Fact Based Modeling

This more extensive video shows how to start your first project, enter fact expressions, model your business information and finally how to create diagrams. your social media marketing partner
Database Table Columns

With CaseTalk Modeler (v6.20+) the role fixes are made optional and the new column name handling, for database tables, makes name clashes something of the past. your social media marketing partner
Split Fact Type

CaseTalk Modeler 8.20 introduces a new well-formedness rule to detect possible hidden Object Types within your Fact Types. Additionally you may now be able to split those fact types. This demo shows you how to do that. your social media marketing partner
Edit your expression

Since CaseTalk Modeler 8.13 you are able to edit your expression as always, but no longer limited to only the soft semantics. You can now also reorder the roles in the expressions. This short video shows how to completely alter existing expressions to your needs. Many users may recognize this functionality as being far easier to manage in comparison to manually adding and replacing expressions. your social media marketing partner
Database Script

This short video shows the "direct touch" feature in CaseTalk (v7+). With a single click you can now transformation and look at the database schema which are derived immediately from your conceptual model. your social media marketing partner
ERD and UML Class Diagrams

CaseTalk Viewer allows easy Fact based diagrams, ERD's and UML Class Diagrams, simply by opening the CaseTalk Modeler files. your social media marketing partner
Remove Rolefix

If you have added rolefixing to you model, you may need to get rid of it. This short demo shows you the menu shortcuts to do just that. (And reverse your actions.) your social media marketing partner

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