July 2017

This month delivers a big update for the entire CaseTalk suite. We updated and released the Modeler, the Viewer and the Manager. In total this releases contains well over 40 changes and improvements. Within a couple of weeks we bumped our Modeler 8.23 towards 8.23.2 and 8.23.3. We felt obliged to bring hotfixes as soon as possible to make use easier and less error prone. To provide some comfort we also released the Postgresql plugin for those eligable.

  • CaseTalk Modeler (8.23, 2nd, 3rd) contains many minor and major enhancements.
  • CaseTalk Viewer (3.0) enhances the UML class diagram options.
  • CaseTalk Manager (4.5) supports downloading a model and tightens the grip on synchronized diagrams.

Please download your update at your earliest convenience.



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