CaseTalk release 12.1 adds a brand new exciting feature for Data Vault, Focus Point, Anchor and Ensemble modelers: The live color overlay of Hubs, Links, and Satellites in blue, green and yellow, works on the active diagrams in CaseTalk. The diagramming color preference allows a setting to visualize them. We will continue our support for the Ensemble Modeling community by providing rich conceptual modeling combined with valuable direct feedback on resulting ensemble model structures.

DataVault Coloring

  • The menus and context menus have received an overhaul. Items are grouped and positioned more intuitively and have group headers to easily navigate them.
  • The business glossary import/export has been extended to handle more information to go in and out of the model.
  • Many editing dialogs have been added and optimized for a better UX.
  • Unicity constraints can be named for key names in artifacts.
  • Expression subsitution editor now allows for context use and pronouns for referencing.
  • Reusable custom attribute values.
  • For the DDD fans, there are three new firsts:
    Source code generators for Java, Python and Pascal.
  • In total more than 50 tickets are closed in this release...



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