October 2020

The release of CaseTalk 10.2.6 supersedes the earlier releases this month. It is another maintenance release. It adds fixes to the user interface, diagram file handling, and for external file synchronization software.

  • Save newly added diagrams to prevent 'unsaved changes'
  • Improve rolemapping for some model merge scenarios
  • Viewer adds expressions and tuples to FCO-IM diagram
  • Reverse engineering of column name differences in foreign keys

Pre 10.2.6 fixes:

  • Fixed reverse engineering of ODBC connections
  • Fixed some more blocking diagram issues
  • Viewer supports curved corners for lines
  • Support for TAGs in Custom Attributes
  • Custom Naming Conventions for models after been transformed
  • Selectively unarchive files from historical backups

You may download your update or read the changelog.

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