setup icon oldAs we reflect on 20 years of CaseTalk product development, it fills us with a sense of awe and accomplishment. The journey began when three professors from a Dutch university knocked on our office door with a bunch of source code files, looking for someone to maintain them.

At the time, we were building an engine for a Datawarehouse Automation tool (BIReady, now Qlik Compose). It was through this project that we gained recognition and were approached by the professors. The source code they brought was for a database modeling tool that needed to be upgraded to 32-bit and had some bugs that needed to be resolved. We were given the freedom to make any necessary improvements, as long as the tool was made available for free to schools and universities.

The professors traveled the world to teach about Dutch schooling and the method of FCO-IM (Fact Oriented Modeling with the focus on Communication parts of Information) and they used CaseTalk as a tool in their lectures. It was through their efforts that CaseTalk gained traction and recognition in the community.

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We are proud of what we have achieved with CaseTalk and look forward to continuing to bring new features and functionality to the world of data modeling. The importance of solid, high-quality information models is becoming increasingly clear to organizations, and we are committed to providing the best tools to meet this need. Things that made us proud over the years were:

  • CaseTalk Manager to handle multiple versions and multiple users
  • CaseTalk Portal to publish all terms, taxonomies, ontologies and artifacts
  • CaseTalk Enterprise Edition to integrate all above
  • Fact Oriented Modeling reached DMBOK
  • Supporting PowerDesigner and ER/Studio
  • Diagram generation from your Information Model
  • Multi-lingual information models
  • Export and import of Business Glossaries
  • Extendable metamodel through Custom Attributes
  • Data Explorer on the internal repository and external databases

And on the metrics front:

  • Closed more than 3000 support, change and feature requests
  • Downloaded and used by more than 2,300 companies, schools and universities from 67 different countries
  • Covering over 14,500 locations in more than 100 different cities across the globe

Join us in celebrating this milestone achievement. As a thank you to our customers, we are offering a 20% anniversary discount when purchasing a one-year subscription of the Personal or Professional Edition. Use the coupon code CASETALK20 at checkout. Additionally, Technics Publications is joining us in the celebrations, you may also use the same coupon code when ordering the book "Fact Oriented Modeling with FCO-IM" on their website.

We would be honored if you would join us to celebrate this special occasion and we look forward to many more years of growth and innovation.

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CaseTalk 20 Years

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