May 2018

After many years of working and releasing updates in the realm of CaseTalk version 8, it is time to move on. After solving many issues along the way, and implementing lot's of features during many, many cycles, we feel we need to bump CaseTalk towards a new major version number. CaseTalk 8 has received hundreds of updated and features over its lifetime. Now version 9 adds well over 70 changes to it's release and some great new improvements.

Major changes for Modeler v9 are:

  • Upgraded UML2 Class export in XMI2 format;
  • Database View generation to deliver fine grained details on top of your logical model;
  • Full rewrite of our OWL export now includes static populations and custom annotations;
  • Coloring of Fact Types through Custom Attributes to improve support for your workflow;
  • Population validations during well-formednes checks;
  • Add your own model validation through custom sql queries;
  • Expression classification now allows re-classification of parts;
  • And much more...

As if that was nog enough, the CaseTalk Manager 5 now contains a dynamically loadable graph to navigate cross-model, cross-versions dependencies. Allowing to visualize model re-use in a smart and intuitive manner.



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