These articles will present use cases which are technically oriented. Concerning system design aspects after having modeled the conceptual model in CaseTalk. If you have questions which remain unanswered please ask us. Your question may lead to an article on our website for the benefit of you and others.

PowerDesigner is a tool used by many data architects. CaseTalk strengthens them in using language and well documented entities and tables. Yet, if your goal is simply to draw an relational diagram, you should perhaps consider replacing that with the CaseTalk Viewer.

Denodo is a Data Virtualization environment where the entire process of ETL is reduced to a configurable set of layers containing various views. These views depend on table definitions which reside in source systems. The upper layers of views should represent the business needs and are in need of solid data modeling. These upper layers of views in Denodo are like an interface. The most common usage is in a top-down design where you first define the fields and later associate the implementation(data) of the interface.

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