Bridge Tools

The Bridge Tools allow FCO-IM models in CaseTalk to be transformed into different models or converted for other techniques. Transformations for Data Warehouse models, conversions to continue physical modeling in ER tools, etc... All this is possible because CaseTalk maintains all model information in a single repository. This reduces conversions to a simple algorithmic procedure, losing only minimal conceptual information.

Data warehouse

StarBridge is the conversion product to transform the CaseTalk metadata repository into a data warehouse model. StarBridge is tested in large real world projects where the finishing touches have been made to the algorithms and user requests have been implemented. We are now in the phase of further integrating StarBridge with CaseTalk and things are looking very promising. Contact us for more information.


ERMBridge is a product which allows exporting the CaseTalk meta data repository to Erwin or Power Designer compatible file format. Contact us for more information.


UMLBridge is a product which allows exporting the CaseTalk meta data repository to UML class diagrams. Contact us for more information.

Application Generation

Application generation has been present for many years as a prototyping tool in addition to CaseTalk. The current generation being developed and researched continuously at the HAN University goes way beyond these first generations of software.

Although in practice the tools have proven themselves to be worthy of professional usage, we do not publish information on our website. If you require more information please contact us for a free consult. your social media marketing partner

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