Feb 2021

The release of CaseTalk 11 brings a set of new features, and a functions which were only available through customizations.

ER/Studio Data Model generated by CaseTalk

The main features include:

  • Transitional, Temporal and Localization aspects for Object/Fact and Label Types.
  • Modeling work supported by Task and Coloring.
  • Object/Fact Type Concepts added.
  • Grouping diagram elements has visual settings.
  • Improved Diagram options for a more modern look.
  • Object/Fact Type Filtering Controls.
  • Export to PlantUML.
  • SQL2011 Generator.
  • Improved ER/Studio export
  • .. and much more ..

You may download your update or read the changelog.

(This upgrade requires you to update your license key.)

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