license key

Only after downloading, will the appropriate license key be emailed.

Free Book License

The book edition is free of charge and is made available to support the examples in the FCO-IM books. You may download this edition after registering or logging in. Both feature set and model size is limited, if you need a more features or larger sizes, please consider a commercial license.

Educational License

For schools, university or other non profit educational institutes, we offer this free educational edition. The feature set, and information model size, is not limited. The license however is limited to a usage period of 6 months. For organisations teaching FCO-IM to their studens can apply for a 12 month license which should reduce the administrative efforts for their system administrators. 

To extend you license, please email your license to us.


Commercial License

For commercial purposes we offer a subscription model which enable you to stay constantly up to date with the latest features and fixes. It enables you to report issues and requests to us, and in return we can steadily deploy and release improvements. We offer different sizes: personal, professional and enterprise.

Partner Agreements

Since we develop the products ourselves we can immediately respond to your specific needs. For whoever wishes to contribute to the CaseTalk or FCO-IM community, we can set up a special agreement stating the required conditions and benefits.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.