automagically group during transformation.
  • When entering expressions, the 'insert object type expression' now received it's own button for visual reasons.
  • Many user interface cleanups.
  • Improved stability.

Download your update, or read the full changelog for CaseTalk Modeler.

June 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.10 is available for download. The major new changes are:

  • We further fine tuned the user interface:
    - Rounded corners in diagrams,
    - (Dis)connect buttons in diagrams,
    - drag and drop of Aliases and Rolefixes.
  • Altered distribution to better support:
    - Portable App usage,
    RES Workspace Management
  • For working on removable media:
    - Search Projects from inside CaseTalk instead of manual browsing.

Download your update, or read the full changelog for CaseTalk Modeler.

June 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.9.1 is available for download. The major new changes are:

  • Major improvements in the PowerDesigner plugin.
  • Filtering the repository can now unhide rolefixes.
  • Improved project archive handling and menu.
  • Added support for repository export and import using Excel Spreadsheets.


Download your update, or read the full changelog for CaseTalk Modeler.

May 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.8.2 has just been released and contains over 30 fixes and additions. A few highlights:

  • Export the repository to a Spreadsheet;
  • The population can now be edited with a data entry screen;
  • Export to HTML now supports embedded images. This makes the html files a single stop file, simple to mail and transport;
  • The Viewer files will show up in the project manager window;
  • The project manager window shows previews of diagrams when selected.

Also an update of the CaseTalk Viewer v2.5.1 has been released to accommodate the changes in the Modeler. An important addition:

  • Export the diagrams to image files automatically by user preference.
  • These files are added to the Modeler project (if both applications are active at the same time).

And the CaseTalk Manager bumped it's version to 4.0 to also step up the feature set. It now further prepares your model storage to the upcoming Intranet Publishing Environment to share your business knowledge with the rest of you company.

Download your update and read the changes for CaseTalk Modeler, CaseTalk Viewer, CaseTalk Manager.

Februari 2016

CaseTalk 8.7 has a few fixes in the area of legacy transformations and verbalizations of rules. The major visual improvement however is present in the repository window. You can now easily view all super- and subtypes, and namespaces (if you have some).

Download your update and read the changes for CaseTalk Modeler and CaseTalk Viewer.