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May 2016

CaseTalk Modeler 8.8.2 has just been released and contains over 30 fixes and additions. A few highlights:

  • Export the repository to a Spreadsheet;
  • The population can now be edited with a data entry screen;
  • Export to HTML now supports embedded images. This makes the html files a single stop file, simple to mail and transport;
  • The Viewer files will show up in the project manager window;
  • The project manager window shows previews of diagrams when selected.

Also an update of the CaseTalk Viewer v2.5.1 has been released to accommodate the changes in the Modeler. An important addition:

  • Export the diagrams to image files automatically by user preference.
  • These files are added to the Modeler project (if both applications are active at the same time).

And the CaseTalk Manager bumped it's version to 4.0 to also step up the feature set. It now further prepares your model storage to the upcoming Intranet Publishing Environment to share your business knowledge with the rest of you company.

Download your update and read the changes for CaseTalk Modeler, CaseTalk Viewer, CaseTalk Manager.

Februari 2016

CaseTalk 8.7 has a few fixes in the area of legacy transformations and verbalizations of rules. The major visual improvement however is present in the repository window. You can now easily view all super- and subtypes, and namespaces (if you have some).

Download your update and read the changes for CaseTalk Modeler and CaseTalk Viewer.

Februari 2016

For the second time in a row, CaseTalk sponsors the Data Modeling Zone. This time we'll visit Berlin Germany, and Portland USA.

DMA logo-LowRes

Februari 2016

We've added a new section in our website where you can freely study published models. Please have a look and share your own examples under the Create Commons License.


Januari 2016

CaseTalk Viewer v2.4 got a lot better in the ERD area. New exciting options include support for drawing weak entitites, weak relationships, ánd an additional option to turn on the displaying of the original facttype expressions which lead to this entity.

The CaseTalk Modeler v8.6 contains minor updates and fixes and has become more stable and faster in several areas of use. In regard to the Reducing in the transformations, it is no longer implicitly executed within the Lexicalization ("L") phase. So if you see any unexpected behavious, don't forget to turn on Reducing.

Also CaseTalk now allows your Diagram Window information to be exported to a HTML file. It will contain a clickable PNG, the required Expressions and your Richtext notes.

This is how the Viewer will present weak relations, -types, and documentation:

diagram er weak entitiy and links

Check the full list of changes is available here: Modeler and Viewer.

November 2015

CaseTalk Viewer v2.3 has received a small update to better support the legacy transformations in the Modeler.

The Modeler v8.3 received a larger feature, for those of you who are working on large models. You can now easily split the current model, based upon an active diagram, and optionally transform this selection.

transform diagram only

By simply dragging facts into a diagram building your selection. Now when you go back to the repository window, leaving this diagram open and active, select "Transform <YourDiagram> only...". CaseTalk will copy the selected facts into a new model (ig file) and immediately start transforming it.

Great stuff for doing incremental delivery or testing, or simply using parts of your bigger business model for smaller implementations.

A full list of changes is available here: Modeler and Viewer.