13CaseTalk 13 is a major upgrade offering many new features, a lot of tweaks to improve usability and many fixes to handle better than before. The major new features include support for Requirements, Paragraphs, Concept Promotion, easier navigation of diagrams and projects. In total, more than 100 tickets with change requests, new features and bugs are solved.

Maintenance 13.0.2 has improved on a few more items. The main fix involved UML Diagram issues, and the OTFT/Role selection mechanism.

User Interface

0004243: Back and Forward navigation in the IDE.
0004092: Edit soft semantics in the entire expression tree
0004128: Edit OTFT mentioned in comment of other OTFTs

Installation & Integration

0004238: SQLite 3.44.0
0004198: ChatGPT provides more examples and
0002334: generates more tuples


0004200: Pronouns as references per tuple
0004199: Generate expression filter for (un)confirmed tuples


0001801: Support for both positive and negative population
0004148: Store the tuple row as an entity with custom attributes
0003723: Allow entering Rule as a separate OTFT
0004118: Support text paragraphs for legal articles
0003756: Create Business Rules as concepts
0002817: Add datatype GUID
0002995: Promote Concepts to OTFT structure
0004124: Support database, app, doc in mappings

BusinessGlossary SourceMapping

Generation (SQL, XML, etc)

0003941: Export to LinkML and
0004143: export to GraphML
0004188: Artificial Key generation/annotation
0003676: Artifact generation using background model transformations
0004233: Specify custom attributes profile for use in artifacts


0003866: Diagram Entity Relations only
0004167: Extend SVG output with HREF links
0004086: Allow resize of textblocks, concepts and containers
0004220: Hide/Show facts as N:M linking tables

Import and Export

0004121: Export catalog mapping in business glossary
0004122: Merge source system mapping

In total over 100 tickets have been closed. It is a major accomplishment which we hope you will enjoy.


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