FCO-IM History

Starting in 1992 the FCO-IM method and theory steadily emerged out of the method NIAM. Many articles, books, tools and research material have been made public during that time. In the attached article you may find a full chronological overview.

Professor Guido Bakema, one of the founding fathers for FCO-IM, has collected many articles, author names and references and handed over the draft article for public use. This overview mentions publications from the very first article by Harm van der Lek and Guido Bakema 'Objects are actually facts' (dated 1992) up to the research and developments on the data warehouse transformations in StarBridge by Elton Manoku in 2002. 

To read up on the early years of FCO-IM (1992-2002), you may download the overview in pdf file format. After 2002, the research expanded into many different areas of information management, such as: Data Vault, Business Rules, Semantic Web, etc....

Based upon:

 FCO-IM related developments so far and further
 Guido Bakema
 16 September 2002
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