With CaseTalk 13.2 generated diagrams are more consistent in their layout; we offer brand new To Do Items to help you keep track of your work, and allow you to export the model population as an Excel Spreadsheet for a poor man data administration.

  • The (dis)connected expression files will hide or show missing facts from the model.
  • Expressions can be marked as unconfirmed and will render as such in the generated diagrams.
  • Object Type Expression replacement can be performed, even when the roles do not match up.
  • Artificial Keys are now generated (again) in the artifacts. This was a regression bug which randomly hid them, despite your settings.
  • RDF/OWL export now includes definitions for abbreviations, plurals and role readings.

All in all, this makes another more stable and more usable CaseTalk version. The full changelog with 34 tickets can be found here.

You may download the update from the download pages.


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