June 2020

The third release of CaseTalk 10 brings the version up to 10.2. Ever since we started rebuilding the graphics library we've also had to tune out the tweaks which appeared. This update is another step into stabilizing version 10. Amongst the fixes there's a brand new integration of model management under the menu "Teams" in the Enterprise Edition of CaseTalk.

  • The very first Enterprise Edition with integrated Teams Menu for multi user and version management.
  • Text files are all stored in UTF8 encoding.
  • Extend the Keywords with your own set.
  • Faster loading of projects with many diagrams.
  • Expression Files can be (dis)connected to see which are already in the model.
  • 8th of July bumps it to 10.2.1 with additional fixes (read more here).

May 2020

The May 2020 update arrived. The brand new 10 version contained still a few annoying glitches in diagramming. Reported and known glitches got fixed in this update. Just as exciting is the new set of features and model extensions we added:

  • Added Role Readings
  • Support for Abstract Supertype
  • Add Undefined Concepts for future modeling
  • Export diagrams as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Database Views now for all Generators

Apr 2020

After working with users for a few weeks on issues and features, the brand new CaseTalk 10 is finally out! Thanks to all for the valuable feedback. Please stay safe and enjoy your free upgrade. (For activation, please re-enter your existing license.)

  • Contains the new CaseTalk Logo
  • Contains support for the GDI+ interface to render diagrams better.
  • Improved Business Glossary support.
  • Drag and drop of files onto the Diagram to create double-clickable hyperlinks.
  • Qualification/Classification now supports Alias names.
  • ... and much more.

You may download your update or read the changelog.