A major increment in features is offered in this release.

CaseTalk 12.7 is another exciting development with further integration. It greatly increased your performance by integrating ChatGPT, DeepL and even allowing you to merge your CBC List and CBC Forms. It can now generate NLP training data based upon your facts for the spaCy framework, run Python, PHP and Java sources straight from your project. On top of all this CaseTalk supports expression files in multiple languages. And to help you build information models faster, it can duplicate structures onto other fact types. And for those who use URIs in their custom attributes to document the information model elements, the Edge browser is integrated for easy navigating and updating.


  • Duplication of OTFT structures (onto)
  • Support multi-locale expression files
  • Enter new expressions using a panelChatGPT augments the properties
  • Merge Ensemble Logical Modeling Artifacts (Ensemble Modeling)
  • DeepL translation service
  • Integrate ChatGPT service
  • Search keywords in multiple IG Files
  • Support running PHP scripts
  • Support running Python scripts
  • Generate spaCy training data
  • Generate GoLang structuresExpression File with Localization Support
  • Add functionality to name a role path
  • Run scripts inside CaseTalk
  • Support Concept to Fact Type relations
  • Allow syntax selection for text files
  • Add rule icon for concept types
  • Edge Browser embedding for navigating and updating URIs



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